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I get that this is a real basic ask but I cant stand that every time I turn on my computer it prompts me to update Divx (even if i have just updated) other forums suggested that I go to the web player preferences but I can't even find the web player let alone right click on it, if I choose "play on divx web player" on various films it just goes to an illimitux thing???

Please, I get that a question that seems so basic could be annoying but can anyone do an idiot proof walk through literally from opening Firefox to stopping this.


youll notice ( im running XP)

youll notice ( im running XP) that in the task manager when you boot up,
Divx Update exe is running at 100% disallowing other things to happen that need those precious resources.
a BIG PIA if you ask me.

well there is another thread located here and ill just copy n paste the solution that worked for me.
now when i boot up my pc the task manager is nice n quiet and a normal boot up!!
THE SOLUTION: (Copied from THIS thread http://labs.divx.com/node/15564 )

Here's the thing, there's an Uninstaller.exe @

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\DivX\Update

which (just) does the following (nothing :)):


I killed the following key, which seems to tame it:


UNCLICK Divx Update from the startup tab

your life should now be nice and serene and hassle free!!
good luck!

Have Fun!!