Adding audio to a MKV file


In the past, I've used DivXMux to add audio back into divx files I have made, where I got the wrong audio stream in the file, or created a divx where the audio was not extracted from the VOB file. I am finding that with MKV files, DivXMux no longer works when I try and extract audio from a VOB (or AVI) and mux with the MKV. Is there another utility what will work with MKV's?


Adding DTS audio stream to mkv files by using DivXMKVMUX beta 1

DivXMKVMUX beta 1 does not support DTS audio streams. Now how can I add DTS streams to mkv file?
Is a new version of DivXMKVMUX that supports dts comming?
Please Help Me!

DivXMkvMux Gui

Exist any GUI for DivXMkvMux or I have write and develop myself?

MkvMerge cannot use, because no implement fonts option for Subtitle ans no support FFprobe


Use an MKV mux

The DivXMux is an AVI/DMF mux, but if you use MKVmerge or the beta DivXMKVmux, you should be able to mux in audio and subtitle tracks just fine.