uninstalling DIVX

can someone tell me how to completely uninstall DIVX software from Vista?

How do I uninstall this

How do I uninstall this monster? Please? Windows uninstall does nothing...

Add/Remove Programs

There should an option to un-install when you open up Add/Remove software in Windows' control panel.

Did you install the DivX HiQ Beta, too? If you've done the uninstall from Add/Remove programs and you're still seeing the DivX HiQ Beta extensions in your web browser, you can do this:

Hope this helped.

DIVX Player Plus

Uninstalling DIVX Player Plus was as difficult as manually removing a virus.

The program has no uninstaller why? Whats the catch here ?

Ive tried every Normal method and Ended up Killing Process's Deleting Registry Keys and now Im rebooting in safe mode to kill whats left.

What a pain!!!!!

Why did I install it!!!!!!

I rember years a go the old DIVX Bundle was cool and friendly, this new one is like some kind of invasion. Horrible....

Really really really not happy.


You invoke the uninstaller through the add/remove programs control panel in Windows.

If you're still have trouble, someone can help you from DivX Support:

Re: uninstalling DIVX

@ Porfitron; I think EyesOpen made it clear in his opening comment stating that he used the "Windows Uninstaller" which I am confident he meant was going to "Programs & Features" >> "Uninstall A Program" in Vista.

I too concur that the uninstaller and the process for uninstalling the newest version of DivX Plus components is poorly written and poorly executed on the part of DivX. Trying to invoke the uninstall process through "Uninstall A Program" in Windows 7 x64 did nothing! The DivXSetup executable located in C:\ProgramData\DivX\Setup did nothing and did not respond to the uninstall argument as it appeared in the registry under HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\DivX. I too had to use a third-party uninstall utility to remove the DivX Plus bundle.

My reason for uninstalling it is quite simple. DivX updated itself to include and install a new Download Manager Service always running in the background. I checked documentation and there's no mention of this service to be installed and I find it invasive! If I want a download manager, I'll find my own. Furthermore, DivX should not assume that it is okay to push their Download Manager Service out to customers even if customers have automatic updates enabled. Something like that should be purely optional or at least upfront, possibly run from DivX's website much like Adobe and AMD do! I am not at all impressed and I have completely removed the DivX Plus bundle, albeit manually, painfully, and time-consuming but nonetheless it is gone. I will not re-install it until the Download Manager Service becomes optional or simply non-existent! I am sick and tired of software developers who think they need to install a multitude of additional processes and services with their products, all in the name of what... convenience? Please! Keep it up front, performance-oriented, slim... and avoid the bloating!



DivX HiQ Beta

Did you guys opt-in/install the DivX HiQ beta? If so, there is a known issue with the DDMService.exe, as discussed in the beta thread.

You have to end the process in the task manager to continue with the un-install. This bug will be fixed in the final release.

The production software should install via add/remove programs as mentioned above, but as with any beta release, there are going to be some unexpected issues.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for participating in the beta.

i already tried the

i already tried the obvious...the gd software just won't uninstall...makes microsoft look good...

Revo uninstaller worked for me...

I downloaded the free version of Revo Uninstaller and was finally able to get rid of this abomination...support was worthless and this forum was equally worthless.

uninstalling divx

the suggestion by eyesopen is the only one which works. Revo Uninstaller did the job. Thanks. Not being able to uninstall was driving me crazy.