Extreme CPU Usage!

When i try to play a non divx file in HD quality the picture is extremely choppy (every 5 second a twitch). I know your first reaction is: read the other posts! But I did.

What i found out is that when I play a non divx HD file my CPU usage for DIVX Connected is around 90% with spikes top 96%. Very strange because my PC has no problems decoding in WMP ever.

My Comp is a P4 3GHz. with 2GB DDR RAM. And i have a Nvidia GForce 7300GT.

Anybody else have thsi problem?

BTW: Normally I would just reencode to divx but Dr Divx takes over 3 hours to decode an 41 minute HD file to Divx 720p. So when I'd like a HD movie I would have to start encoding about 3 weeks in advance....... so you see my problem.

Any suggestions? (good try overclocking but I'd rahter not because I have never tried it)

Kick........been a while I

Kick........been a while I am really waiting on a solution!

I need an answer to this question before I can help further

Are you use a D-Link DSM-330 device for playback or are you using the PC based dmcp.exe player? I have searched though the thread and can not find an answer to this question.

I have a DSM-330 but when I

I have a DSM-330 but when I use the DCMP.exe it has the same problem (installed it yesterday)

I am able to play your clip without any problem

I just played it on the PC-DCMP which is a worse case situation with less than 90% CPU usage on my 2Ghz Centrino Duo laptop.

I can only guess the the H.264 decoder you are using is not performing well or there is some other issue with your PC the is keeping it from transcoding well.

That is a very easy way of

That is a very easy way of placing the blame elsewhere. Obviously there is a problem because the file I send you did have some issues, otherwise I would have heard it by now.

The H.264 decoder I am using is the same ffdshow try out as suggested on the sites everywhere.

So let's be completly clear:

I did a clean install of XP (so no codec issues possible)
MKV are recognized and able to play (on DSM and PC DCMP)
Network usage is well below 10%
PC should be well able to pull this off

Still the files have hick ups every 5 secs (atleast)

What am I missing?!

The only reason for me to buy this device is MKV playback.....now it seems I could better have bought the Popcorn Hour. Because it support mkv and H264 out of the box.

It has been 3 or 4 weeks that I ftp'ed you a file but never got a reply with any kind of solution........

I think it is about time this problem is solved don't you think? I did pay some decent money for this device so I expect it to work!

Well as I said.... I did a

Well as I said.... I did a clean XP install, After that I just installed the decoders that are in the tutorial. Can't see the problem comming from there!

Are you using a DSM-330 device or the PC-DCMP player?

The CPU usage will be very high if you are using the PC based player on the same machine as the server since it is doing the decode in s/w.

I'm not sure what you mean..

I'm not sure what you mean.. (s/w?)

Are you using a DSM-330 device?

I just relised that you never mentioned how you are viewing the file.

We have a PC based player that acts like the device but runs on the PC. If you are using that, it is less efficient when running on the same PC as the server.

In whatever player I am

In whatever player I am playing: VLC, DIVX player or WMP11 it runs flawlessly. With not over 2% CPU usage.... When using DIvx Connected it uses 98-100% I understand that it would be higher because of the transcoding but with 2GB RAM and a <3Ghz processor that seems a bit too much!

And it still stutters BTW!

To be quite honest I'm

To be quite honest I'm beginning to get pretty annoyed by the lack of real help here. It has been over two weeks now that this problem has been forwarded to the right person, haven't heard a thing that with all my imagination is going to help me the slightest.

I bought this devide to play mkv's on my HD tv but it does all but that!

I have tried your test clip and it plays fine

We have not been able to identify a general cause for your high CPU usage with h.264 decoding. Playback of user configured formats is a feature that is still being optimised and while it works well for most users, some will have issues due to complexity and varitey of DirectShow filter conifgurations.

Of this type of problem, it is usally a community member who has expertise in this area that comes up with a solution and shares with others.

I will try to find out if there is any way to get a detailed log of your configuration info, but this type of issue is not one that I think is solved easily without haveing an expert in DirectShow filters sit at your machine.

I am pretty certain if you tried it on a diffrent PC started with a fresh install of the O/S and applied our s/w to it, it would likley work.

I started fiddling around

I started fiddling around with VFW configuration on ffdshow. this resulted in the files not working anymore (was able to return the settings) but seing how this changed the way the files are transcoded I hope to resolve this problem.....could take a while though ;)

Maybe someone could show the screenshots on the working setting for H264 and mpeg4 files in an mkv container!

Well I have a sample that

OK will try to cut a sample!

Can you run Gspot on the file and give us the results?

Or can you send the file to us?

In general, transcoding HD does require a lot of CPU usage. The fact that is taking Dr. DivX 3 hrs to do the conversion means it is likely that your PC will be very challenged to transcode that particular file in real time.

Lastly, are you sure it is not a network streaming issue? The bit rate for transcoded HD may be higher that converted HD.

Well i finally got MKV to

Well i finally got MKV to work on DSM...atleast they appear in the menu.

Still my comp is using too much CPU for decoding. So this is the last barrier to overcome.

Do you still need a sample of those MKV's? So somebody can figure out just why that is? Or is there a way to lower my CPU usage?

Still need a sample

We would still need a sample to determine if the high CPU usage is typical for the file or an issue that is caused your PC configuration or if it something we need to optimize for.

Instructions for where to send a file to us are at the bottom of this post:


Sorry for the delay.....but

Sorry for the delay.....but I couldn't get a mkv sample of the WMVHD file. I do have a sample of a mkv file that stutter the same way like all HD file do.

I used FTP to upload the sample.

Goldrolly07- What was the


What was the name of the MKV file? We'll download it and check it out as soon as possible!


The sample is called

The sample is called


screen shot from gspot is called prisonbreak (I think)

OK, what software can I use

OK, what software can I use to cut a sample from a MKV file? Didn't find any that seem to work for me.

Did you try Virtual Dub?

File Type: Matroska Media

[url=http://]THe network is just a router/modem setup with normal speed. (100/10 orso)

The Gspot for the original mkv dile (stutters and uses a lot of CPU)

File Type: Matroska Media File (.MKV)
Mime type: video/x-matroska

Proposed Codecs Solution and tests:
Render OK. THe following combinations of filters was used
(SRC)-->>--(A)--> [ffdshow Video Decoder]>--(B)-->[Video Renderer]
(SRC)-->>--(A)--> [AC3Filter ]>--(B)-->[Default DirectSound Device]

Is this what you ment?

I did a gspot test with the encoded file but it was not encoded in a good way stutters like hell.....on the other hand it uses not more than 2% CPU whem streaming). I tried encoding it with 1 pass and it ws considerable quicker but as I said it video is laggy on PC aswell.

I could get a screeshot your way for the encoded file but have no where to upload it to.... and sending you the video file could be difficult because it is over 1 gb!

I would need the entire gspot analyisis

MKV is only the container type (like AVI), not the actual method used to compress the file (codec) type such ACV, H.264, DivX, Quicktime. It is possible to many different codec types in a MKV container. If you can cut a few minutes of the file, just enough to show the issue and upload it, that would be all we would need.

Checked my network

Checked my network usage.....

THat doesn't exceed the 5% so that is not the problem.

Stuttering Video

I have the same problem with demo WMVHD files downloaded. PC is 3MHZ Dell Dimension 3000 with 2GB RAM. Files play ok in WMP and network usage is not high.