MKV To DIVX Conversion HD

Hi there,

Is anyone else having serious MKV to DIVX HD problems?!?

I use River Past Video Cleaner to encode MKV files and whilst I can get amazing quality HD video out and watchable on connected I cannot seem to get the audio to go with it. I am wondering whether anyone has successfully found a correct format to use with this program.

I tend to think the issue surrounds the audio codecs I have installed and which one is the correct one to use when encoding...I have all the relevant audio codecs but to be honest I am not too sure which audio codecs are supported by the connected device? I read that only Windows DRM Codecs are supported but that is all greek to me!

Does anyone have a successful formula using this program that they are willing to share?

I have also tried Movkit which will convert to Divx (and the audio!) but the quality is no where as good as the river past software which i think is due to the bitrate (Movkit 1500 - Video Cleaner 3000).

Many thanks.

Why convert it? Connected supports it

Look here!

MKV Support

What can I say but thanks! it works a treat, you have saved me hours of further lost sleep in front of this PC.