No Sound over HDMI - Redux

Hello again!

I am a U.S. user who purchased & subsequently returned a DSM-330 I had purchased from at the beginning of the week after I failed to get any audio using the HDMI connection from the device to my TV. D-Link tech support (which I now understand is pretty uninformed about this new device) suggested after a battery of questions that the HDMI port was broken and I needed to return the device for a replacement.

So, my second DSM-330 arrived today from and after plugging it into my Panasonic 46" TH-46PZ85U (2008 model), I still get no sound over HDMI (yes I fiddled with the mute and volume buttons). Same Canadian packaging, same success connecting using my router and the server software is working great. So I unplugged the HDMI cable from the TV and connected the TV using the enclosed composite cables and a pair of RCA audio cables, and it worked.

So at this point I'm pretty confident of one of two things: either all the hardware released in the U.S. is defective (and I bet that sucks for D-Link) OR this is a firmware issue that can be fixed. Either way, I am unsatisfied with my current setup and want to see this problem resolved ASAP so I can go back to HDMI.

No sound over HDMI

Any update on this/ i have the same issue and still have no sound even after installing DSM-330_1.1.3.4_DLINKEU

I have this problem too and

I have this problem too and need a solution.

Go to the D-Link support site for your region

Go to the D-Link support site for your region and go the support page for the DSM-330. There you will find a firmware upgrade to resolve the HDMI audio issue.

DivX has read over every

DivX has read over every single post relating to the audio over HDMI. We are actively looking for a solution for everyone experiencing this problem.

For a temporary fix, you can use scart to component with the composite audio cables. Keep checking this board because we will be updating here as soon as more information is available.