no audio in windows media player of windows 7 (MKV files)

i installed divx latest on my pc(divx codec pack and webplayer)
When even i play MKV video file on windows media player 12 only video displays comes but no audio sound..

Same MKV file when play in Cyberlink power dvd player, sound comes...

No audio comes in windows media player of MKV files

plz help in this issue thnks

Divx Windows 7 Problem

I am having the same problem when i install Divx most movies work fine but some dont have sound but without divx installed windows media player plays the files fine its when I install divx the problem of no sound in both divx and media player start. I dont understand this. My Pc is 2 days old i purchased it yesterday and I love divx and would like to use it again but with divx installed the sound on windows media player stops also if i install a third party codec like Directshow, ffw, AC3 windows media player obtains the sound but the video goes really laggy and the sound does not match the video the video freezes and then couple of minutes latter the sound appears not matching the video.

Thank you for any help

Does your MKV file have AC3

Does your MKV file have AC3 audio. If so you might need to install the AC3 DirectShow filter on your computer in order for DivX player to decode the audio. You should be able to find it online with a simple google search.

no audio in windows media player of windows 7 (MKV files)

I have a foreign language video which plays ok on Real Player and WMP, but when placed in a DVD player I have picture but not audio.

Can anyone explain what I need to do to resolve the audio problem.

WMP might not have the audio codec

it's quite simple for video files there is a data track for each video, audio and subtitle track.
some formats are limited to specific audio or video encodings, others less so

.MKV allows alot of different combinations of encoding, and WMP apparently understands the video track but not the audio track
think of it as WMP speaks French, English and German, and understands the video clip, but the audio is en Spanish so it has no clue of what it says, Cyperlink on the other hand understands Spanish, but maybe not French or German.