Have a video file that won't play? Read this first.

Do you have a video file that isn't detected, or won't play back in DivX Connected?  This post is here to help you either diagnose the problem by yourself, or provide the necessary information so that we can help you solve the issue.

Officially Supported files types for video playback:

DivX, WMV, and most XviD files.

Playback of files that are not officially supported

It is possible to play back more file types without converting them ahead of time. Check out this post by kamiwa:  http://labs.divx.com/node/1186.
Just know that any files played using this method will need to be transcoded on your computer (just like WMV files).

What is the Maximum Resolution I can have for these files?

Up to 720p.  Although 1080p files are not officially supported, you can play them back if the average bitrate is kept between 6-8Mbps

What is the Maximum Bitrate that I can have for these files?

It really depends on different things like the codec/file format, etc.  Just know that if you have a really high bitrate, you may have some trouble playing back the file on a wireless network.  There is a chart available at this page that shows what the recommended maximum average bitrate and maximum peak bitrate is for different profiles.  The only change is that 1080p files need to be kept between 6-8Mbps.

Officially supported audio types

DivX Connected supports mp3 files and AC3 files.  It also supports WMA files.  This means that your audio collection must be either mp3 WMA, or AC3 and your video files must have mp3 WMA or AC3 audio.

DivX files play back fine, but my WMV files aren't playing back very well

Connected handles these two file types differently.  For DivX and XviD files, the video is decoded by the device itself.  WMV and WMV HD files however, need to be transcoded on the computer before being sent to your TV.  This means your computer is doing the work instead of the connected device.  If your video drivers are out of date, or you have a slower computer, this may affect playback for WMV and WMV HD files.

DRM Support

DivX Connected supports the DivX DRM system.  You can get your activation code by going to the setup menu on your TV and navigating to 'VOD Registration'.  If you would like to learn how to register your device, you can go here.  DivX Connected DOES NOT currently support any WMV files that have DRM on them.  You simply will not see them in your server.

Playback of files from a NAS drive

DivX Connected supports playback of media from a NAS drive but if you are having problems try copying a video that has the problem to your PC's hard drive and see if plays OK from there. Also, try mapping the NAS drive and adding the folder from the mapped drive letter and see if that improves the problem. If you still have the problem, let us know about along with the results of above tests.

I've read all this but I still can't figure out the problem!

OK, so you've read everything above, but you still can't figure out the problem.  Now would be a good time to ask for some help, but you should do some preperation first.  If you follow the below steps, and include the neccessary information, the pros here will be able to answer your question quickly and efficiently.

1.  Get a GSpot screenshot of the problem file.  You can go to this page to learn about how to do that.  When you are done, you can upload that screenshot along with your question.  

2.  Let us know what firmware version and what server version you are using.  You can get the firmware version by hitting setup on your remote, and then going to 'device name & info'.  Your server version can be found from the 'about' tab on the server on your PC.

3.  Let us know if you are wireless or wired

4.  FTP a small part of the file to us, or provide a link if we can download it.  You do not HAVE to do this, but we may ask you to if we can't figure out the problem.  Having a clip of the problem file is very usefull in finding the issue.  You can upload the whole file if you think that's best, but sometimes its easier to just send a small file.  You can split files using virtual dub.  Check out the tutorial here.  You will need to upload it using either internet explorer or an ftp program such as filezilla or fireftp.

server:  ftp.divxnetworks.com
username:  divxsupport
password:  support

Giving us this information from the beginning will really help us in getting a quick answer back to you!


DivX Player

can play avi files in my DivX player mobile? if yes how?

Mobile Player

vob files

I have just updated the firmware from to and I'm using the latest 1.4 server software running on a Vista machine. The new firmware is an excellent improvement and after downloading kamiwa's all in one hack (thanks!) I can now play nearly all my video files (Mpeg/MKV etc)
A problem remains however, with vob files - although the thumbnail displays a picture on screen, when i try to play it I just get sound and a black/ grey screen and if I try to stop the playback the server crashes. I'm guessing/hoping(!) that there is just small tweak needed to allow me to play these files..

Any advice greatly appreciated!

TIF/TIFF file support

DivX COnnected is not recognising my TIF or TIFF files - isnt this supposed to be a supported file format?

Also it would be cool if it recognised CR2 (raw image) files - there seems to be lots of info about on adding support for other video types but nothing on other picture formats.

? videos in Connected? Try .divx

With Divx Connected I have an issue where sometimes the videos show up as ? where the thumbnail should be and size shows as 0x0 and time as 0:00. Of course they don't play ;), but if I rename the extension from .avi to .divx on the Server, Connected still shows bad info but the video plays back fine. Something to try out!

Any change to the file can fix this issue

Files will show up as ? and size of 0x0 and time as 0:00 when they are scanned pre-maturely while bring downloaded or copied. Usually a re-scan will fix this the 1.3.1 and later servers.

Renaming the file also will cause a re-scan.


I have an LG mobile that says it is Divx certified and is on the web site as such. I downloaded a video of mythbusters and tried to play it on my phone and it says file not supported. Why will it not work? I put the file directly onto the card then tried with the LG Suite(that takes hrs,,,,,,) and still not working.


Mobile Player

Sound but Blank screen


I have been having problems with video playback on the DSM330. Some avi (divx encoded) files playback with sound but a blank screen.

I've messed around with installing various codecs but with no success.

The funny thing is that the video will playback when using the Divx Connected PC client.
This makes me think that the file is ok and all the relevant codecs are there. I just don't understand why a file would playback correctly on the PC client on not through the DSM-330??

I have a standard def widescreen tv.

I'm using the latest standard firmware and the beta server software.

Any help would be appreciated.

Me too

Myself and at least one other person are having this issue.
I sent off a load of log files to support for analysis but then they brought in a new version of connected and wanted me to do it all again and franly I couldn't be bothered.
I just live with it now. Sometimes reencoding it to a different format helps (e.g. MKV).

Black Screen

Thought I would reiterate the post ANDYSTONE was referring to:
Some videos start with black or will dip to black during the show.
When this happens, the programme stalls – wait 30 to 40 seconds and the programme starts again but only in sound with a black screen. Wait a further 10 to 20 seconds and stop the video. Reselect the video and press resume. The video starts as normal – until the next dip to black.
Not all movies do this – maybe it’s to do with how black is black. Anyway the problem was ignored by DivX.
This does not happen with the SDK - movies play as normal
Loaded the server onto my laptop – guess what, movies play as normal. So the problem must be related to the PC

House M.D.

I want to watch the TV show House M.D... all episodes.
so, i download the DivX latest version, like i was told. I have a IMAC latest version or OX 10.4.11
when i try to connect to the TV show, it says to check my internet connection...

do you have a other explantion... thanks for your help.

No dvix playback

Hi there,
i just got a ATI radeon 2600xt agp (laster drivers) and istalled the lastest dvix codec.
Now no video are playing, I just hear the audio but no video.
How do i proceed to get everything back to normality?
thank you for support