Probs DivX 7 on Vista Ultimate X64

I had licensed DivX 6.8 Pro and purchased DivX 7.
Installed it on my Vista Ultimat X64.
But... when I use VirtualDub, I can only see DivX 6.8!!!
Besides that, the links for uninstalling and for registering refer to windows\system32! Even though the .dlls are in systemWOW!!!

What must I do to have DivX 7 install properly?

Divx 7 Pro (Divx Plus HD vs HD 1080p)

It looks like the Divx Plus HD mkv file is about half the size
of the HD 1080p avi file. Is there a comparison of these 2
profiles that will help me make the move to the mkv file?

Can one assume that the guality of the Divx Plus HD profile
is as good or better than the HD 1080p file?

The Divx 7 Converter does not provide you the option of selecting
subtiles. Is this automatially done with the conversion of vob
to mkv?

Everett Bennett, Jr.


Its something of an easy draw. Divx 7 is pushing there new mkv format using converter is well like all of you know stupid and worthless.

The CLI app that DigiAl56k has the link to is the new mkv codec. Like x264 it has through put for avs and also supports a wide variety of switches that determine the output.

The reason they switched to mkv was two fold. One its a very versatile container. Second its become most popular amongst video enthusiasts do to x264.

Now as for the vfw version being stuck at 6.8 in VDub that is not a mistake. It still is able to provide full h263/Optimized video output for older Divx devices. The new CLI app mentioned above can be controlled by any app that uses its internal functions graphically. Better know as a GUI app. Many such apps already use x264 cli codec and you can find those in the mpeg4 GUI forum at these provide a variety of out put options from ipod profiles to bluray. There is one that supports Divx's CLI at the moment and that is AutoMKV. Now because Divx's CLI is still in Alpha there is no guaranty that the out put will be usable with out some work.

Anyhow I hope this clears some things up. It would be nice to see a 64bit version of the vfw though for vdub x64 but the chances are slim...


64-Bit Vista Ultimate - Media Center Issues

I may have made a mistake. I added 4 GB RAM to my DELL XPS420 Media Center Computer running Vista Ultimate. I cannot play the divx files, i.e., avi, from Media Center interface. I can however, play directly using Windows Media Player. I don't recall having this issue on 32-bit Vista. Can you tell me how to tell MCE about the codec? Is it a 32-bit vs 64-bit codec issue? I have been using Divx tools for a long time now and love it..... I look forward to helping you test in the 64-bit world....


Everett Bennett, Jr.

I found a link to

I found a link to this:

Vista Codec x64 Components 1.6.9 Final

This seemed to fix the problem.

Also, I received this email from someone that looks like it will work
as well.

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This link is to the experimental x64 bit ffdshow codec's and should allow
x64 playback on your dell MC.

If you want to get the most updated builds of ffdshow just go to and choose any build under albain clsid or xxl.

clsid keeps his builds most up to date...



Everett Bennett, Jr.

GPU Divx

I also have Vista 64 and in the same boat. I'll just wait until 64bit Divx 7 is ready.

However, is there also plans for a Divx 7(8)? Something based on OpenCL/DirecX 11 compute shaders/ or something that can use the power of a high-end video card for fast and good video Divx recoding?
That will be WAY cool!

Same Problem

I use Vista 64 bits, but i can't register divx 7 on this OS.
So i won't upgrade my 6.7 version until divx 7 work perfectly on the 64 bits version.
Must i use a crack to use divx converter 7 ?

I really wan't to buy this new version, but .......


Probs DivX 7 on Vista Ultimate X64

64-bit support is coming, we are working on it.

The DivX 7 encoder is different from the DivX 6 encoder in that it is a command line application and there isn't a VFW UI for it. You can download it from here. If you buy the DivX 7 package you are actually purchasing a license for DivX Converter 7 which now features an option to output DivX Plus HD aka DivX 7 video.

Using the command line encoder is quite similar to many existing workflows so take a look at the tutorial and don't be dissuaded. The steps are: 1) Create your AVISynth script, editing it with the help of VirtualDub if necessary. 2) Feed the AVS script directly to the command line encoder and get a raw H.264 bitstream as output. 3) Mux the raw H.264 bitstream into an MKV container along with your audio stream.

Now I'm really confused

I am running Vista Ultimate 64bit and I have purchased the upgrade to Divx 7.

I am encoding using Divx Codec version 6.8.5 in Virtualdub.

I saw the comment, the DivX 7 encoder is different from the DivX 6 encoder in that it is a command line application
I don't understand what this means !!

Is Divx 7 = H.264 ???

I want to use Virtualdub, and not limited (stuck) to the Divx Converter.

Vdub is so simple, fast and gives me great freedom to modify the Divx parameters, as well as being able to use an extremely wide variety of audio and video decoders/encoders.

Are you saying the Virtualdub cannot be used in version, like it is now and I can only use it as some kind of script editor to create AVISynth scripts to feed into the Divx Converter ?? (Ugh).

PLEASE help me out.

Virtualdub, already has an excellent 64 bit version, which I have been use when my encoding doesn't involved Divx. I have found all the audio and video codecs I need and use EXCEPT for Divx for Virtualdub 64. VDub 64bit is really fast, with my 64 bit 2 AMD cpu system.


Is DivX still a supported product?

I asked questions here and also at I received a response by email from the vendor's support (asknet), which gave me an answer:
Dear first_name, (btw my name is not first_name)
Thank you very much for contacting our Customer Service Center.
We, asknet AG, are an e-commerce company and responsible only for the purchase processing and payment in the online store.
Questions concerning installation, activation problems, error messages or use of DivX products are responsibility of the DivX technical support:
"If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it within the next 7 days."
(I refered the question to the vendor because divx customer support gives no answers...)
Then they refer to "Customer Service, asknet AG" which gives an automated answer:
in order to offer you a quicker service already online, our Self-Help-Portal would like to suggest you the following answers:
Title: Zoner - Technical Support
the page says: You don't have permission to access /shopware.dll/cCUSTOM,3/cSHOW
Title: Technical Support
This is the Steinberg site. I have no Steinberg equipment....
Title: Susteen - Technical Support
The Susteen site says: This support portal is disabled.
Title: Nucleustechnologies - Technical Support
I have no equipment from Nucleus....
Title: Opera - Technical Support
I don't use Opera browser...
If this response did not answer your question...
.... and nothing else!

I don't find this kind of support useful, especially since I asked DivX about my problems about version 7 and Vista Ultimate X64!
The forums and website do not give an answer either, so my question is:


I purchased the program because I thought DivX was supported (I had to pay for it).

Probs DivX Pro 7 on Vista x64


I have exactely the same problem: DivX Pro 7 NOT enabled after installation for selection with tirth party software (Only 6.8). I want to enjoy the DivX H264 encoding, this is the only reason of my choice for DivX Pro 7.

I understand that the actual status of project is only 32 bit support.
Is the x64 (Vista) compatibility on the Road ?