Have a subtitle problem? Read this first.

This thread is designed to help you figure out and solve your problem with subtitles.

Officially supported subtitle types:

.srt files and divx subtitles (XSUB)

Note: You can insert DivX subtitles if you name the subtitle file the same as your video and have them in the same folder, and then add your video to the DivX Plus Converter.

How to associate your .srt file with your video file:

You can do this by either naming the .srt file to have the same name as the divx file you would like to associate it with.  For example, if your video file is myvideo.divx, then your .srt file would need to be called:  myvideo.srt

You can also associate .srt files with your video files by editing the metadata on the server.  To do this, navigate to the video tab on your server, and find the video you would like to edit.  Select it, and press the 'edit metadata' button on the bottom right.  From here you can go to the bottom of the screen that pops up and choose your 'External Subtitle" that you would like to associate with this file.

How to display the subtitle on your TV screen.

If your file has XSUBs or a .srt file associated with it, you can choose to display subtitles by pressing the 'subtitle' button on your remote after playback has started.  Pressing this button again will turn off the subtitles.

How can I display my SUB/IDX subtitles?

SUB/IDX subtitles are not supported out of the box, however DivX Labs has a great tool that can solve this problem.  Try using DivXMuxGUI to mux those files together with your video file.  The result will be a DivX file with XSUBs.  You can check out DivXMuxGUI here.

Subtitles with foriegn characters are not displaying.

The PC may not have the international true type fonts installed on it. Usually a PC with MS Office would have these, but there are other ways to install them.

Sometimes foreign characters display improperly because they are not saved in the proper unicode format known as UTF-8.

If your subtitles contain foreign characters and are in an .srt file, you may be able to fix the display problem by following the steps below:

1.  Open your .srt file in the NotePad application.
2.  Go to the "File" drop-down menu and select "Save As...".
3.  Your file name and file type will remain the same.  However, under the Encoding section of this window, select the "UTF-8" option from the drop-down menu.
4.  Click "Save" to keep your changes.

So you've read all this and you still can't figure out why your subtitles won't play!

If this is the case, then we would like to take a look at the file to try and figure out what the problem is.  If you would like to send us a file, please do the following:

1.  Check to see if the file plays back with subtitles in DivX Player.  You can choose subtitles in DivX Player by right clicking on the player, and navigating to 'subtitles'.
2.  Send the file to our ftp server.  Please put it in a uniquely named folder before dropping it in (and let us know what the name of that folder is).

You will need to upload it using either internet explorer or an ftp program such as filezilla or fireftp.

server:  ftp.divxnetworks.com
username:  divxsupport
password:  support

Just let us know what the name of the file is, and we will take a look at it!


subtitle problem

I have a stranger problem with subtitles:

yesterday it was working, but now it is showing up boxes instead of letters.
Its similar to when try to display chinese symbols, except these are English-i watched them yesterday and it worked!!

looked in preferences at the alphabet settings(unicode etc) and it was still set to default-anything beyond that i don't know about.

i downloaded a few files, as i thought the files were in the wrong language- is it playing one file automatically that happens to be wrong? i am opening each individually anyway...

DivX Plus Converter - Subtitle Issue

this post is in response to Dan/slightlyoffbeat's initial post in this thread

i have recently purchased DivX Plus Converter and am just getting used to using it. i have already converted and streamed several movies successfully to my TV so am happy with the product

however i have one batch of videos for which i cannot get the subtitles to be displayed on the TV...

video (.mkv) and subtitle (.srt) both have identical filenames and are in same folder. when i launch the .mkv file in DivX Player it correctly picks up the subtitle file automatically and displays the subtitles... but my TV does not have this function, so i want to integrate the .srt subtitles into the .mkv file. i think this is called softcoding. i have done this successfully for several other movies using DivX Plus Converter and all worked fine

but when i attempt the same with THIS series of .mkv and .srt file, it doesn't work... i will be more specific... DivX Plus Converter recognises the presence of the SRT file and states "External SRT" under "Subtitles" after initial analysis, but after conversion, no subtitles can be found by my TV or by DivX Player

please help

i have created folder "/mj0_DivXPlusConverter_Subtitle_Issue" on your FTP server and uploaded both the .mkv and the .srt file into that directory

thanks in advance for your help


.SRT to .SSA format

Hello everyone. I have been on the forum only a few days now and I just came across something I am sure some others have found out or tried by now... I figured this out by chance... just took a leap of faith that it should work and it did. Which is thatyou can convert or rather change an srt file to .ssa (file) all you have to do is change the extension and vola... since they are both text formats I'm sure any others like this will work also. So go head try it out... :) I just hope someone gets a look at this post before trying to download a useless......... srt 2 ssa mux or app so there you are thanks to others on this forum for your gracious help.


Hello This is my first ever post on the Divx Lab's Forum but I hope to be leaveing more and doing some good while I am here. Now I have seen you have made some what of a guide, this has helped me out a great deal thank you. The other reason I am here is that I have done as what information I could gather from here and other areas of the net and tried many times to just end up with the same resualt which is that when I try to play the Dvix DVD I have made with said movies (ect) on it the subtitles do not work I have also tried them out on VLC Media Player now before "Burning" more DVD's (as they are quiet expansive). As another resualt I get a message sayign that it won't work and don't bother to try and fix it as it will not work with these subs... ? can someone tell me why Divx Converter is changing the .SRT files into DXBS and or DXBA. I have tried many things.

SRT files that won't play


I have a bunch of SRT files that DivX Plus Player just won't play. There is simply no amount of tweaking that will work. Followed your instructions in this post to the letter and nothing.

I uploaded the files to your FTP server. The folder is named "SRT files that wont play"

Please help! Thanks!


Uploaded File

I just uploaded a file named "Le Petit Nicolas Subtitles". The file continues that the file format is unsupported. Thank you.

I send a file for you take a

I send a file for you take a look... I hope this help to figure out the problem and you can solved.
The name of the file is: Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl

It's like mihai03 says,

It's like mihai03 says, ""Unsupported file format" message from Divx player when trying to play a movie with corresponding .srt subtitle file." Somebody help us, please!

subtitle problem


I have two subtitle problems.
as Mr slightlyoffbeat instructed,saved as utf-8,but dvx plaer didn't recognige this format.but if it was saved as ansi.so saved as ansi is right,isn't it?

my language is Japanese,but never display as Japanese.I don't know how to display.I tried at setting section.but I couldn't select Japanese.
I don't know there is another way to figure out.

please someone let me know.
thanks in advance

srt file will not play


Got the "Unsupported file format" message from Divx player when trying to play a movie with corresponding .srt subtitle file.
I followed slightlyoffbeat's instructions. No success.
However, DivxMuxWizz will mux the file into the movie.
What do I do wrong?
Thanks for helping.

Subtitle problem through external source

Hello all,

I have downloaded a subtitle from a website. I have renamed the .avi as THE SAME as .srt. But it's NOT RUNNING. Only when I am opening VLC with 'use a subtitle file'. Then only it is running.

Again, while running on a Philips DVD, the subtitle is not running.

Please mail me at: om_shrihari@yahoo.com


-- Shounak Bhattacharya

Divx web player subtitle problem

My videos are on the windows server 2003 enterprise edition. Divx web player to watch videos with intranet and I want you. I did all the system, but video does not appear in the subtitle. To play videos I am using the code below. What could be the problem here? Subtitle does not appear why? Will you please help?


Sfv - Srt convertor

does anyone know how to convert SFV OR IDX files to SRT?


I have a different problem with subtitles - I cannot turn them off! I am using .srt subtitle files situated in the same folder as my movies. When I play a subtitled movie the subtitles come on automatically and no matter what I do, they remain onscreen. I am using the latest server build.

Any suggestions? Anyone else experience this??

subtitle quality and size

+1 on the previous comments,
it should be fairly simple to add an update that adds subtitle font + size changing (at least size) functionality.
Even if it has to be done via registry its OK (if putting it together in an interface in the connected server is going to be too much work for you guys :))


AT LEAST THE SIZE??? you gotta be kidding on this one! i can change EVERYTHING the color the outline color the font the font style BUT CHANGING THE SIZE HAS NO EFFECT !! NO EFFECT !! NO EFFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

still waiting on an official reply

or am I the only one who wants the subtitles to look good and to be able to configure them ?

srt not playing with other than avi files...

Hi there,

I have no problems with subtitles (srt files), while playing with avi video. But with mkv or mp4 video files, the srt files aren't shown... Can someone help?


no hdmi sound and subtitles look very bad....

Hi there,

I'm loving my DSM-330, except from 2 very annoying bugs:

1. I have no sound over HDMI, only through scart;
I've posted thie problem in evey forum I kown and nobody can help me!

2. The subtitles show without problem, but they look very bad! Is it possible to change the font, font size, use antializing, etc?

Pleeeease answer! Even if it's just "sorry, can't help you!"



Yeah, the subtitles look awful -- no anti-aliasing at all, like there's a broken or missing overlay or something. There was talk of a firmware fix for this a few months ago, but it never materialized... :-[