DivX Codec 6.7 Beta Released!

DivX Codec 6.7 LogoWelcome to DivX® Codec 6.7 Beta!

We've got a few new high def goodies for you to play with in this version of DivX Codec. First and foremost is support for the DivX 1080HD profile!

The "1080HD Mode", featured in the encoder since DivX Codec 6.4, has been replaced with the official 1080 standard, assuring playback on DivX Certified 1080HD devices. The good news is that this standard forms a feature superset of the original 1080 mode so all of your existing DivX 1080 material should also look great on your new player! So, what's in the feature superset?

One of the new features is the combination of bi-directionally coded frames and interlaced video. Due to limitations in certain chipsets, DivX Codec did not previously allow b-frames and interlace coding to be used together. However, all DivX 1080HD devices will support this pairing, leading to improved compression for 1080i video.

PAR and format conversion

We've also added support for custom pixel aspect ratios, allowing you to take common high-definition formats such as HDV, DVCPRO and AVCHD, and encode them at their native aspects with the appropriate PAR flagged in the video bitstream. Note that this feature requires an 'aware' decoder (e.g. DivX Player or the DivX Video Decoder for DirectShow). For compatibility with generic decoders, it is still best to encode with square pixels. Which leads us on to ...

Format conversion! New in the Video tab of the encoder configuration interface is an easy method of changing the pixel aspect ratio of the video being encoded. If you specify the input PAR and output PAR, then select "Resize to width", the encoder will automatically factor any desired PAR conversion into the resize. The encoder can also compute the output PAR for you if instead you choose to perform a custom resize. You can choose between marking the output video with the closest matching format preset (i.e. Square pixels, PAL 4:3/16:9, NTSC 4:3/16:9) or, if you are using the 1080HD profile, calculating the exact pixel aspect ratio automatically.

Found a bug? Something not working as expected?

If you would like to report a problem with this version of DivX Codec please do these simple things, otherwise it takes us many times longer to track down the problem and fix it:

  • Tell us the name and exact version number of the application you are using.
  • If the encoder is behaving in an unexpected manner, copy and paste the CLI string from the Settings window. To access the settings window, use the button in the lower left of the configuration window. If you are performing a multipass encoding give us the CLI string for all passes (e.g. 1st and 2nd). This tells us the exact settings you are trying to use.
  • If you are encoding, tell us about the source clip (format, resolution, frame rate), and ideally send us a short (less than 10MB) sample clip that reproduces the problem.
  • If you are decoding, send us a short (less than 10MB) sample clip that reproduces the problem.
  • Tell us about your CPU! We have many performance optimizations in the Codec and a few screenshots from CPU-Z can help us identify which ones your system is likely to use.

Once you've followed the above steps, you can reach us via the DivX.com forums (link opens in a new window), or you can e-mail me directly at amayo (at) divxcorp [dot] com.

Known issues:

  • DivX Codec 6.7 Beta is available only in English.

Downloading DivX Codec 6.7 Beta:

DivX Codec 6.7 Beta is part of the DivX for Windows package and can be installed on top of any prior version of DivX to update it. If you are a registered user of DivX 6 your registration will be retained if you choose to try this beta or if you choose to re-install the last official release of DivX for Windows. During the beta period all users will have access to the full set of codec features.

Agreed, great BUT MAC?

Hello, I scrolled through most of your beta release codecs, the one I actually downloaded 6.7 turned out just as I suspected. I am a mac user and fillmaker, so these platforms are a good place to let it out. PLEASE help me out and try to create a non-executable (exe) rather a .dmg codecs, connectivity, etc. platform. I have tried to create one myself however my near non-existent computer programming skills come to a halt when it comes to non-image/audio stuff. Please DIVX community! Help me out and fellow mac users who want to use DIVX--profitable area---indeed.
Another issue I am having, is in my experience usually the lab/testing/unleased area BETA area is where the stuff could be donwloaded, used, created, etc. with any or all platforms or operating systems? Could someone help me out with that?

Sincerely & Thanks,

The version not working with Vista Ultimate?

I was told that after installing Divx v6.7, the divx can not be open and error show like:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

Application Name: DivX Player.exe

Application Version:

Application Timestamp: 477d1b6c

Fault Module Name: px.dll

Fault Module Version:

Fault Module Timestamp: 4614366a

Exception Code: c0000005

Exception Offset: 00060420

OS Version: 6.0.6000.

Locale ID: 1097

Additional Information 1: e74f

Additional Information 2: 1aa740e56de1cb2dfebcfaa474fd6b24

Additional Information 3: f068

Additional Information 4: 7405b91df9acc2fa8ee79b87fb87e8c1

If that ture? Does some one have a solution, I just want to install vista, not use lunix anymore


God bless you!!!
Digital Picture Frame

Try installing DivX® Codec

Try installing DivX® Codec 6.8.2. It should work fine with Windows Vista.

Can there be a conflict

Can there be a conflict between this pack of codecs and others that I previously installed? I see all my movies upside down. This is really funny until the point where I really want to see a movie without needing to put my monitor upside down.
Mary-Anne Davis

Nice to see they are working

Nice to see they are working on the HD-compatibility of this codec.

The new codec made all my

The new codec made all my movies play in slow motion. Where can I get a previous codec? Please help.
Aukcje Opony

I have the same problem with

I have the same problem with new codec - movies play in slow motion. need previous codec


The latest version

The latest version has excellent encoding speed if you use the built in profiles accessed with the settings button. It also has profiles for video capture at 640x480 and 640x352 which are excellent and work well with my PIV 2.4GHz.
The letterboxed 16:9 profiles trim the black borders automatically-which may give unwanted results. All the profiles resize the video to size specified in profile-the resizing is much faster than the inbuilt virtualdub filter.
It has a built in kbps calculator.
A tip-you can get away with much lower kbps than in specific profile if you change encoding speed from standard to slow-the compression improves dramatically-and this is with single pass (the profiles are all single pass)-with two pass slow speed encoding -you can use about 50 % of the kbps specified in profile for PC watching.
Finally and most important, there is no adware version-the pro version has a 6 month(!) trial.
Thumbs up!!
Alex Mailer

one mistake

DivX has made one mistake!DrDivx was first shareware and the crowd begain to discover Xvid and then it was allready too late for DrDivX when they suddenly turned DrDivx into open source software.
Xvid is also better with compressing, I allways use the the Video Bitrate Calculator 1.0 from weethet.nl before I start by the way. DivX is history for me and every thing sticked to it(included the PlaYa), sorry!

Sony Vegas No Longer Compatible?

I understand DivX and Sony Vegas 7 are not entirely compatible... but at least I was able to open a file up, and re-render it into .wmv.
Now though, with these latest codecs, I can't do that any more...
'Video: Stream attributes could not be determined'
Oh great... and this also happens for all the old files that previously worked... I have a huge project I've been working on for the past number of months using a load of DivX source files, and you guys just stopped it right in its tracks.
Well thanks very much!/sarcasm

If you guys want to undo this crap you've caused, either fix the codecs, or...
Provide me with a program that can convert from DivX to something else.
DivX is good for viewing, but I honestly hate this crap when it comes to editting.

Note: Windows Movie Maker is not an option, and I shall not go into details why - that's a whole other issue.

for me too, im just going to

for me too, im just going to go back to the standalone version . it was working fine before. Im new here. I just registered because I want to know about new things in Divx.

AVCHD support?

The dialogue at the top of the page --

"We've also added support for custom pixel aspect ratios, allowing you to take common high-definition formats such as HDV, DVCPRO and AVCHD, and encode them at their native aspects "

This indicates support for AVCHD, but if I drag a AVCHD file to the converter, it says file type not recognized?

Also the converter does not convert to HD

The new beta version 6.7 codec is expired?

When I try to configure the new beta version 6.7 codec I get a pop-up window that says it's expired, there is a hyperlink to a new version, but I get the same message. I've uninstalled the codec and reinstalled the new one, but it still says it's expired?

Got the same problem here;

Got the same problem here; to be more exact a whole bunch of them:

First I installed the 6.7 beta some days ago, same problem about expired, so I went back to 6.6.

Then, I installed the June 8th action bundle (free Pro license) - I tried to install it half a dozen times, trying to enter different email addresses into the field for the address the license would be sent to. None of them received the license (and silly me did archive only the email with the Mac Pro license ;) ).

Well, then I wanted to just test my Mac version Pro license, but couldn't open DivX Converter at all:

So I re-downloaded and re-installed, this time again 6.7, but the final; noticed the following error during installation:

All this on a newly installed XP Pro 64 bit SP 2 with all current updates: converter not usable any more. Shouldn't have reinstalled the system ;)

DivX codec 6.7 crashing with Winxmedia dvd ripper

I have been working with the new upgrade of the 6.7 codec, and it has yet to allow me to complete a full rip of a dvd. The previous version ran ok. I may just try and de-install and reinstall the older version to get by for a project I have this week, but am curious as to what could be going on. I am doing a single pass 720p at 2500kps without changing the aspect ratio, in fact, everything else is default.

No Picture

I just used the Beta Codec with a video joiner, and the end result has sound, no picture! It works fine with Xvid, no offense.

Same problem

When I try to install the new beta version 6.7 codec, i got an error message saying it is expired. Are we able to get a new link?


No Picture - More Info Please

If you are encoding to 1080i or 1080p, after you have encoded and/or published to Stage6... If you are receiving audio no picture limited to maybe bright lights, or green alternating by white or black or other alternating colors, My first question is... What Operating system are you Using. I'm assuming that since you are using the Beta, you are using the VISTA platform. I'm also assuming that you are using FF or other Mozilla browser. This audio only no-video is a problem due to codec and web-player incompatibility in "VISTA"... (again, more info needed.) If you are evaluating the 6.7 Beta... Your encoding is going well. Inability to view... is a problem with resolution reading error in the Web or standalone client.
Work-around: First Install the 6.7 Beta (for encoding and use of Dr. DivX)
NEXT: Re-Install the current STABLE version of the Web-plugin. Problem Resolved. Using 1 beta codec to encode, a stable one to view. If this doesn't work, make sure THEN to use both beta codec... AND Beta Browser plugin. Let me know if you have anymore problems. I have a few blogs regarding THIS very issue.

Charlize Theron FAN -
--- Char ~

DIVX Codex is an "old Version

Just like others have posted, I get a message the the beta Codec is an old version, however the link above for the "final" version is dead. I find no newer versions than the official beta download, and evidently it is expired.


I have not seen a reply from the DivX Lab Staff. Roy is great with these type of answers *(No, I don't know Roy personally - Login to meet him) The only work around to this that I'm aware of... is to use the 6.5 Codec FOR VISTA... You can post a comment here for me, or at my BLOG... I'm continuously doing research on cross-platform functionality. Sorry for POSTING, "I don't Know"... I'm hoping that increased volume of this question will bring continued response and support. - Char
Charlize Theron FAN -
--- Char ~


the new codec made all my movies play in SLOW motion. where can i get da previous codec?

Previous Codec... May or May not help

hmmm.... Problems with slow motion could be a bit-rate issue... or your machines chipset/divx codec interaction. Remember that forcing high resolution or HD resolution onto your videos with unsupported chipsets WILL cause this slowness.
As for previous Versions... DivX Labs warehouses them at the following URL:
You can also find them at SourceForge.net

Charlize Theron FAN -
--- Char ~

I have vista and the web

I have vista and the web player and content up loader in the divx codec 6.6.1 works so if you still have your installer for keep it and when you install the newer codec such as the 6.7 or 6.8 codec un check the web player and content up loader and it'll work fine your color scheme will swich between windows arrow and vista basic when you play a video but at least the vids will work and ya the 1080 HD vids work just fine
if you forget to un check the webplayer and content up loader there shouldn't be a problem as long as you kept your 6.6.1 installer just go back and install that and uncheck every thing except the web player and content up loader and it'll work

Bug Codex 6.7.0


Just installed the 6.7.0 and immediately noticed that.... almost all of my video cannot be played anymore in the windows media player. More pricisely :
- The .divx videos work juste fine;
- BUT the .avi videos with a divx video stream inside cannot be played anymore in the Windows media player, version 11.0.5721.5230, which plays just the sound and give an error number C00D11B1 :
- Everything was juste fine with the previous version of the DivX codec.
- These videos are still correctly played in the DivX player (But no no no I want the windows media player)

Is there womething I can try to make it work ? Could you please fix this bug ? Thx :)

BUG Codex 6.7 - perhaps Try this

I have not had any problems with this specific issue in regards to the New codex and Windows Media Player. I've tested various versions of the Codex and played the DivX video in multiple Video players. My first question IS ALWAYS... What OS are you using? Since you're using the BETA... I can only imagine that you are using VISTA... If this is not the case, and you are running XP or MAC OS.... as a quick fix (If you really ONLY want to play your DivX videos) is to stop using the Beta, and use instead, a stable release.
If you are using VISTA however, I encountered this problem BEFORE the 6.7 Beta release. With VISTA make sure that you are using the most current release of WMP.... and that you have all recent updates. This alone WILL NOT ensure that you are able to play all codices even if you have the codex from the original manufacturer. Microsoft is aware of VISTA/WMP video play back issues with multiple Codex (as usual they hold the manufacturer responsible) Microsoft offers various additional Codices for installation to support 3rd party codex/codices. Again, this is for VISTA. You will find a Codex package for Windows XP... do not download and install this one (Again if VISTA is your platform) Keep searching for the Codex package JUST for VISTA... it should be named, "VistaCodecs_v446.exe" If you can't find it at MS... you can google it, its possible that MS has renamed it, or discontinued this version of VISTA codex. This SHOULD fix the problem. It has for me. Any questions, please email me, or visit my Blog on Stage6... I continuously research DivX cross platform functionality and stability, however I am NO DIVX STAFF!!! , and these instructions are at your own discretion... and have worked FOR ME.

Charlize Theron FAN -
--- Char ~


I understand you aren't a staff member; however, you did mention Mac OS, which I have and am unable to download and use executable files such as the 6.7 codec discussed here. Please forgive if this is my own stupidity, but how does a Mac OS launch exe files. Analogous to Microsoft's exe files, Mac utilizes dmg files. If you know the secret to opening exe on a Mac I will be forever thankful.

pop-up problem -_-

I have this text which occur with each encoding preventing this one of this finished how to make?

Have you verified the time

Have you verified the time set in your computer?


Problem confirmed


I can confirm the problem. Each time VirtualDubMod starts a new encoding session, the above message will pop up. Clicking on ok, will take you here.

Guess you guys are getting quite a few extra hits currently. :-)

by delaying the one month

by delaying the one month old clock its do not do it any more


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The final version of the

The final version of the Divx codec has just been released. Try it out here and see if it fixes your problem.

status of divx.. i am thinking no good..

After recent news of Apple Ipod new models (Itouch, etc..) Microsoft with Vista and Zune, Sony with new video models, i am thinking that all these players want to eat video market not only hardware but software with closed codec with outrageous prices. A question Divx inc can compete with Microsoft, Apple, Sony on hardware market? Why Divx in association with Xvid, Vorbis producer of Ogg, Mp3 makers Thomson Franknoufer etc, not define a skeleton architecture of free players Car, Video, Mobile, Pc, etc of a Video and sound system ? A Divx TV player architecture or software is impossible like Apple TV?
Two, three years and the players (Microsoft first) will eat little fishes like Realmedia and Divx, Xivd and the rest of the market. So why don't enter in the Arena?

Codec screen

I can't access the DIVX codec screen. I can only access the Decoder screen via the shortcut decoder configuration utility. I realise this maybe a dumb question.

I have purchased DIVX pro and am running v6.6 and have also updated the codec to the beta v6.7. So I should be able to see this screen somewhere? Right? There does not appear to be any shortcuts which will open the screen.

Note, I had this issue before I updated to v6.7.

Can someone please advise where I am going wrong. I am running windows vista so I am not sure if this is a vista issue (I don't think it is).

You can access the DivX

You can access the DivX codec propreties windows with tools like Virtual Dub or other editing tools allowing to compress in DivX.

VirtualDub is the most used and known...


I had the same problem, and

I had the same problem, and found out that hitting "q" continues the EULA. However, it throws the error for so I replace:

cp -f $TMPDIR/include/*.h $INCLUDEDIR

with this

cp -f $TMPDIR/include/common/*.h $INCLUDEDIR<br />
cp -f $TMPDIR/include/decoder/*.h $INCLUDEDIR<br />
cp -f $TMPDIR/include/encoder/*.h $INCLUDEDIR

now this is what I get:

Do you accept the terms of this agreement? Please type yes or no.
Proceeding with installation
Archive: contents.dat
creating: /tmp/.divx/include/
creating: /tmp/.divx/include/common/
inflating: /tmp/.divx/include/common/DivXPortable.h
inflating: /tmp/.divx/include/common/FourCC.h
inflating: /tmp/.divx/include/common/FourCCs.h
inflating: /tmp/.divx/include/common/FormatInfo.h
creating: /tmp/.divx/include/encoder/
inflating: /tmp/.divx/include/encoder/Settings.h
inflating: /tmp/.divx/include/encoder/EncoderCallback.h
inflating: /tmp/.divx/include/encoder/FrameResult.h
inflating: /tmp/.divx/include/encoder/FrameOutput.h
inflating: /tmp/.divx/include/encoder/EncoderInterface.h
inflating: /tmp/.divx/include/encoder/FrameInput.h
inflating: /tmp/.divx/include/encoder/FeedbackInterface.h
inflating: /tmp/.divx/include/encoder/Cli.h
inflating: /tmp/.divx/include/encoder/DivXException.h
creating: /tmp/.divx/include/decoder/
inflating: /tmp/.divx/include/decoder/LibQDec.h
creating: /tmp/.divx/lib/
inflating: /tmp/.divx/lib/libdivx.so
[root@localhost divx611-20060127-gcc4.0.1]#

thats where it stops. If thats right, then what next?

PAR ?? I thought it was a golf term ??

I so like to convert, so that my Divx videos play well on my Wide Screen TV.

I find that there is a issue with the instructions as noted.

What does PAR mean ?? Where do you find it. In years of using Divx, I have never seen the term PAR used before.

It would be great if a little more time was taken with the description of the beta version to give a some more on the example end.



PAR = Pixel Aspect Ratio,

please help me!!

ok, ive bought a laptop a few months ago.it has the windows vista premium program on it and since i bought it i have been trying to upload all my dvds onto it. now i got a pile of films from a mate and they all come in the divx format(little thumbnail picture of the film and title). i have tried about a million times to do it with my dvds but it just never works. i downloaded the last divx converter(think it was .6 or something) but everytime it converted around 50% of the film it just stopped and said it was an error or something. now that this new version has come out can someone please tell me if it will work and possibly give me a link to the instructions. it would be VERY VERY much appreciated!!!!!!

I am afraid you're not

I am afraid you're not familiar with DivX softwares...
I would advice you then to look at our support team FAQ...


good cheer!


Uninstall older version?

Probably a stupid question, but I'll ask anyway. Should any previous DivX codec be uninstalled before installing DivX Codec 6.7 Beta?

Thanks in advance!

Damn! If I'd bothered to read the last paragraph, I'd know I can install on top of a previous codec installation. Duh!

totally agree, uncle

totally agree, uncle


What is the picture?Where can i find it and control this?

picture edit

you can control or a better term would be edit,go to your user account details and you can edit from there.hope this helps

help...i am stupid

user account details ???Where To Go?

Thank you

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what pic are you talking about

I guess the first reply you got was about you pic, on your lab forum profile...
... and I guess you were talking about the pic of the DivX Codec High Def profile.

so to find out where is that pic into the codec GUI, just open up the GUI dialog, and in the drop down menu of the profiles, choose the 1080Hd profile, and look at the description


what's GUI dialog?i am very stupid!!!

GUI dialog...How to find it...

GUI dialog

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) To find more about the many Diff. Apps. that the GUI can control,change and fix Just go to the Microsoft Support site and they be able to better inform you then I can...
I'm still learning myself..