2 monitors with different sizes

Is this a known bug of DivX 7.0?

I have 2 monitors, one with 1280*1024 resolution and as secondary one with 1920*1080. The smaller one I’m using for the normal work like selecting and starting a video or watching my eMail. The larger one is planed for watching videos.
When I’m viewing for example a 1920*1080 video with DivX 7.0, move the window to the secondary screen, press +1 to have the original size, move the window that way that it fits in the screen, I see the movie in full resolution. If I make a double click on the video-area (to activate the "Full-Screen"-Mode) I only see my video in a window obviously 1280*1024 snapped to the left upper corner. The size of the video does not change, so I only see 2/3 of the width of the video and 95% of the height. If for example the person stands in the centre of a video I see it in the middle of my monitor and at the left side of the DivX-Player-Window. The part on the right is missing.

Is there a solution for this problem available?

DivX Pro Converter V8 same problem with 2 Monitors

Guess what? The problem has remained with us in the latest version. What I find most strange is that the converter causes both Win 7 monitors to go blank and the system hangs w/o error message. Why would a converter depend on screen resolutions -- it does not show the movies anyway?

If you change the 1920x1080

If you change the 1920x1080 monitor to be your #1 screen and your 1280x1024 monitor to be your #2 screen, this should remedy the issue.

It seems the primary screen is being used to indicate the display size in full screen mode, even though the video is rendering for your 1920x1080 monitor.

This does sound like an issue that we've seen before in a small number of cases. We'll be sure to forward it for review if there's not already a bug logged for it.