3) File Info & Keyboard Shortcuts

File information

Selecting ‘File Information’ lets you look up some basic information about your video file such as its location on your hard drive or metadata. Choosing this option opens a small window displaying the file name, location, video tracks with codec, resolution and frame rate, and audio or subtitle tracks and their respective details. This can be useful if you want to check program compatibility or change any playback preferences to best suit the video file.

Tracks, Menus, Chapters:
  • Audio Tracks: Turn off audio, see and select available audio track(s), or access the audio settings
  • Subtitle Tracks: Turn off subtitles, see and select available subtitle track(s), or access subtitle settings
  • Menus: Access menus for root, title, chapters, audio or subtitles, where available. Or go straight to the main feature (i.e. your video)
  • Chapters: If your file has chapter points, you can see and select them here.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts are displayed in the right-click menu next to the respective action (when available) or they can be accessed through the Help menu. Here is a cheat sheet of keyboard shortcuts available in DivX Player:
  • Play/Pause: [SPACE BAR]
  • Compact Mode: [Alt] > [C]
  • Rewind: [Ctrl] > [<-]
  • Full screen Mode: [Alt] > [Enter]
  • Fast Forward: [Ctrl] > [->]
  • Normal Size: [Alt] > [1]
  • Stop: [Ctrl] > [SPACE BAR]
  • Half Size: [Alt] > [2]
  • Open a File: [Ctrl] > [O]
  • Double Size: [Alt] > [3]
  • Preferences: [Ctrl] > [P]
  • Exit: [Alt] > [F4]
  • Main Menu: [M]