DMP Expired

We are aware of the expiration and plan to release newer versions with updated expiration dates next week. Please have patience.

Don't expect any bug fixes in this release. As always, we recommend DivX-Certified devices for their superior performance and battery life and built-in support of DivX playback.

Thank You

Thnx!! That is great!!
Hope the world self destructs by 2012!!

New Version

In case you missed it, we released an update on Friday:

To all our DivX Mobile Player fans:

We heard from hundreds of you who were upset about the expiration of the last version of the DivX Mobile Player (DMP). We're thrilled to hear you enjoyed the beta software! And we have new builds for you:

If you have legacy Symbian S60 3rd edition, UIQ 3.0, or Windows Mobile 5/6 devices, you should check out DMP v0.95. If you have a Symbian S60 3rd or 5th edition phone, you should check out DMP v1.01. If you don't know, then check the forums or the download page or search the web. We regret that there are a number of phones that are still unsupported.

We haven't made any updates to these players except that they will now work until the end of 2012. That's over 20 months of DivX-y goodness! Yay! At that time, the world will end ;), and so will the DivX Mobile Player Beta.

We have been extremely busy working with our partners to bring you many new DivX-certified devices ( You don't need to install DMP to play DivX file on these devices; DivX plays right out of the box! They also have hardware-accelerated decoders, so you can play higher-quality videos, often without needing to convert them. The battery lasts longer than with DMP. It's an all-around better user experience. There are even a number of Android DivX-certified phones.

We hope you continue to enjoy DivX Mobile Player. Thanks to all our users for helping to make it such a huge success. And the next time you are shopping for a new phone, please consider a DivX-certified device!

Version 1.01 (22-Apr-2011)


We hear your requests for a new version of DivX Mobile Player, even for legacy phones. There have been some exciting developments at DivX which you've probably read about. We'll have an update shortly. Please stay tuned.

Hmm, the main useful thing

Hmm, the main useful thing about previous non-touch versions was the bookmark ability to start from a previous position, so now I am just converting to 3gp and using the Nokia player. looks like I needn't have spent on the MKV converter from DivX a few months ago. Companies have priorities, but a simple recompile without the timelock would have kept everyone happy and I would have payed again for a top-quality player. not waiting in hope now ...

expiration sucks

What's wrong with you guys? I'm waiting for the new version!


Mr DivxMobile... How much more patience do we require for the next version ??



anyway, GOODLUCK with that IMON!

ill be waiting.

what posible forum could you post that .. if ever?


u believe you stopped developing divx mobile for uiq3 phones. Kindly recompile your last uiq3 build and remove the time bomb. I know that uiq3 is an extinct technology but still there are thousands of us who are still using the device. Thanks and more power.

it was april fool form moderator to DMP users

just see, 1st april moderator announced the releasing date of new version and still we are disappointed. I think it was a april fool joke.

But just follow my processes and use old player smoothly.
1. If you deleted then reinstall the version 0.94 again.
2. Change the date of your phone at xx.02.2011
3. Open player now and it'll not show the expiry message.

xx is the current date (date is today but month is always february) of your phone. After your plying the videos, just change the month digits in date setting.

Anyway, this pain is due to the irresponsible divx media team. I'm trying to remove the expiry code from the version 0.94 but its not easy. Pray for me.


C'mon..... we're still waiting... pleasee!!


Idiots Divx. You were the best...

lol. goodbye DMP! just like

lol. goodbye DMP! just like how they neglected DMP S60V2 way back!

ive always thought DMP was the best media player for mobile phones.

and now they are doing this.

i am so so disappointed.

Never Ending Nxt Week

Telling us to come bck next month for the updated version would have made more sense.its sunday already!

no newer version yet, i am

no newer version yet, i am really pissed. is there any other player for n95 8gb that runs divx?



New Version...DMP


Next week!? 01/04 + 14days(2 weeks) = 15/04

New videos I moving to my phone I am converting to mp4 already.


I think we lost this software because no one fix bug DIVX mobile Expired :(

What is goin on with the new version?

Is there any moderator who can answer the very simply question when you gonna get the new version for God's sake... We know that is a free application, Come on....


it's april 11 now. i hope to see you release the newer version. :)

been missing divx .. :(

I am missing DivX Mobile Player so much!!

Next week starts 11 Apr 2011 (ie tomorrow)
I hope something good happens tomorrow.

PS: I thought U just need to change the date in the program to one in the future.
Why is it taking so long?


When you gonna get the new Version....?
Come on guys....

new version

the last reperible application on this web site is expired, when you think to relase the new one? (sorry for my bad english but i'm italian :) )