Trying to Register Blu-Ray LG BD550 player... {help}

I am trying to Register a Device :


Where do I find this code
within the LG BD550 blu-ray player?

Keep in mind there is no software with this player on my computer.
None was supplyed or needed.

Looking forward to reading any help.

to register my code

i know my code number,im trying to register it.

MMhouse, Please keep in mind


Please keep in mind that you do not need to register your DivX Certified LG Blu-Ray player to get DivX TV working as it will just work out of the box without registration. Registration is only needed if you plan on purchasing and playing back DivX VOD content from one of our many DivX VOD partners:

Your VOD code should be found in the settings menu of your player. Please take a look at the following page to see how to register your DivX certified LG Blur-Ray player for DivX VOD playback:

If you would like a little more detailed instructions please go here:

If you have any problems with the registration process please feel free to contact DivX Support here:

Hope this helps!