DivX 7 & PS3

I have some questions about the new version and the Playstation 3 not featured in the FAQ.

1. Will all DivX 7 encoded videos work without a system update?

2. Would an eventual update of their built-in codec provide the currently missing support for x264 levels above 4.1 ?

3. Will Sony have to add MKV file support to remain DivX Certified?

4.1. Are the "improvements" in the MKV container mentioned in the page approved by/coordinated with the Matroska project leaders/community ?
4.2. Will they be compatible enough for playback on current players like Media Player Classic, BS Player and such.

Matroska is awesome compared

Matroska is awesome compared to other containers. I sincerely hope that Sony soon updates PS3 firmware to support it.
In the meantime just remux mkv to m2ts using tsMuxerGUI. Works fine on PS3.
You can find it at http://www.videohelp.com/tools/tsMuxeR

Re: DivX 7 & PS3


I'm following up with various people internally around the PS3. I don't have the answers on-hand so I'll have to get back to you.

DivX Plus HD profile requires support of level 4.0, not higher, although since the PS3 can decode Blu-Ray you may luck-out there depending on what Sony decide to implement.

Sony would have to add MKV support to become certified for DivX Plus HD profile.

Currently the MKV container that we write should be fully compatible with the 1.0 spec, although Steve has pointed out some potential issues in the Converter 7.0 writer that we're currently investigating.

DivX Web Player will be updated to support DivX Plus HD although I like to avoid giving release dates too far out in case the dev roadmap changes at all. You'll hear about it on DivX Labs first, I recommend subscribing to the DivX Video Publishers group (see Groups linke in the nav at the top of this page).

Thank you for taking time

Thank you for taking time for me.

Also thank you for helping the Matroska format popularity grow. I have noticed that it takes up less space than Microsoft's AVI files when the streams are just moved to it. probably due to the multiplexing strategy. and it has some features beyond those planned during the times AVI was developed and became dominant.

same questions here. and

same questions here.
and also will the DivX Web Player be able to use videos that are encoded into the MKV container?