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Can anyone recommend a good DVD ripper? Preferably one that can create a .divx file

Choose DVD Ripper?

When we have bundles of DVD movies or episodes, we often need to do a lot of Xvid conversion. The software we tend to choose is Handbrake, a free open-source and multithreaded video transcoder. However, HandBrake’s researchers made a strange decision that the version 0.9.4 gives away supporting AVI files using Divx and Xvid (an open source equivalent to Divx). Probably it is a major breakthrough for HandBrake corp, but it is not really a good news for many users.

But,no worries, for those people who want to rip DVD to Divx AVI, they can choose Moyea DVD Ripper for Mac or DVD Ripper for Windows depending on the OS they using. Below is the free User Guide for fast converting DVD to Divx AVI:

Step One: Freely download Moyea DVD Ripper for Mac and install it on your computer
Click “DVD Folder” or “IFO File” button on the toolbar to load your DVD or files.

Step Two: Choose output format as “Xvid” and destination folder
Using the pull-down list of “Format”, you can choose output format as “Xvid AVI-Audio Video Interleaved (Xvid) (*.avi), and specify your desirable export path by “Browse” button.

Step Three: Advanced settings and video parameters setting (skip)
If you want to adjust the video/audio parameters, you can click “Settings” on the main interface. On this interface, there are many choices including Codec Name, Bit Rate, Size, Frame Rate and Channels. If you want to enhance the listening effects, you can alter the Format as “AC3-Dolby AC-3 (*ac3)” and then choose "6" from the drop-down list of 'Channels' to realize the 5.1 Channel Surround sound. (Of course, you can skip this step.)

Step Four: Ripping
Hit “Convert” on the main interface to start the conversion.

Step Five: Playback this converted files on portable players
Once the conversion above is completed, you can drag the converted files to your computer or media players for playback. Even you can rip a DVD to a smaller file size that will look great on a palm player, on your laptop or on a TV from a WD TV Live or HD media player.

Windows os:
Mac os:

professional dvd ripper

here is professional dvd ripper

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You can choose

You can choose the popular and reputed DVD Replication software available in market. I prefer Acker DVD Ripper which support almost all kind of audio and video files.

i agree to your views but

i agree to your views but you need to be very careful of the various CD DVD Replication techniques that are currently used today

Thanks for the responses. I

Thanks for the responses.

I should have it made it clearer that I was wanting to use the resulting files ON my DSM-330

XviD/AVI on Connected

For the VOBs I encode with Handbrake on my iMac, I encode them using the AppleTV preset, and change the codec to Xvid and the container to .AVI. The bitrate for that preset is 2500 kbps, which is just fine for the TV shows that I've converted. The batch encoder is great, too, because I can fire it up in the morning, and have ton of files to add to my Connected™ library by the time I'm home for the evening.

Depends on your DVD player -

Depends on your DVD player - Most of them can now play DivX directly (check for the logo on the front of the player). If you have this, you can just burn a DVD with your DivX files on it and should be able to play them on your DVD player.

If it can't playback DivX files, you need to convert them in order to get DVD playback. There are loads of burners out there that do this automatically.

But then again, you could go one better and bypass all this DVD stuff with the DSM-330 ;0)

i wish to now more about DivX pls

i wish to now more about divx, how from a divx film and go to dvd to burn. pls tanks.

The best way is to first

The best way is to first make a complete backup of the DVD to ISO or VOB. The best software for this is DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter.

You then convert these direct rips to DivX, Xvid etc... Some of the most popular applications for this include Auto GK and Handbrake.

For direct rips to DivX, I think AutoGK may be able to do it as should DVD Fab Platinum.

Best of luck!

Check Doom9

Doom9 is a great resource:

Once you have the .VOB's, there are these great .divx encoders to choose from: Dr. DivX (here on labs)and DivX Converter. If you're encoding on Mac OS or Linux, Handbrake is great for making those .VOB's into Connected-compatible Xvid .avi's.

This software is okay. But I

This software is okay. But I much prefer Free DVD Ripper. It has great support for divx.