N73 Divx Mobile Player installation fails


I tried to install the latest DIVX for Mobile player (V0.90?) on my N73, which fails with the message "instllation of DivXPlayer.sis not supported"

I don't have any previous version on there (so it's not the same problem as the guy with N95 had), neither any other additional video player.

Any suggestions?

I just found that I had some older version:

The latest one:
DivXPlayer.sisx worked fine
- so problem solved!

Updated vrsion

Give me the newer version of divx player for my nokia n73


thank you for that


hi i'm very tired because i lookingfor divx please somenoe help me for that

DivX Player For S60 V3 Download Fails

Downloading Divx Player for N73 fails at 93.2%.
I had tried it nearly 10 times on different dates, but till today it fails. Could you please check it out

Download from Labs

There appears to be a problem between Drupal (Labs) and many cell phones. The easiest solution is to point your phone at http://m.divx.com for downloading or use your computer to download from Labs and then copy to your phone.

need dvix player for n73

need dvix player for n73


hi yes


"Symbian OS 9 S60 3rd Edition"