Webplayer doesnt play AC3 Sound

Hey guys,

my problem is, that the webplayer just doesnt play AC3 Sound at all.
It keeps saying, that I need a plugin. Everything else goes fine.
I already installed AC3-Codec. I am working on Win 7 64bit.
But work in 32bit Browser.

Thanks a lot.

That's good...

Glad it worked out for you Poetus, and thanks to Philochs for helping out


It was just the activated security Mode in Internet Explorer. So it probably prevented the webplayer, from accessing the filters. I unchecked security Mode in the Security tab in settings of the Internet Explorer for the time of usage, thats all :-)
Thanks again.


It was a totally different problem. Just guess....
And thanx for the help ...

What was it?

I can't guess, but maybe you tell me how you fixed it, and then it may help others.


Thanx for the quick answer. Unfortunatelly, it doesnt seem to be an issue with spdif. The first think, is the constant error message coming from divx, that audio file type is unknown. It doesnt seem to know it, even with ac3-codec and spdifer installed (I also came up with the idea before even u told me, that spdif could be the problem).
And it still lacks audio in total. The PC just seems to lack the appropriate decoder...
Do u usw Win7 64bit? And u get AC3 decoded in the webplayer? I am really usually pretty experienced with pcs, but this time, I get the feeling, win 7 might be the problem. It is just too new.

And how do I check with the graphstudio? Do I have to choose the right filter which I wanna check? How do u work with this program? Besides It doesnt seem to be very compatible with win7 because it crashed already :-)


ac3Filter or AC3 codec?

You keep mentioning AC3-codec, that seems to be your problem.

From what I can find about AC3-Codec, AC3-Codec is a QuickTime component which allows the playback of AC3 audio in AVI files. The component uses the liba52 library for the AC3decompressing.

AC3Filter is a high quality free audio decoder and processor filter. It allows media players to playback movies with AC3 and DTS audio tracks.

Make sure you are using Ac3 filter FULL, the one I sent you the link for.

With graphstudio, all you'd do is take an movie file that you already know has Ac3 (Dolby Digital) audio in it, and drag and drop it right into graphstudio. Then it will show you how it's decoding your audio.

I'm using Vista 64 Home Premium, but I know that it will also work in Windows 7.

Please make sure you're using AC3Filter FULL and not just "ac3-codec".

Once you have installed Ac3Filter, double check Spdifer, and make sure you've unchecked Ac3 in there.

If you do all that, and you're still getting an error from the web player, then get a movie file with ac3 audio, drag and drop it into graphstudio, if it crashes a few times, try again till you see how it's working.

If Ac3 is then working in your other movie players, Is it working in the regular DivX Player? It should be working in both the web player, and the regular DivX Player. No DivX players support SpDIF, so keep that in mind.

Are you using the latest beta? They have obviously added many new error messages for this new Web Player Beta, I bet you you just need to ensure your audio codec is properly set up, and then it will play just fine. good luck.

This should fix it.

Download and install the following:

AC3Filter 1.63b (full)



Go in to spdifer and make sure AC3 is unchecked. Make sure, if you have spdifer, that AC3 is not checked. You probably can also just delete spdifer, but if you do have it installed, you must have Ac3 unchecked.
Read about my troubles with this issue here:


If you still had issues, you could use MONOGRAM GraphStudio and ad a file with Ac3 and see the decoder process that your computer is using. I don't think you'll have to delve that deep though. Good luck!