DivX Player for Nokia C7

Is there a DivX Player for the Nokia C7. I've tried the "Symbian OS 9 S60 5th Edition" version but it doesn't work. It does not even play the example videos but hangs up the phone and it reboots.

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Anyhow, at times, instead of

Anyhow, at times, instead of opening the new link in a tab next to the current tab, it opens it next to the tab, next to the current tab.-

Re: C7

I'm afraid the DivX Mobile Player 5th Edition works best with the N-series devices. You can try using the 3rd Edition player and installing a program like Virtual Key to navigate the touch screen. Please see this post for more information: http://labs.divx.com/node/7623#comment-11450

Nokia c7 already has divx

Nokia c7 already has divx support out of the box.