Can't install Divx HiQ Web Player Beta

I tried to install DivX Web Player Beta and HiQ, but when it tried to install it, the setup froze.

I need help on this.

Windows Vista 64 bit

I also have this problem.

I also have this problem. Been trying to sort it out for the past week now...I try to uninstall the old version of divx won't let me. I try to install the new won't let me. It just freezes once it gets to the web player part of the installation and I have to open task manager to get rid of it.
Really annoying as I like streaming films from stagevu, but whenever I click play on a video it just freezes my whole browser and I have to ctrl alt delete. Anyone know how to fix this? Also running on windows 7 64bit

temporary solution
download the patch to your desktop and run it.
unfortunately you might have to run it everytime you start up your computer
i posted the same problem good luck

I had the same issue tried

I had the same issue tried downloading old divx versions and old webplayer versions but they all transferred me to the new setup. Also tried to unistall all the other parts so i could try and again and it wouldn't let me. Using Windows 7 64bit