Theme Creation Guide - English

The DivX Connected Theme Creation Guide

The .zip file below contains everything that is needed to create your own DivX Connected Theme.

Download the DivX Connected Theme Template

Below are the instructions for creating a theme using the theme template.  These instructions are also included in the .zip file.

1. Edit the connected.cth. You can open it in WordPad or Notepad. For the most part, you will only need to edit the theme name and author in the connected.cth document. You can also edit the colors of the expanded menu and general panel if you'd like. Make sure you save after editing.

2. Insert your own content into the "theme" folder by renaming your pictures with the same name as the original files included in this template. Then save or drag and drop to overwrite the original files. Refer to the connected.cth or the DivX Connected SDK if you need to figure out what icons you need to replace to get your desired theme. For the most part, you can completely change the look of your theme by just editing background.jpg and the icons in the "main_icons_menu" folder.
3. Preview your theme. There is a simple way to preview your theme. You can open the included "preview.html" file. It will not show off all aspects of the theme, but it will preview the main part of it.

4. When you’re done, select ONLY the "theme" folder and the

"connected.cth" file. Right click and choose: send to > compressed zip folder

5. Now change the extension of the resulting file from ".zip" to ".zth". You can change the actual name of the file as well, but this will have no affect on the final theme.

6. Double-click to install! Now you have a custom theme installed, and an installer that you can share with other people.

Other things you can do after creating your new theme:

- Share your theme with others at

- Read more about the advanced features of theme editing in the new SDK, available here: