Divx Mobile Player for Nokia 5800 Xpress music touch screen


Can i have divx player for nokia 5800 xpress muxic touch screen phone

which has symbian 9.5


Note from DivXMobile: There is currently no version of DivX Mobile Player available for the Nokia 5800 however some users (Crazyguns) have managed to get partial functionality using the S60 3rd Edition version of DMP.

See http://labs.divx.com/node/7623#comment-11450


For DivX Mobile Player downloads, please go to http://labs.divx.com/MobileDownload.
You can try v1.01 for Symbian 5th Edition phones. This version has a touch screen interface. Or you can try v0.95 with the virtual keys program described above.

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divx player for nokia x6.

Is there any divx play for nokia x6. I have try several time after insalting. Can't open.

divx player for nokia c7

plz send me divx player for nokia c7




divx player

Dear Friend,
I need DIVX Player for my Mobile.
Model nokia 5800 Xpress music
plz help me thanks


I don't know why you guys want Divx on 5800, what's special about it? I tried / used many video players but none of them plays dvd quality video on the device but pre installed RealPlayer, if you need something more just get a copy of Video Cuts from OVI Lab, what else you need for smooth high quality video playback on s60v5 device.

DIVX Player

Dear Friend,
I need DIVX Player for my Mobile.
Model No- Nokia 5800 Xpress music
IME No- 353382043473086

Thank You

please send me a link too..

please send me a link too.. thanks

Re: Download links

The Mobile Labs page download page is http://labs.divx.com/MobileDownload. You can also go to the main page at http://labs.divx.com/Mobile.

please send me divx mobile player for nokia X6

DivX Mobile Community

please send me divx mobile player for nokia 5800

DivX Mobile Community


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not live ....


i have got installation problems vid Divx player on 5800 plzzzzzz somebdy tell me how to get out of it.

hi,i have nokia 5233.i need

hi,i have nokia 5233.i need a Avi player for my phone,which one is best would u plz mail me...............rohit

request for an software

please send me divx mobile player for nokia 5800

Hi Can you please send me

Hi Can you please send me the link for the Divx Player for Nokia 5800.

If there's a beta link for the 5800...

if there's a link going for a 5800 xpress version of DivX can you send it through to me also? its a great phone - NOKIA are nuts for not talking (and PAYING) DivX to port the divx player when they launched this phone!

if there is a link, please

if there is a link, please send it to me also.

nokia 5730

Hi Guys,

Please can you send me the link for the Divx Player for 5730

nokia 5800

please make a divx movile player for Nokia 5800, there are too many people with tis movile

will u please give some infortion.

hi,i have nokia 5800 xpress music.i need a Avi player for my phone,which one is best would u plz help me.

Donation Of 5800

As An Avid HD movie watcher, i would like to consider offering my Nokia 5800 For the DivX team to create and test a DivX player for it.

Obviously due to the nature of supplying my Mobile phone for testing, it is something the team would like to consider looking into, then a reply via e-mail would suit better. the only reason i posted here was because i found no way of contacting you anywhere else ( i'm probably blind).

Obviously im a registered user, and i know this is my first post, but the reason above makee sit aparant why. so please feel free to reply, and we can maybe make arrangments for this to happen.

(: TheFightingOne


Thank you for the offer but it's not necessary. DivX Mobile Player is free, beta software intentionally available for a limited time on a limited number of devices. The application will probably never be ported to every OS or device.

DivX provides an increasingly wide variety of certified devices for consumers to choose from. When DivX Mobile Player was introduced, there were no DivX certified phones. Now there are about 50 models. See http://www.divx.com/en/electronics/categories/mobile-phones

Please consider purchasing a DivX certified phone and encourage your favorite handset manufacturer to adopt DivX certification as well.


guys plz get something for NOKIA 5800 we r just stuck wid bad options


Divx for 5800

Hi, please include Divx for Symbian 5th Edition for my Nokia 5800, is a mobile extended and is necessary.


Divx in Nokia 5800

Hi Can you please send me the link for the Divx Player for Nokia 5800.


hey...can somebody please send me the link to download it....????

divx for 5800xm

madarchodo kab banaaoge 5800 k liye divx player. Salo maine jo 20000 kharch k fone lia hai wo kya tumhara randwa baap laa k dega mujhe. . Jaldi se playr bnao randi k pillo nai khade khade tumhari maa chod dunga

Avi Player for nokia touch screen phones

Please use avi to 3gp/MPEG4 converter for the time being.

Nishad Nanethan Aliyar

nokia N97 & divx player

I have a simil problem on my nokia n97 touchscreen. I didn't know a solution. Help me!!

No N97

DMP is only available for the S60 3rd Edition devices. The N97 is S60 5th Edition. There's no version of DMP available for 5th Edition.

omnia HD and 5800 xm

i just want to ask if the onia HD(Samsung i8910) is divx certified, shouldnt the sam program work for the 5800 and n97, since the omnia used the same OS as the nokias, S60 V5


The Samsung i8910 is DivX Certified but there is no software on the i8910 that can be transferred to the Nokia 5800 that would enable DivX playback. The i8910 uses the MPEG4 video decoder in the TI OMAP 3430 processor. The 5800 is built from a different chip.

What about Sony Ericsson

What about Sony Ericsson Satio ( U1 ), it's almost uses the same platform as i8910 with the same OMAP 3430 and the same OS Symbian 9.5 S60 5th Edition...

Try it

You might want to try playing a DivX video on the Satio. The 3430 can certainly handle the MPEG4 ASP codec and the MP3 codec. The only question is if Sony Ericsson included an AVI file parser which would give you at least rudementary DivX playback.

There is a good chance that no AVI parser was included. You might want to try remuxing the audio/video out of an AVI file and into a container supported by the Satio. For example, here's how FFMPEG could be used to quickly remux a video...

$ ffmpeg -i somevideo.avi -acodec copy -vcodec copy newvideo.mp4

We have seen other TI 3430 phones (like the Palm Pre and iPhone 3GS) able to play such remuxed videos.

If the Satio can play an MPEG4 ASP video stream then you may indeed be able to copy the AVI MMF plug-in file parser from an i8910 and install it on to a Satio.


too bad. Thanx for the reply

There seems to be many

There seems to be many people who want the Divx Player for 5800. It does seem to have its problems though but the company looks to be working it all out. Patience is the key here.


Please send me the link. Thanks

How you did it?

How you did it?

plesssss any one send me

plesssss any one send me link of divx mobile player for nokia 5800 XpressMusic

divx for nokia 5800

Somebody! Please send me the link for the DivX Player for Nokia 5800. I can't find it anywhere!

Thank you in advance

thank you

thanku very much


pls i need a compartible DivX FOR NOKIA 5800 PLS


Rod from Brazil
Nokia 5800

Well, Did nokia send you mobile phones to develop the divx mobile for Symbian S60 3rd edition?
I think you should think about future possibilities.
I am a huge fan of Divx and its tools, I just can't understand why you haven't released one that is compatible, a lot of software developers have done it, even before the Symbian 5th edition had come out.




ple give me that linke please.

how can i get the 0.92 for symbian 9.5

Ola i need the 0.92 version for the xm5800 to get divx without VK so please could somebody send me a link also for beta testing

sincerly jörg

real feedback

Allright folks, here's more feedback on the situation.

I've installed Divx mobile on my 5800, started it, the buttons do not work. Too bad. Ok now i installed a program called virtual-key and used the app again, making the menu key act as DOWN and so on, all keys work, successfully started video, can control volume too.
But the video, extremely laggy. It shutters while playing even the LOWEST quality divx videos. Apparently the software may need to be re-written to support the hardware acceleration on the phone. The default phone's player can handle a 640x360 resolution 2mbps bitrate mp4 video SMOOTHLY, so im sure an optimized divx player can handle anything thrown at it! ;)
Another method could be using free file browser app (Y-Browser) and selecting the avi file, select OPEN WITH>DIVX PLAYER. this works too. but no controls, end key will quit thats all. Either way, an update is really needed guys. Do note that this new OS Symbian9.4 is the future of many nokia/samsung/sony ericsson phones, it is also the first os on which all future Symbian-Foundation phones will be based on!
Eagerly waiting for response!

divix player

i want divix player my mobile,
Nokia 5800 expressmusic imei=354828042699534