DivX Web Player: Disable the video save.


I want to avoid downloading a video played through the DivX Web Player.

I use the allowContextMenu parameter to disable the contextual menu and prevent access to "Save Vide As" option. However, when the video is switched to Windowed Mode or Fullscreen Mode, the contextual menu appears pressing the right mouse button and the video can be saved using "Save Video As" option.

How can I prevent Windowed and Fullscreen Modes?
Is there another way to avoid downloading the video?


unable to disable the save video as

I have read that on the sdk. BUT ending the video file with _ns does'nt work. When the video is switched to fullscreen, you can right click the screen and context menu is enabled including the save video as. Still theres no way to avoid others from downloading the video.


Try ending your video filename with "_ns". If you haven't yet, I suggest taking a look at the DivX Web Player SDK. Your site viewers will still be able to find your video link by looking at the source code so you might want to edit your .htaccess file if you got one or find another way to block them from downloading it.