unable to remove divx web player


i am unable to remove divs web player stored at the following location:-

C:\Program Files\DivX\DivX Plus Web Player
i have tried everything ,control panel deletion,manual,if i delete manually it says "ddmservice running,cant delete"

i also tried "Revo Uninstaller Pro" but it doesnt pick up it in search

pls tell me how to delete this product,its the worst product i havve ever used with no help et all

i guess its easier to remove a virus than to remove a divx web player

also,can some one tell what is needed for playing videos at sites like stagevu etc,earlier i was able to play them but now they never play and get stuck at "buffering 0%",

pls confirm which version i need to install etc

Looking forward for some guidance from the experts here in this forum for successful deletion of div x web player.


Same Problem

Cant uninstall the Divx Bundle!!!!????????????


If you're trying to un-install on Windows, can you open the taskmanager (CTRL-ALT-DEL) and then look under processes and select DDMService.exe and then click the End Process button?

Then try to uninstall from add/remove programs and see if this works.

If you're still have trouble, open a ticket at http://support.divx.com and someone will make sure you get to a resolution.