Divx7 Hi Res Problem

I downloaded Divx7 to use and my h.264 decoder to watch HiDef movies on my tv from my computer. I use the res of 1360x768. When I go to put the movie in full screen it dont cover the full screen cutting about 1/5 the video off the right side and showing the desktop. If I drop my res to 1024x768 I have no problems.
If I open the video in Media Player using the Divx codec it works with no problems only Divx is causing the problem.

you need a multiple of 4

all files played on the DivX Player work best when their aspect ratio is a multiple of 4. so for a 1280x1024 screen the aspect ratio is 5:4, for a 1024x768 screen the aspect ratio is 4:3(basically you divide your monitors screen size by 4 and the lowest number you get that doesn't have a decimal point in it is the main one to use.)

I'll be providing an aspect ratio example for 1280x1024 screens for you in this post.

Also you probably have a bug(or you don't have it in fullscreen mode) as well as an improper aspect ratio.