DivX VOD Registration for Samsung Omnia

Some early versions of the Samsung Omnia SGH-i900 were unable to play the DivX VOD Activation file. The player would report, "this player is not authorized to play this video." To correct this problem, Samsung has released a software patch which you can download from http://labs.divx.com/node/7203

Below are some answers to frequent questions.

Do I need the software patch?

Newer Omnia phones do not require the patch. Older phones need the patch if and only if you use the DivX VOD service.

What is DivX VOD?

The Video On Demand service offers videos for sale through various on-line partners. DivX VOD titles will only play on a registered DivX device. For more information, see http://vod.divx.com/

Where can I get VOD titles?

There are several on-line services which have partnered with DivX to offer VOD downloads. For some examples, see http://vod.divx.com/get/

What VOD titles are available for Omnia?

Currently, there are none. VOD movies are typically in DivX Home Theater format and are intended for DivX DVD players. There are currently no VOD titles in DivX Mobile format for the Omnia.

Where can I get DivX Mobile videos?

You can make DivX videos yourself using a DivX certified camera or DivX software like Converter, Author or Dr. DivX. You do not need to register your phone to play homemade DivX videos. Registration is only required for VOD purchases and currently there are no VOD movies available for the Omnia.

Do I need DivX Mobile Player for my Omnia?

No, the DMP is a software player for phones that are not DivX Certified. DMP is not needed or recommended for use with the Samsung Omnia. DMP will work on the Omnia, but we recommend using Windows Media Player or the Samsung Touch Player instead. Either one will play DivX videos right out of the box. There is no need to install software on your Omnia or register your Omnia for basic DivX playback.

Do I need DivX Player for my computer?

Yes, we recommend installing DivX Player and DivX Converter on your Mac or PC. Download the DivX bundle from http://divx.com/divx

What if I want to register my Omnia anyway?

After installing DivX software on your computer, get the 8 character registration code from your phone. Enter the code on your computer to download an activation video. Your phone only needs to play the activation video once.

What if I get an error?

If your phone reports, "this player is not authorized to play this video," then you probably need the software patch mentioned above. If you get some other error, please reply to this message with the exact error message you see and when the error appears.

What if I don't want to read all this?

You can watch a video of DivX registration for PlayStation 3 on Blip.tv. Obviously it's not a Samsung Omnia, but the process is similar for all DivX Certified devices.


Anway ive tried to play avideo on my Samsung Wave11 phone but still experiencing aproblem.Whats your take on that please...?

Re: Wave

Try these suggestions in the sticky first. The Wave II can play up to 720p HD resolution as well.

i need divx player

i need divx player

Samsung Omnia i8910 HD

need help here pls..,i manually convert my videos because i lost my divx on my phone..,what should i do?.need help pls..,thanks

need help

Hi I have previously downloaded divx and it worked fine. I have been trying to use it again and it is not allowing me to open the application it comes up with an error to go on to mobile.divx.com to download an updated version?
Please help coz I have tried everything.


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Help needed

Hi, I have a Samsung Omnia (Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional).
I have downloaded an avi file to see if it was playing on my Omnia.
As it didn't go, I tought I had to register my device and I did.
Even after playing the activation video (bubbles and sound) it didn't work.
Than I downloaded the Divx Mobile player and it worked, but I had a delay between the video and the audio.
After searching on the web I installed the samsung activation patch from http://labs.divx.com/node/7203. I installed it and when he asked me "the previous version of samsung Grandprix will be removed" I clicked yes, as I tought it would be needed. Now when I try to play the activation video via Touch Player I get the message "this player is not authorized to play this video". Do I need to reset my phone? Can I do something regarding the delay with divx mobile player (synchronize video and audio) ? Can you please advise me? Thanks


The Omnia is DivX Mobile certified and will play DivX Mobile videos. Not all AVI files are DivX file and not all DivX files are DivX Mobile files. Are your sure the AVI file you have is a DivX Mobile file? You may need to use DivX Converter or Dr. DivX to convert the video into DivX Mobile format.

You do not need to register your Omnia to play DivX videos. You only need to register your Omnia to play DivX VOD files that you may have purchased from websites like http://filmfresh.com. Currently, there are no websites selling DivX Mobile videos so there is no need to register your Omnia.

If you successfully played the registration activation video then you do not need to install the Omnia patch. The patch was only required by some early Omnia.

DivX Mobile Player is not needed or recommended for the Omnia. The Omnia is DivX certified and both Windows Media Player and the Touch Player can play DivX Mobile videos right out of the box.

If you have videos that are not in the DivX Mobile format, you can use DivX Converter or Dr. DivX to convert your videos into DivX Mobile files.

Installation Error Message

I have downloaded the patch onto my phone and tried to install it.
However after selecting the location for installation i receive:

"Installation was unsuccessful. The program or setting cannot be installed because it does not have sufficient system permissions."

Any help would be much appreciated.


Who is your carrier? When did you get your phone? What version firmware do you have?

Also, please keep in mind that Video On Demand registration is currently not required for the Omnia because there are no VOD titles available for the Omnia.

How can i play DivX Movies in Samsung Omnia


PLease somebody help me......
I buy last week Samsung Omnia, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
My Question is:
1. How can I play Divx Movies in my mobile phone?
2. My mobile phone don't have Divx player, only Touch player and Windows media.
3. Can I download Divx player first before i can play videos to my mobile?
4. I try to download avi file to my mobile phone but whem I play to Touch Player and Windows media "Unsupported video format" appear on the screen NO video, ONLY the Sounds can you hear.
5. I try to Convert the avi file to Divx Converter and download again to my mobile phone but still the same problem as I stated in my Question No.4

I hope somebody can help me regarding my problem on my Omnia mobile phone. Thanks and regards to all members here in the forum.

Misc Omnia Questions

> My mobile phone don't have Divx player,
> only Touch player and Windows media

The Omnia Touch Player and Windows Media Player will both play DivX Mobile videos. DivX Mobile Player is not required or recommended for the Omnia.

> I try to Convert the avi file to Divx
> Converter and download again to my mobile
> phone but still the same problem

Are you using the "Mobile" setting in DivX Converter? That should work.

The unsupported video error usually means the video you are trying to play is not a DivX Mobile video. Not all ".avi" files are DivX files.


I bought a Samsung Omnia as my personal/Business Phone. I discovered it had a 8 Character Registration Code....

So If we have an 8 Character Registration Code, we have to download the patch? If so where do I put it?

After we put the patch in our Omnia, what's next?

I already Downloaded the Player and Dr. DivX

Is there anything else I have to do? Or am I not required to do anything, just practically download the converter, see if it'll play, if not then I download the patch, and then I should be set?

Just want to make sure...


If you do not purchase videos from a DivX VOD service then you do not need to register your Omnia. VOD registration is for VOD purchases only.

If you make your own DivX videos at home, they will play fine on the Omnia using the Samsung Touch Player or Windows Media Player. You do not need to go through VOD registration.


Thanks...Time to use up my 8GB HD

Divx not play .avi file

my Omnia setup Divx player 0.91 but when play file .avi only sound not image . Any help me.

No sound


Alright, I DLed the patch, I downloaded the activation video to my Omnia, couldnt find it to watch, but it sounds like that doesnt matter. I have at least 5 gigs left on my memory card, and whatever I try to put on my phone it says not enough free space. The movies are converted to DivX format and all. Please help

how !

pls tell me how i just bought too an samsung omnia and i dont know how to instal Divx on it to play HD videos. what i know its that i have like an register code of 8 caracters. can you pls tell me the steps to make my samsung omnia play HD videos pls thx.


You do not need to install anything to play DivX videos on your Omnia. The Omnia is a DivX Mobile certified device which means it can play DivX Mobile videos created by DivX certified software. The Omnia cannot play high-definition video.

Use DivX Converter to converter your HD videos into DivX Mobile format.

but how?

so DivX is not a HD player? mmm wellso i just download a HD video and convert to DivX format but which program have that option to convert HD videos on DivX format can u pls send me the page.. thx

DivX Converter

DivX Converter is available as part of the free DivX software bundle. See http://www.divx.com/divx/


k i download the DivX program to my pc , so where i can get the videos to play on my omnia?.... ore the DivX videos..... thx

Try DivX Converter

You can use DivX Converter to make almost any video into a DivX Mobile video.

Still getting message

I've - downloaded the activation vid
- played it with touch player
- removed divx player
and am still getting the "authorized to play this video" error
please give me a solution, if the device is advertised to have something then it should!


I will help you complete VOD registration for your Omnia. If it does not work, I want to know why.

First, please remember there is no reason to register your Omnia. Registration is only necessary to use the DivX Video On Demand service and currently there are no Mobile videos available for sale through DivX VOD.

It sounds like you have installed the patch and obtained an activation video but still get the "unauthorized" error so let's start from the beginning.

Do you still have the patch installed? Download the patch file from http://labs.divx.com/node/7203 and install it. If you see a warning message saying, "the previous version of samsung Grandprix will be removed" then you already have the patch installed. If you see an error that the patch cannot be installed then your Omnia does not need the patch. If you delete the "samsung Omnia" application using the "Remove Programs" option in the Settings menu then you will have to re-install the patch and re-register your Omnia. Installing the patch will change your registration code so make sure the patch is installed before you continue.

Do you have the registration key for your Omnia? It is an 8 character code. To find your code, choose "DivX VOD Registration" from the "Personal" tab on the "Settings" menu.

Do you have a DivX VOD account? To create an account and login, install the DivX software on your computer and choose "User Account" from the "Tools" menu of DivX Player.

Do you have an activation file? To get an activation file, choose "Device Manager" from the "Tools" menu of DivX Player. Choose "Register Device", choose "Samsung" and enter your 8 character registration code.

Download the activation video and copy it to your Omnia. When you play the video using the Samsung Touch Player or Windows Media Player, you should see floating bubbles and hear spacey sound effects. You should not see an error like "this player is not authorized to play this video."

Please let me know where you encounter problems.

Registration code

about all the posts about the divx registration and stuff, u said its got a 10 character code, why does my phone only have an 8 character code? I downloaded divx onto my pc but i cant register it coz it says its an unvalid key code or what ever..

Older devices are 8

Older DivX devices use an 8 character registration code.

Newer devices will have a 10 character code.

It is currently not possible to register DivX Mobile Player due to a limitation in the Mac/PC DivX Player software. The player requires you to select your manufacturer before you can enter your registration code. Unfortunately, DivX Mobile Player is not one of the available options and none of the listed manufacturers will work using a registration code from DivX Mobile Player.

hi i download the samsung

hi i download the samsung omnia patch and i install in my omnia still it says ' this player is not authorized to play this video'
any help


If you have installed DivX Mobile Player, please remove it.

Get your registration code from Windows Mobile Settings, DivX Registration.

Using PC Player (or Mac Player), enter your registration code and download an activation file. If you have already download an activation file, delete it and download another one.

Use the Omnia Touch Player to play the activation file. Do you still get the "authorized to play this video" error?