Ditching my DSM-300

I just wanted to make a post to say that regrettably I am ditching my Dlink/Divx box in favour of VMC. After nearly a year with this gadget I can say I have enjoyed it and it's served me pretty well but unfortuantely there are still many issues...

1) The jumpy playback introduced in 1.4 - nearly two months with this bug and still no fix - unacceptable really.

2) The sorting issue which has been present for ages.

3) Forum support getting slacker.

4) There has been a focus on plugins and online stuff (admittley nice) but at the expense of getting existing features right. i.e. better support for other codecs, more functional music 'now playing' screens/options, inclusve metadata fetching for movies/TV. So much could be done better - I appreciate that this takes time but the box has been out for a year.

All these reasons have lead me to hard-wire my upstairs PC to my downstairs 40" Sony LCD TV (not an option for most admitedly). I am now running vista Media Center from my living room and with an ACTIVE support community and abundance of plugins and features I could not be happier. I now have full playback support for all of my files, metadata for all of my movies and TV shows, excellent sorting featues (by genre/actor/director/etc.) and all running with a nice 'air-mouse' remote control which controls media center and also my TV/Amp/DVD Recorder. This is how media playback in the living room is meant to be.

I am in no way trying to sway people away from Divx; I was very excited when I first got my DSM-330 and it is a great gadget. The support team here used to be really excellent (dsalmonsen, SeaBass, slightlyoffbeat) and I want to thank them for their efforts but it does seem to take longer now for people to get responses to posts and some seem to even go ignored (I am certain that this is due to Divx own focus in other areas rather than the individuals :)), and I also want to thank KEROLiUKAS and Kamiwa who were also of great help in the past.

Well, rant over - goodbye DSM-330 and hello Home Entertainment!


some life

Since this topic had been quite active i thought i'd just mention the music plugin, Connected Jukebox Beta, that is available in case people haven't checked the plugin section for a while. you can now 'search' (not currently browse) your music collection and play music but more importantly queue up additional music and generate playlists.


Schwarz, as the saying goes,

Schwarz, as the saying goes, great minds think alike :0)

Like a bit of a broken record player though, we've been saying these things for a while now. What is changing now is that as the community grows in size, an increasing number of frustrated individuals are now bringing up similar issues. As a collective, this is something DivX can no longer ignore. Negativity on forums (though in truth rarely places people go to shower praise) is not helpful for prospective customers.

I think it's good that they are acknowledging and listening to our comments. It may be another thing entirely to act upon them but let time be the judge of that.

Some individuals have swapped their DSM for Media Center PC's/XBOX 360. There's no denying XBMC as a piece of software is probably the standard so far in terms of media server GUI and functionality:




It is open source after all and will tend to closely match community requirements and cutting edge developments. However, a dedicated PC or Xbox may not be to everyone's liking/price/convenience. Sometimes, you can't beat a dedicated device like the DSM-330 for fast ease of use. Though solely software, Real Networks released RealDVD in Sept and though currently in litigation with the movie studios, what caught my eye was the media server functionality they were offering:



Music wise, Sonos and Logitech (Squeezebox Duet) lead the way for home networked audio products. Altogether, these types of products give an idea of the direction and evolution the industry is taking. Mimicking their features is not necessarily the correct choice as I'm sure DivX want to carve out their own unique product and development trajectory. However, without repreating myself and others, at a minimum, the team should at least keep up, develop and improve upon a 'basic level' of functionality with respect to industry standards. With this in mind, I welcome this proposed poll. DivX has nothing to lose and everything to gain from enabling Connected's users to help the team make informed decisions on future development.

On a final note, thanks again to Kosmonaut, it's never easy putting your head above the parapet and adressing a considerable wave of criticism. To this end, I thought he did an admirable job acknowledging our frustrations and outlining a means to address them and move forward.

Schwarz and FKM, insightful

Schwarz and FKM, insightful and well-put comments as always.

I'll put up the poll by tomorrow, just thinking about the most effective way to post it for maximum impact.

If anybody has a specific item they definitely don't want missed in it, post it here or send my a PM.

Thanks again everybody.

Great, great feedback!

Guys, you have all given us on the Connected team a lot to think about and definitely sent a strong message on your feelings about the current state of DivX Connected and the DSM-330. I can assure you that we are reading everything posted here (and elsewhere) and we take all user feedback very seriously. We very much appreciate any user that takes the time to communicate with us, and I personally thank each of you for your posts.

First, I want you to know that we share many of your frustrations. After all, we are DivX Connected users as well! Believe me, there is nothing worse than hearing, "what's going on now with the GejBox?" from your wife. ;) Trust me, she can be a tough critic!

That said, I would just like to say that we are working very hard to make the DivX Connected experience as enjoyable and useful as possible, and that we are continuing to do so with the same passion and energy as the day it first launched. There are some challenges, of course. As you can see in this very thread, there are almost as many uses of DivX Connected as there are users. For some it is primarily a music streamer, for others it is all about internet video, while for most it is local content above all. Some users are eager for new features, others just want the current features perfected.

Needless to say, it is not always an easy call to determine where the Connected team should place its resources. Does the server software take precedence, or hardware firmware? New services? New devices? We get pulled in a lot of different directions, and when we do make progress in one area, it may not be very apparent right away. All I can say is that the Connected team is attempting to both improve what users already have, and at the same time bring new features and content possibilities as well.

One thing we have decided is to make official server software updates a bit more spaced out. While that might appear to slow down development, from our perspective it allows us to be more strategic and careful in rolling new items out. It should not be seen as a slowdown in our commitment to Connected development, as nothing could be further from the truth.

Yet, there is clearly a lot of user frustration evident here. And we want to be as systematic as possible about receiving your feedback. I’m going to start a new poll at the top of the forum and urge you all to contribute what you would like to see from DivX Connected moving forward. Yes, we’ve done such things in the past, but this will be a great place for you to diagnose where things stand right now, as of December 2008. And I can guarantee you, we will take everything said there very seriously and do our best to meet our commitment to DivX Connected and its passionate, demanding users.

Thank you all and keep posting!

Thank You Kosmonaut

I would like to thank kosmonaut for posting an update. We now know DivX is aware of our posts.

I think that a poll is a great and needed addition to allow DivX to determine the most common features that the community wants. The ideal solution would be something similar to the Ubuntu Brainstorm or Dell IdeaStorm, where community members suggest features/enhancements and members can vote on those they like the best. The source code for Ubuntu Brainstorm and installation instructions can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brainstorm/Installation.

DivX is working on enhancements to the DivX Connected platform, such as H264 support, so we know that there are things to come and look forward to.

When someone gets used to regular updates, regardless of its frequency, and that constancy stops, people usually wonder what’s happening. Some software I can expect updates every Friday, others once a month, every six months, or ever year or more, but I can count on them being released on time and it gives me something to look forward to, even if it’s just minor updates and takes a long time to release. People feel comfortable and have something to look forward to when they know something will be released, if even minor, on a consistent schedule. What would you think if you stopped getting your daily AntiVirus definition updates, or didn’t get anything on patch Tuesday? It’s not about the time between the updates, but the consistency that make people feel like something is happening and I think people have come to expect a DivX Connected update about once a month and have recently wandered what’s going on.

Can some of these ideas be implemented by the community via plug-ins? I haven’t dived into the SDK, but am curious as to how much can be done by the community. I wouldn’t expect a lot from the DivX Connected community, but many Open Source projects do get a great deal of features added by their users, such as Vuze/Azureus, OpenOffice, etc. It doesn’t need to be open source, just a comprehensive SDK.

Implementing features that similar systems have, such as the XBMC, etc. is necessary to keep the DivX Connected platform attractive. One feature I haven’t seen in any of these is a good children’s mode with time limits, rating restrictions, etc. Perhaps this could be added to the poll.

Poll update

Sorry guys I haven't gotten the poll up yet. I'm waiting until we get a better poll module for the Drupal installation here at Labs. The current one is not very useful for our purposes, unfortunately. Hopefully we'll have it up in the next day or two. Sorry again for the delay.

Thank you for the update

Eventhough i refrained myself from participating in the ongoing discussion in this topic, i must say i do agree with some comments.

However i'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks Kosmonaut for your reply. That must have been a difficult piece to write.

I consider myself a demanding user aswell. In my profession i have to be, (keep pushing developers) to keep progress from slowing down.
I try to do that here aswell.

From a developing point of view, it's always difficult to strike a balance between improving and expanding a product. Choices have to be made, and resources as scares. As a result minor improvement are pushed back, in favore of new functionality. But new functionality is seldom perfect, and often needs minor improvements. You can see where i'm going with this...

This is where most of the frustration is coming from. (myself included)
There has been a growing number of loose items needing fixing.
None of these are deal breakers by themselfs, but added up in time they will be. Eventhough i've said this before, i'll say it again. Free up some (junior) developers, and let them have a go at all these small, but annoying bugs. A little item like the sorting, or the album art, doesn't take a long time to fix, and isn't very difficult. However fixing these will result in a considerable improvement in customer satisfaction. Perhaps some sort of poll or voting mechanisme on this site could help you identify which items people want fixed above all.

Also ,as professionals you naturally want to make the right choices, to limit rewrites of code etc. Here you'll have to strike a balance aswell. Between considering the right course of action and profiding a timely solution to a problem. The quick fix may not always be the right solution, but the right solution sometimes just takes to long to be the right solution at this time.

All in all, it's allways a balancing act.
DivX has dropped some balls in this juggle, but most of them are still in the air.
Take this opportunity to pick up the balls, and continue with this great product. I still believe Connected is a good product.

Let's make it even better......

Thanks for taking the time

Thanks for taking the time to respond to a growing thread Kosmonaut. I was wondering if we'd get an official comment from the team.

I think a poll is a great idea and I look forward to see what features are suggested and overall how this influences development.

With that said, I do however reserve judgment on the team's admission of reduced frequency of updates. 'Strategic' employed here as a reason is both vague and convenient. I appreciate new 'significant' features take time on the design, implementation and testing front etc... However, in the face of growing user unrest, there are a few quick wins such as sorting and folder.jpg use (let alone the on-going jumpy playback problem etc) that would quell a not-insignificant number of users who have been raising these issues. Some of these have been highlighted for close to a year now hence the understandable frustration of these users. Resolving these would generate a lot of goodwill towards the product.

Personally speaking, I long to see interface development for local content. When I got the device in 2007, it was a device of potential. In the last year, database, plug-ins and online content have clearly been marked as the priority in-house. Fair enough as this helps differentiate the product from some of the competition. However, I have patiently waited while these were developed in the hope that interface improvements would at some stage follow. Unfortunately, this has not materialised on any real significant functional level.

On a positive note, we are unified in wanting to see Connected improve. The potential is there. It's just a question of listening to user feedback and tailoring development. I'm sure 2009 will bring many improvements and the community as a whole will look forward to them.


fkm, just read your post. we think alike....

I have also ditched..

Sad to say i have also turned off the DSM 330 (in my case it has been replaced by an XBOX360).
..for me the frustrations were a dodgy HDMI connection to my TV with strange colours being shown when in set-up screens etc.
.. very patchy video playback with a lot of jumping.
.. poor performance with my network, being a mix of various wifi routers, and wired connections, none of which gave me satisfactory performance.

Ultimately, although I am perfectly happy with using 'in development' platforms and software/hardware that requires coaxing to make it function, it was getting to the point where I was spending more time trying to get the unit to work consistantly than enjoying the content.

Somewhere, in there, there is a great product waiting to get out, but (using TVersity, I will probably switch to MediaCentre) the 360 just worked flawlessly out of the box and so it was a fairly painless decision to switch the DivX Connected box off and put it into mothballs. The great shame (having spent over £100 on the unit) is that as far as I know it can't be used for anything else?


I am on the verge of giving up too

I cannot get the software to work on my PC, DivX support has stopped replying to my messages and D-Link support is absolutely hopeless. A real shame as I bought it on the strength of some rave reviews. I hope Amazon doesn't quibble about the return.

On a positive note


Just thought I would add in some positive comments to balance the negative ones in this thread.

I have used a number of wireless media players and the DSM330 is the first that was worked, without numerous problems, right from the start. It is also the first system that I have owned that my wife is happy to use (normally the media players are too complicated or unreliable for her).

There are a few bugs at the moment but this seems to be the case with most of the the media streamers on the market. At least the Connected platform leaves scope for the bugs to be resolved. The systems I had previously had no scope for the level of development that the connected system has.

The fact that the connected software is a 'work in progress' is good in many repects. As far as I am concerned the system will be perfect once the following outstanding issues have been resolved.

1. Users should be able to set up a backlog of music to play.
2. The folder thumbnails should show show images rather than just a folder icon.
3. Album Tracks should be shown in track number order rather than alphabetical.
4. More native support for video playback.

Once these are done I will recommend the box to all my friends.


Two more devices that

Two more devices that support MKV....



Where the hell is our update???? Thinking of ditching my DSM300 if the feature we need don't get added very soon.

I also have to say that I am

I also have to say that I am a bit disapointed with the development of the interface of the local content. Especially the Music section lack some features like even my old old and outdated showcenter 1000 had.
Months ago I suggested a music playback screen ( e.g. for Parties) with the actual title presented in a nice way (title, album cover...)maybe even line that indicates the next title. However nothing happened. I really hope that there will be more emphasis on things like that for the future.

I feel with you

I feel with you.
A year ago as I get my DSM-330, I was really happy to see a device with a nice looking gui and a promising development future based on the much easier way to enhance a pc-server-software than a firmware. It was fun to see the potential in this concept.
But now I must say I'm disappointed. Development leads not the way I wished it.
As others mentioned before, it's not bearable that a bug like the sorting issue remains unfixed nearly a year.
Also I hoped, that the music section will improve over time, but really nothing happened in this section. Regarding music playback it's still far behind my old showcenter200, and this device is really old and outdated.
The plugins and the online stuff is a nice but not really the big thing. More important is the easy and user-friendly handling of local content.

With the divx connected platform you really had the chance to outstand the other devices on the market. But I must say, you didn't take advantage of this. Development is too concentrated on geeky stuff instead of simple made the basics work smooth. But for such things the NMTs are better. As I first saw the gui of the device, I Hoped that this will be not another geek-maschine like the NMTs, but a device with focus on user-friendly handling and a great waf. But for the music section, this didn't happen and for me this is a very important part. Video playback is well done by many devices and so nothing special.

As you, I though many times in the last weeks about ditching the device for something else. I think, if the next two or three weeks doesn't bring any progress, I should make myself a gift for christmas and buy an alternative (and a half year ago I was convinced to give a dsm-330 as a gift to my father on christmas, need to find something else).

Seems quite a few people out

Seems quite a few people out there discouraged regarding development in the last while. I really hope the guys are working on a significant release cos right now, things seem to have stalled somewhat.

On a related thought, with only one hardware partner to date, I sometimes wonder if they are now beginning to hold back on investment a bit.

I Agreee

I also feel that development of DivX Connected has slowed recently. I believe that DivX Connected was first publicly announced back in 2004, so it took many years for a product to even make it to market. Perhaps DivX 7 is taking away from DivX Connected development or less than expected sales of the DSM-330 are causing DivX to reprioritize, who knows. I really like the DivX Connected platform and I completely agree with other postings here that DivX should concentrate on stability and some of the most common requests. If the past history of DivX Connected is any indication, it will probably be many more years until we see this in another device like the DSM-330.

Im currently in the process

Im currently in the process of ripping my whole CD collection to an electronic format to save me having to dig them out all the time.

The two things that would REALLY make a big difference to me would be:

* Albums in track order by default. Surely is this not sensible as most people listening to CD's would do so this way?

* Seamless playback. Really hoping that at some point multiple track CD's with no gap in between tracks (as many Trance/Hard House etc) tracks are, play without juttering in between.

And a bit of a "wishlist"

Visually the interface isnt bad, but how about a "party flip mode", so that you could activate it, and all the user would see on the screen is the album art, title and artist really prominently.

Pressing OK would then automatically play the whole album, sequentially, in track order. An extra nice bit would be the album art "curling away" or something equally fancy - just to rival the Apple TV style.

This way you could leave your collection open to casual browsing, as if someone was scanning a shelf of CD's without any complexities of navigating the remote or user interface.

Connected functionality etc

Video : Since my system became reliable (not sure if it was the server or firmware upgrade) I'm really pleased with it's basic performance

Audio : I use a Squeezebox in a different room - as another poster has said this should serve as a role model for the DSM300 audio UI. Very rarely used for audio because of the issues mentioned below and by previous posters

Photos : Sometimes, but navigation/sorting/display issues make it very difficult. I use Picasa on the PC for organising photos.

Online : Install addons, play with, forget

Pleased to see the Features forum although not much feedback from DivX

I would also like to see a Roadmap of projected development

Hey everyone. If you are

Hey everyone.

If you are having an issue with jumpy playback with the 1.4 server, I would suggest the following (temporary) fix:


Download that file above and replace the DMTransport.dll in this folder:

C:\Program Files\DivX\DivX Connected\Bin\DivX Connected

Drag the old DMTransport.dll file to a different location first so that you have it backed up :) . Test it out and PM me to let me know how it goes. This fix has not been fully tested, however I've received positive feedback for it so far :) If anything starts acting funny you can always re-install, or replace the old dll file.

Also, there is a way to add M3U files for playback on DivX Connected:

1. Install the DivX Connected radio plugin http://labs.divx.com/node/6294
2. open it up and go to '?'
3. Write down the userid and password
4. go to radio.mydivxconnected.com
5. log in with the info and add your M3U (it can't be local however, you have to link to it

DivX provides a full email-support system if you are having issues with your DivX Connected box. Feature-request, ideas, plug-in creation, etc are best left to the labs forums however you can always go to divx.com/support to submit your technical questions about DivX Connected. You should always receive a response within 48 hours (provided you didn't submit your question late on a Friday or on a Saturday).


Server Error in '/consumer_portal' Application.

you can always go to divx.com/support to submit your technical questions about DivX Connected.

Having failed so far to get my system working through the forum I thought I'd try the support route, but when I tried to register I got an ASP.NET server error from the page http://support.divx.com/consumer_portal/ConsumerAccountSignup.aspx!

Server Error in '/consumer_portal' Application.
The statement has been terminated. : String or binary data would be truncated.
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.
Exception Details: System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: The statement has been terminated. : String or binary data would be truncated.

Thanks for bringing this up.

Thanks for bringing this up. This won't happen every time and to everyone, but it is certainly a known issue and we are working hard to resolve it.

For now, if you get that error, try contacting us at http://support.divx.com


I agree about the lack of polish

An extensible platform is great PROVIDED all the basics are finished by the core team. This is not the case with DivX Connected. In addition to the dreadful interface issues, especially regarding music playback (look at the Squeezebox / Squeezeserver UI for an example of an audio interface that's both easy-to-use and very powerful), some things that still bug me to this day include:

1) stability: every new release seems to break one or more things in the process of fixing others. I realize that this is a work in progress, but at some point, you gotta have a stable release where all the core functions work and where future versions don't break those.

2) selecting: if I'm at the end of a row of 4 thumbnails and the row beneath has only 3 and I hit the "v" down arrow button, I should be taken to #3 in that next row, not ignored.

3) the audio interface is just god-awful; seriously, guys, it's not adequate for browsing even a tiny song collection, let alone something more significant (like, you know, what someone most likely to buy a unit like this is going to have).

4) No audio playlist; I can't browse and add songs to a queue to be played. Why not? That's a core, expected functionality.

5) No Internet radio. Again, I don't understand why I can't just have an M3U file with some Internet radio bookmarks in it and have the DC box let me play those. What's so hard about that?

I think the video playback is generally stellar on this thing, which is why I've kept it. But for audio, it's really lacking in many basic ways.

Me too!

Thinking of ditching this too...the support and delivery of new features has been really disgraceful recently.

Divx should really get their fingers out and come up with a cracking update soon or we'll all be feeling ripped off!

Good luck to you sir, and if

Good luck to you sir, and if you really made this decisions, I hope that you check back later once there are other devices that use the Connected platform, maybe it will be then evolved for better usability for your needs.

And btw, i agree with the focusing on online content too much. I don't remember when I used an online content plugin for other then testing it out and seeing how it works, I have all the content I need locally.Nevertheless, I love this device it. Sure there is kinks, but they will be worked out eventually. For me, it is functional enough, though I've never used VMC.


KEROLiUKAS, with all due respect

Your liking may not be everyone's.
I much love the online content and want for it to be greatly expanded.

In my humble opinion your view of the DMA/ DMP world is limited to yesteryear's functionality.
Everyone I know is in love with DSM and its online capabilities, yet are anxiously waiting for improved interfaces.

I am sure that we're in agreement.
After all we both love the device.


Yes, that is very true,

Yes, that is very true, everyone uses the device differently and hence their views differ. For me, i only watch local content in DivX 99% of the time, so it does what it needs to do. Though for people that bought it for other than reasons, I could see why it could be dissappointing.

Send a PM to user

Send a PM to user slightlyoffbeat (http://labs.divx.com/user/10970) and he will send you a patch for the playback issue.

sort order

....anyone got a patch for the sort order of music files ? - would be great to listen to album as artist intended :)

Gosh this is depressing!

I've only just bought mine after reading rave reviews in the press and I haven't even got it to work yet! (See other thread)

...don't worry!

...it is nice bit of kit, I generally love it. Just a few bugs, that erm....bug people that's all :)

1) The jumpy playback

1) The jumpy playback introduced in 1.4 Agreed, amazed to see this hasn't been resolved yet.

2) The sorting issue which has been present for ages. Don't use Connected for music but this seems to be a long standing issue.

3) Forum support getting slacker. The team do still appear online but its true perhaps not as much as in the past when the product first launched.

4) There has been a focus on plugins and online stuff It feels almost like the team believes this is the big selling point of the device. Offline content for me plays the larger part of the core fucntionality yet hasn't received much weighting since the product's inception. However, since the delivery of flash, i still hold hope this will change.

You know, its a real shame

You know, its a real shame because when Connected first emerged, I thought it was going to be the killer media device that would show the rest how to do it. I expected a flurry of development. This was from DivX after all, surely they'd know all about movies and how to deliver a highly functional device with an industry standard user interface? Well, a year on and we've mainly got an improved database, themes and online content (incl SDK) following Stage 6's collapse. Online content is neat but for me represents a gimmick. It's something you might check now and again but will never replace offline content. A fair few forum users have indicated as such.

Most people buy these devices to get their PC content onto a TV, whether that be movies, music or photos. To this end, the functionality of these features when the product was launched was decent, however, in the last year, improvements to these have been minimal at best. Small feature requests like folder.jpg and sorting have been promised but fail to appear in subsequent releases. Jumpy playback, a fairly critical issue, months on has still not been fully resolved wih a new release (despite a patch being made available).

I am not aware of the resources at DivX's disposal nor the product's roadmap and features prioritisation. However, as a loyal customer to DivX and the Connected device, I do see other products/software increasingly delivering the kind of functionality and GUI experience that Connected could do well to learn from.






At the risk of sounding overly negative, I'm still a big fan of this device. With the exception of the current jumpy playback issue, I have never had any problems with setup and playback. For most people, Connected simply works. Granted, customer frustration begins to creep in when long standing requests and kinks continue to persist but at the end of the day, it remains one of the better devices out there in terms of price to features ratio.

Thanks fkm, Good to see

Thanks fkm,
Good to see that these are 'true' issues for other users and not just me complaining about nothing. you raise a good point re no. 4 - to me I understood the main selling point of the box was to have all of the media you own in your living room. The online stuff should be secondary to this I believe.

Divx Support team - perhaps a poll on your website to see what your customers want from the device in order to better focus your activities? I do believe that the majority of users would like the offline stuff to work better and the online stuff expanded later?