new version of Divx player for phone Symbian OS

IN my phone,,its said there that a new version of the player is available. Press OK or go to to get the latest version... I cannot find it here.. Can you please help me??????

thank you

divx player not work

are bhai koi dhundho ye new version kaha hai last 2 mahine se heran hoo
Koi to help karo
Or mail karo
My device nokia n95 8gb

please help me.

divx player is not working in my phone nokia e63, asking for install new version of divx player, I am tired for searching new version, any body help me ????????

i want new version

i can not find a new divx player ,please send it to me, for a nokia 5235 mobile ,symbian60 , touch screen.
My e-mail is


...i just can't get it! Why making a so-called free software to be expired, u cud make it auto-update itself using web when available without that creepy msg of experation that prevents the user from using the player... That really sucks!

Divx expired

Where i got newer version of divx pls send detail on

Divx expired

Where i got newer version of divx pls send detail on

plxx plxx plxx tell me

yaar yah new divx windows mobile version 1.00 kahan say milay ga kaisay install hoga symbion kia hay kio itna masla ho raha hay pahlay tu aram say install ker lia tha divx 0.94 woh expire hogaya hay mujhay plx plx bata do kaisay download karon new version symbion wala method nh nsamajh aarah anay body helpme plxx

new version

the divx player for my E72 is not working .it says PLAYER EXPIRED.
So i downloaded version 1.0 but that version is useless .wer can i get the new version .

plz give me a new verson.

plz give me a new verson.

new version of divx

please tell the date when new version is available or from where I can purchase it. My phone is Nokia X-6, 8GB. Please send the feed back at

i can not find new

i can not find new me.send me new

send me new virsion

new virsion ager kisi ko mil gaya hay tu woh meri id per mujhay send kerday plx plx plx

Divx expired

Sir yeh new version khan hai.

Divx expired

Sir yeh new version khan hai.

I need new divx player for

I need new divx player for nokia5233. Please send it.

to find out divx player 4 mobile

when will the new updated divx mobile player launch?!
Give me date of it
i m waiting 4 it

Divx Player v1.00

Installed "new" v1.0 for Symbian S60 3rd from inidicated site and I am still receiving the expired software message. Changing cellphone time is a little weird, I'll wait for any new information.

hi friends

dear frnds just go to your phone date setting and chenge ur date to year 2010. thats it ur divx player works. enjoy friends. love you all

divx 1.0 not working on E72


Divx 0.94 has expired on the night of 31st Mar'11 and while opening it says "new version is available".

After downloading & installing the new version i.e. 1.0 from the given link, it doesn't work (programme collapses on its own).

On your site the latest version available is 1.0 only.

Kindly clarify if anything is being done to resolve this issue or the Symbian OS (3rd edition) users has to live with it.

Do revert please.


Expired Divx Player

My divx player has expired. Please help me out with this problem. I am not able 2 find a newer version of it.

Need new version

When i go to my player it say expired.Go to to get new version.but i can't found there.when i get this please tell me?

mine too expired. What 2 do

mine too expired. What 2 do nxt?

Your DivX Mobile Player Has EXPIRED

When I attempted to start my DivX player on my Nokia N95 it said it expired and to download a new version.
I've installed the new version that you have on your site for at least 3 times now and it says it EXPIRED!!!
If it expired, why do you still have it on your site for download? Where is the new version to replace the one I had? Now I have no version at all because nothing works...
Why do you expire the version you have available if you won't put another?
If we should get any other software, please sat so because we aren't going to wait forever here for a version that works and doesn't expire....
It's very lame from DivX!!!

Associate Professor picked the wrong request repor

12 24, object. Newspaper had

Event Review:

2009 年 6 months, Yan Chong's Annotation Media published: the book by the Zhonghua Yan said the proof of 13 times, and he had invited experts to proofread it twice and therefore declared: Who in the book, March of this year, Shanxi University, College of Liberal Arts, Associate Professor of white flat pick from many mistakes, contact Yan to discuss matters relating to error correction, not get a response. May 6, white balance to June 18, White used

11 19, White lost the first trial prosecuted Zhonghua case, White has been an appeal. December 17, White v. Yan Chong third hearing on the case, but not sentences. Yan Chong previous trial has not appeared in court.

not optimistic about the outcome of litigation, but will still insist

Sanjin City News: White teachers, December 17 is the third time, Chaoyang Court hearing, by the change summary General procedure. Yan Chong court read out the reward event-related press on the findings, but the identification of your application and apply for all one by one dismissed the investigation and evidence collection. You are the outcome of this lawsuit to determine?

White: The trial for the first focus of controversy, did not tell us that this is a joke.

This is actually equal to the default of the four journalists be viable for me the evidence.

and then entered the second focus of controversy, I applied for the court commissioned the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication were identified, but the court

seems to be I give the State Press and Publication Administration Policy and Regulations Department to ask that power, has a book publishing unit around the quality inspection bodies, of their obligation to carry out quality checks.

signal based on the expression of the Court of Fengtai, Chaoyang court I do not optimistic about the outcome of the litigation. The tragic outcome of this matter than the drama of the results are more meaningful. Court Identification is not the case the problem does not exist, the provincial press and publication administration departments in the area of ​​Ancient Books Publishing House, or engage in teaching and research of ancient Chinese experts have identified the ability to do the work in this area, identified by the other party organizations can .

status of forces in Chongqing Bin v. Yi Zhongtian make the identification.

Sanjin Metropolis: how do you view the case Fengtai Court ruling Zhonghua report?

White: I picked the wrong fight the lawsuit itself. The Court did not think Fengtai verdict in less than 2300 characters to actually appear at a dozen errors on words and statements,tory burch handbags on sale, which itself is the neglect of justice! Should the award of this case is not the problem, but how much money the problem. Even a dollar is the pay. Zhonghua Book Company, the agent said, I picked the wrong

Sanjin City News: Do you think the second trial may change the decision outcome?

White: Appeal revision difficult. My appeal is that an attitude. In addition, I have been to the Division of Press and Publication General Administration of Publication and Administration of China Consumers Association sent a letter of complaint.

hope that through litigation, to change the state of the publishing industry is too extensive relevant management status

Sanjin City News: just the beginning of this case, a few friends pour cold water on you, say you There is no win possible, they feel that you have no court advantage.

White: I am authorized our attorney. His work reflects the careful, meticulous, responsible, in today's young people have a rare situation indeed.

entrusted, he told me in writing all the possible risk of litigation (including litigation risk, and the case of special general litigation risks) and the consequences. His arguments for each are very detailed, quality is also good. Moreover, this case can be placed on file itself is not easy, he spent a lot of work, through to the Beijing High Court for it to be placed on file.

the final analysis, if the case is lost, is not a lawyer competence deficit problem. Case could reach such a result, have been better than I had expected.

Sanjin City News: people see, as a good look at Water Margin. This lawsuit went Now you tired it?

White: Ha! Did not feel tired, but feel very interesting. December 17 finish in Beijing in court, I will go directly to the Mountain, to participate in

fight this lawsuit, I pay more attention to its broad and profound social significance, in fact, I have big wins. Zhonghua Book Company, although the case against first-instance appeal, but the sentenced to pay court costs Zhonghua? you sure the plaintiff, and rejected all the demands of the plaintiff, is not self-contradictory? Demolition of the academic halls of his mind was, for me, in fact, very embarrassed.

how Chaoyang Court to step down? The same as the Fengtai District Court, the first positive academic attitudes and correcting my spirit, but whether the book is defective, The significance of this case: show the shortcomings of our judicial construction. I hope that through these two actions, change the relevant state management of the publishing industry is too extensive the status quo.

other demands can be discussed, but Yan Chong must admit

Sanjin City News: Your initial payment Yan Chong just want to pick the wrong two million fee, but keep additional error correction, picked the wrong court fees also increased during the last 85 million. Until now, you are for this case how much? You also plans crushed it?

White: two court costs, legal fees, travel expenses, a total of less than thirty thousand dollars a year pay a quick catch up.

case hearing process, I repeatedly expressed willingness to be reconciled, the court also want both sides to mediation. But Yan Chong are explicitly rejected. My attitude is that other demands can be discussed, but Yan Chong must admit.

this matter, seems to have fulfilled its historical responsibility. For me personally, ridicule speaking, this game also almost the same. Case is crushed, the court's decision to wait down the sun, as appropriate, and then set. Many people pledged to support me financially crushed by this lawsuit. Have to do business in Guangdong, Shanxi University Shanxi had come to me specifically to discuss this matter, a Chinese in the United States also have this network that there are people willing to launch a public donation. I am very grateful to them. But as for me, can not, is not willing to accept such support, it is not necessary. I still have the combat capability of their own self-confidence, thinking that prevails over evil!

Sanjin City News: ask the additional question: With these two cases, the visibility of your rising, your book,

White: no longer being hot, it printed 5,000 copies, which in itself is not able to About the book, I'd have to thank the Dan, as approved her Stresses questionable, Yan early to discuss the lawsuit, I will, extended effect it. (Laughs) no shame poor foundation, the key is the attitude towards their work! Historical material is so obviously, some people Want to speak as is so in bad faith, the purpose is just grandstanding, this is intolerable, inexcusable.

◎ postscript

in White blog, Fengtai, Chaoyang Court's judgments and the trial court record, triggered heated discussions with friends.

A reward of two academics in a dispute into a legal action is followed by becoming a social event, which outcome, in fact, has played a positive role in promoting social progress, because the social consequences of the matter finally reached, the users will have more academic perspective scholars measure their results the way back, so in fact enhance the academic rigor and authority.

White's lawyer, said: Many people think that this is an academic dispute, it is not. The second issue is whether the case book editing error dispute. This case is not only related to the Reward payment dispute claims the protection of people's interests, is also related to social and public interests, especially reading the legitimate rights and interests of security issues. This case can be placed on file in itself is a victory. World affairs, knowing they are impossible. The so-called transport, is only the court's decision. The so-called win, win the White teacher as a solid reading of human dignity. White teachers and academics to combat unhealthy heroism, shown him the kind of reader's backbone, will emit light eternal.

chief reporter Feng Di

When is going to be available te new version of divx player?

When is going to be available the new version of divx player for symbian... the 1.0 version is out of date!!!!

new version

its not working in nokia 5233 i hav used its older version this not working pls help

plz give without login

So that is the best in the world I think so my divx I love.......

i need new version

i have n79 nokia mobile,i need new version

Player Expired

Can someone please advise on why the downloadable version of DivXPlayer_v1_S60_3rd_0.sisx is coming up as expired?


It has expired, in another

It has expired, in another thread they said they are working on a new version.
I suspect it will be the same functionality with another year until expiry.

not workin

even a new version also says that there is a new version availaible confused

How do I even install the file to my Mobile!?


Iam Not able to Install Divx Player in my mobile

Dear sirs,
My phone model is N70 (Symbian S60 - OS). I have downloaded the installation DivXPlayer_UIQ_3rd_0.sis from DivX Lab website. i have tried to install butthe file corrupted error message is coming. i have tried many times by again and again dowloading the file from DivX lab. iam getting full sized file even though im getting file corrupted error message while installing. please help me in this matter.

Re: new version of Divx player for phone Symbian OS

You're not going crazy. There is no new version available just yet. We will be releasing a newer build with some bug fixes and additional features sometime next week.


We are waitting for it!!!!!!