Dr. DivX Updated for DivX 6.6 Codec

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Thanks to d00kl1, the Dr. has been updated to work with DivX 6.6 codec. Get the installers from the download page. The search for community developers to contribute to Dr. DivX has not ended. If you are interested, please contact d00kl1 to join the Dr. DivX Developers group.

Encoder crashes when it reaches 40%

I have downloaded and installed Dr. DivX 2.0.0 OSS final (drdivx2-2.0.1-b7). I have tried to convert several video files (.wmw and .mov), but each time it reaches 40%, it crashes or just vanishes. I have reset it, this made no difference. I have rebooted my computer, but this made no difference either. Should I uninstall and reinstall it?

problems with audio

Hi Im new at this, I just encoded a program I recorded from tv with Dr. Divx so the original file was .dvr-ms about 1.5gb size, everything went right, the file plays and it's about 400mb in size but the audio seems to be about 1 or two seconds slower than the actual video, still watchable but any clues as to why? and how to fix this???
btw the original video file plays fine with the audio on time and everything.
much appreciated, thanks.

Encoder Stops

I am also experiencing an issue where the audio seems to encode fine, but the video encoding stops cold in Vista x86.

eVGA 8800GTS

DivX 6.8, Dr DivX 2.01

Suggestions? Anyone else having this issue?

Great update

Works perfectly with my unperfect windows vista.

I had a similar problem

I had a similar problem yesterday when I was trying out different settings to see what I would be satisfied with. Sometimes it would work again after I logged out/in, or rebooted the computer, but no luck as of yet this time. I guess I'll have to load up my XP partition to convert the rest of my files..

I have the same problem The

I have the same problem

The audio seems to be encoded but when it starts the video it goes part way through and then stops. منتديات

why is this

why do I get this message when I go here,http://labs.divx.com/LatestWinDrDivX
Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page

how do I get access,
or is it just not there yet?

not sure what the problem is

ya I am on Vista in case your gonna ask the very first on I did worked but them the file diapered after conversion it was like it wasn't even there but instead of clicking the locate button I clicked the play button and it played but still I can't locate the file. oh ya and its been telling me there's an up date every time I start up the program and it takes me to the place that I originally got it to re download the same version and not an updated version talk about confusing
_/ \_

RE: Not Sure What the Problem Is

It's been a while since you posted your question. I don't know if you ever received a response or not.
YES. This is true. You will be able to play the video after encoded after pressing the "Play" button. You WILL NOT be able to locate it... because the default "Save" directory on your Dr. DivX is set inside a protected File System (something new MS has added to VISTA as a security precaution). What you'll have to do, is go into your "Preferences" Button on your Dr. DivX, and select a DIFFERENT directory other than the default. Usually you'll want to set it the your, C:\USERS\kokoro4\videos\DivX Movies
This should Resolve your problems. If you have already received your response... I hope you will let me know. I like to keep track of VISTA specific related issues.

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sorry about the late reply I sent my pc in to up grade the ram and put a video card in it because even though what you told me worked the program crashed anyway I didn't have enough ram lol I guess thats what I get for not getting a custom computer ey lol thanks again .^_^.

New Dr giving error

What to do because latest version gives me an error every time "Please enter a number between 1 and 4000" ? Give me help, please!

RE: New Dr Giving error

Konja... This is likely due to the fact that your are probably using the WRONG version Codec with your Dr. DivX. Remember that the current Dr. DivX 2.00 OSS vs built Beta-4 is has known incompatibility issues with codec 6.7 or discontinued 6.7-beta. You will have to use a version within the scope of codec 6.61. If you are using these two together, try reinstalling. Codec first, then Dr. Last. Vice versa if that doesn't work.
Let me know if this works for you.

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same problem here

I think my codec was 6.6.1 before update but not sure

RE: Same problem here

If your Codec WAS 6.61 before update of Dr. DivX beta... you MUST re-install your Codec vs. 6.6.1... Codec 6.7 has known compatibility issues with Dr. DivX beta-4. Refer to SourceForge Documentation.

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How do I upload a video?

I would like to upload a video then resize it to post on Youtube...how do I do that?

Dr Divx with Windows Vista

I use Dr Divx 2.0 OSS to overcome a problem I have with some movie files that have multiple audio tracks. It is capable of removing unwanted tracks so that I can have smaller files and those only in the language I wish.

Following a hardware problem I have purchased a new PC that has Vista installed. Dr Divx appears to work, but at the last moment when about to save the converted file, it always fails. There has been no update for about 3 months and Vista has been out for over 6 months. Is a new and Vista-friendly update due to appear?

I could use DivX Converter, but there has been a warning that it (and the DivX Player) were not Vista-compatible, but that appears to have been recently removed. Does that mean that the Converter is now Vista-compatible? I prefer the Doctor as it offers much more configurability

RE: Dr DivX with WINDOWS Vista

I'm glad for your comment. I am no fan of VISTA... but have managed my way painstakingly. 2 problems here.
1. You do not have sufficient UAC privileges if you can not EVEN save your files (as they are saved by default into a system folder. Your application (Dr) will not be able to save to this location with your current UAC privileges),
2. Even with Administrative privileges, Dr. Divx Will only be able to SAVE to the default protected directory, but YOU will not be able to access it. Go into the Dr., select preferences, change the default "save to" directory from the protected system folder and change it to another folder... the more commonly used folder is, C:\USERS\piechart\videos\DivX Videos.
Please let me know if you've already received your answer or if not if this helps any. I like to track progress specifically for the VISTA platform.

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No love with Vista

Vista and Dr. Divx seem to have a love/hate relationship. I loaded up 4 .iso files with Daemon Tools before I left for work today, got home and they all converted great. Go to convert another four this evening and I can not get the Dr to start. Constantly gives me an error.

I had a similar problem yesterday when I was trying out different settings to see what I would be satisfied with. Sometimes it would work again after I logged out/in, or rebooted the computer, but no luck as of yet this time. I guess I'll have to load up my XP partition to convert the rest of my files. I know this seems to be a side project, but are there plans to work on the Vista problems??


I'm not sure if you've received any replies to your comments yet or not. I have had VISTA since it's Alpha, Betas 1 & 2 and RC1.... Beta2 was more stable... (hehehe)
For some reason, the Dr. does crash after several encodings. What gives??? Not sure. But a quick fix for me has been to re-install the Dr.... OVER the current doctor, rather than un-install and re-install. I have my personal opinions on this, but are only that OPINION. This has been a quick fix for me. Also, be sure to read the current literature at SourceForge regarding compatibility and incompatibilities with both the Dr. and Codec versions.
Please let me know if you've already received any responses, or if this comment has helped any. A reply would be greatly appreciated, as I like to track all things VISTA related.

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Windows Vista

It's been 8 months since vista came out and yet Divx still hasn't updated Dr. Divx or the Divx Webplayer to work with Vista...what gives?

Downloading the June 07 update & virtual memory problems

1. Each time I fire up, I get a message advising that an updated version is available(the June 07 one) I follow all the links, download from the site , but after I've installed what I believe to be the updated version, I still get the message that an updated version is available. Any ideas, please?
2. Second problem is that the program just stops working about 10% of the way through an encode. I've had various messages including virtual memory too low. Another was the microsoft error report message box. The destination for the output is a 100Gb external hard drive and I'm not compressing the output - is this what is causing the problem?

Disable Update Options

Do log into this product & disable the Look for update options under the Tools section etc, and exit the program then log back into it or even re-boot your system to validate that I was correct about this.

Xenophon Oviduis-Sophron-Naso

I have the same problem. I

I have the same problem. I think I have downloaded the update but I always get the request! And same problem with the encode.

The audio seems to be encoded but when it starts the video it goes part way through and then stops.

Please help!