DivX® Codec 6.8.2 Released!

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DivX Codec 6.8 introduced two major improvements over older versions - multithreaded decoding and support for custom quantization matrices. In addition, DivX Codec 6.8.2 will contain fixes for several issues reported to us since the 6.8 release, including better support for dual monitors and for older DivX files.


This article has been updated to reflect the official release of DivX Codec 6.8.2 as part of the DivX for Windows bundle on the DivX.com website.

Faster decoding

DivX Codec has long featured multi-threading for improved performance on hyperthreaded, dual core or multi-processor systems, but we continue to optimize the codec further over time, and DivX 6.8 brought significant performance gains in the decoder.

In the chart below, we took a full-frame PAL source and encoded it at quantizer 2 with I/P frames to represent a very high bitrate DivX file, and quantizer 6 with I/P/B frames to represent more commonly encountered DivX video. We then made some minor modifications to VirtualDub to record in miliseconds the average time required to decode these two bitstreams over three passes with all other non-critical processes closed on our test machine, a Dell Preceision M90 featuring the Intel Centrino Duo.

Click to enlarge this chart

The chart shows that in our test when we disabled post-processing and compared the time taken by DivX Codec 6.7 against DivX Codec 6.8.2 for the clip encoded at Q2, DivX Codec 6.8.2 performed 37% faster. DivX Codec 6.8.2 clearly outpaces 6.7 even when full deblocking with sharpening is enabled, the most taxing of all post-processing settings.

Custom quantization matrices

DivX 6.8 also introduced custom quantization matrices as an option in the encoder when using either of the HD profiles or unconstrained mode. Quantization matrices control the way information about the picture is subtly degraded as it undergoes parts of the lossy compression process. By loading different matrices you can influence how high and low frequency components of each block are adjusted, biasing data allocation towards flat or textured surfaces. This can lead to improved quality for certain types of content, such as anime, CGI, certain stylized works, and so on.

DivX Codec can load both CQM and XCM format matrix files, so you can leverage a large volume of matrices already created by the digital video community (see link to "qmatrix.zip" in this thread at Doom9.org, for example). We really like LigH's Custom Quantization Matrix Editor, which lets you easily edit files in both of these formats and visualize the matrices in 3D. You can edit both the intraframe matrix (used for I-frames, or "key-frames") and the interframe matrix (used for P/B frames, or "delta-frames"). LigH's help file also explains quantization matrices in more technical detail, so be sure to check it out. Best of all, many older versions of the DivX decoder already load custom matrices, so you should not run into compatibility issues with this new feature.

What's fixed in 6.8.2

  • When videos that have non-square aspect ratios are moved across dual monitors the aspect ratio is now correctly preserved.
  • It is now possible to play DivX 3.11 videos when "Use advanced hardware overlay" is enabled in the decoder configuration utility.
  • Custom quantization matrices containing the ASCII end-of-file character are now loaded correctly.
  • The "Browse Matrices" button in the encoder UI is now available consistently when the quantization type is set to "MPEG-2 Custom".
  • The codec should no longer output licensing messages to the console. Thanks to BitBasher over at Doom9.org for getting in touch about this problem!

Downloading DivX Codec 6.8.2:

DivX Codec 6.8.2 is part of the DivX for Windows package and can be installed on top of any prior version of DivX to update it. If you are a registered user of DivX 6 your registration will be retained if you choose to try this beta or if you choose to re-install the last official release of DivX for Windows.

j'aimerai pouvoir avoir les

j'aimerai pouvoir avoir les nouveaux codec pour pouvoir regarder les films que jai telecharger!!

Since installing Firefox 3.0.1, the web player won't work :(

Ever since I installed Firefox 3.0.1, I cannot watch my online DivX videos. The player does show with the big blue X in the middle, but when I click on play, nothing happens. I have also tried with Internet Explorer, the same problem persists. This is so very frustrating. :(

Another thing that won't play - and this started at the same time as my DivX web player stopped working - is my music and my videos on imeem. I get a blank space where the players are supposed to be, even though I have the latest version of flash installed.

I am so very disappointed...

im sorry but i have had

im sorry but i have had it!!! i was online when the dvix player told me that it needed updating, normally i dont run the internet and the player at the same time, i installed what i thought was an upgrade AND I HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR IT FOR THE LAST 15 HOURS STRAIGHT, yes that is how long it took me to fix my crashed computer systems, remove the malware, [whats that about] and generally reinstall all other players such as windows media player and veoh which were completly shut down, and even after deleting and reinstalling divx at the previous 6.7 [even though i had 6.8 1 before] it still wont work. i have reinstalled it five times now and it will not work at all, the sound keeps repeating like a broken record and the picture either dosnt move, moves very slowly or the player just crashes, normally i get on this site and it tries to make me install some active x control, now its all up and running without my installing it, did it come in the 6.8 2 version, is this the fault of the web player which crashed my system before, sweet crackers will one of you genius types please answer im cracking up here, i work hard and i need a certain amount of divx movies to keep sane and unwind, this currunt situation is unacceptable, and by the way if your player crashes my computer one more time, i shall have to find your offices and set fire to them, you have been warned good people

Hmm Adware

Tried downloading this new codec. My antivirus says there's adware and it won't work. I've tried disabling my antivirus to download this, then the application won't run because of an "error, corruption, or a virus". Strangely enough, same thing at the divX website.

Seeking not supported for this file?


Just updated to the 6.8.2 codec, but now the DivX player reports "Seeking not supported for this file" all my AVI files? This is pants, so I have reinstalled the old codec untill maybe it gets fixed?

Stefan :)

DivX Player

There's nothing wrong with the codec. It's just the darn DivX Player which again is causing problems.


Hi can any one help as i do nothave a clue whatim doing. im trying to find out if the codec problem has been sorted out 6.8.2
please can any one help


I definitely like the new Codec. My system yet again seems to be performing marginally smoother with each codec release (this is especially important as I am running a not so powerful Dual Core).

Keep up the good work!!

Codecs problem

My original files were OK to play on Divx player, Mediaplayer or other capable players, after Muxing subtitle with DivxMux, all files now can only play in Divx player, and crashing in the other players.
Please address this problem.

Trellis Quantization

IIRC, the DivX team was experimenting with Trellis quantization a while back (since helium 1612 at least with psychovisual mode 4). Has trellis already been integrated into later versions of the codec? Or can we expect more along those lines in the future?

PS: DivX Connected is pretty cool. :)


i am unable to convert my video as when i tried to convert it from mp4 format the converter will auto end itself leading to unable to convert any videos................ and the second issue is there any converter to convert videos from .dat format to the AVI format???????? btw i am converting the video for lg viewty phone which has a DIVX player in it......... thank you hope that i will get a pleasent reply as soon as possible thank you once again


Thanks a million for the news DigitAl56K!!!

How about the new beta of divx mobile .90?

Can I just ask that someway is found to help all the .89 divx mobile users whose players are falling out of the sky since the version expired? We're hurting here without our Pocket PC Divx....

Thanx Guys. Great to see the new codec and player versions



Re: How about the new beta of divx mobile .90?

Hi IIanBoy, Please try to post in the appropriate section, otherwise the discussion becomes harder to follow for others using the site. There is information about the expiration problem here that will help you. Glad you like the new codec :) - Al

Vista 64Bit Works Great

I've just tested this version of DivX on Vista 64bit, and found that it works great on Vista64bit. Mind you I do not use Dr DivX very much if at all.

The only issue, with any of the DivX 6.8.x versions on a 64bit OS is you must ensure that you change your "Register Products icon" to point to the rundll32.exe located in C:\Windows\SysWOW64. Normally this points to C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe. You should not need to change anything else, other then system32 to syswow64.

As scary as this sounds, that is all that you need to do in order to port DivX 6.8.x over to a Vista 64bit system.

Once you've changed the icon, you can then run "Register Products" like you normally would, put in your serial numbers to upgrade the codec to DivX Pro. After you've completed the registration, you can then use the codec as you normally would. Encoding / Decoding DivX videos without any problems as far as I can see.

This process would, I suspect work totally fine on Windows XP 64bit as well as I have used XP 64bit before and found it works in a similar manner as Vista 64bit.

Please Note: DivX is only supported on 32 bit OS's.


---- Robb ----

Are you sure?

No anomalies in the encodes at all?

Good point

Hi Robb,

You raise a good point - we need to address that in our installation packages. Thanks for the tips!

Custom quantization matrices

Sorry , Is That For Dr.Divx...? -.-|||

Dr Divx

In all honesty, I want to see this codec being available for use for Dr Divx. I'm sure others feel the same way too.

Dr & DivX 6.8.2 B1

You can use the Beta Codec with the Doc. It does work!

Well, what d'ya know.

The decoder really is a heck of a lot faster on this core2duo than divx 6.4's decoder (yes, yes, 6.4 isn't saying much, they say). At least 25% so, according to the notorious time meter in VirtualDub, with spikes apparently over 60% so). I have to say, it actually beat my old ffdshow (when both were configured without PP).

Yes, this wasn't a controlled technical test, but it just goes to show the decoder did in fact progress quite a ways since 6.4. Quite a ways indeed.

Now I have to compare the encoding quality of, say, 6.8 vs 6.8.2. Is there supposed to be any substantive quality difference?

More about 6.8.2

6.8 -> 6.8.2 is mainly a maintenance/bugfix release and does not include quality enhancements, but since we did make such substantial progress with decode performance in 6.8 and this was not covered here on Labs at the time of the original release I thought it was worth while taking a short retrospective look at the changes to highlight the differences for those who were unaware. I'm glad to hear it performed equally well on your own system.

Nice work on x264 VfW btw ;)

Back to Betas

Finally an update. Beta or not, I'm glad to see progress!

Take cover, the betas are coming!

Prepare yourself for an avalanche of betas!

I'm working more closely with SeaBass now and we have quite a line-up of releases that will be making their way to DivX Labs in the near future. We're looking forward to getting your feedback on upcoming releases of DivX Player, DivX Web Player, DivX Converter, and even some new goodies that we'll be premiering here on Labs in a little while.

Good to hear from you again btw :)

Great to see the lights are

Great to see the lights are still on there at the Labs.

I was getting a bit nervous.

Looking forward to testing.


RE: Back to Betas

it is in the spirit of our roots.

Betas symbolize progress, but what will count even more is to see community feedback making it into our products. Like you, there are a bunch of smart folks out there who need a voice in here. kamiwa, Robin, Pascal, Ajax, ubyte, Cortig, weaver, Happosai, Jacquers, Puzzler ... amm (forgive me for not listing all) who make us what we are...


It is not our fault for what the world is today, but it would be our fault if it remains just that.

What about the Mac version?

Any news on the Mac version of the codecs?? It's been awfully quiet for us Mac users lately… :-\

Stay tuned for the Mac version

Hi Cortig,

A new Mac version of the codec will be coming in a little while. It's too early right now for me to give dates, but we will put it up on Labs and it will be based on DivX Codec 6.8.2 or later.

Any news about the Mac

Any news about the Mac version??
I just saw that 6.8.2 came out for Windows 7 months ago now and still no news about us poor Mac users :'-(


Thanks a million for the news DigitAl56K!!!

New Codec for the Mac

What would you use it with? The Doc? :-)

Well Dr DivX would be an

Well Dr DivX would be an issue since I suspec it would need to be updated to support the new codec (at least, it has been the case in the past).
The codec offers DivX encoding/decoding support in all QuickTime based application. I would use it through the Encoder (yeah, right…), MPEG Streamclip, Stomp or QuickTime Player Pro itself.
I can also use "real gain for the decoder" :->