DivX Codec 6.4 Released!

DivX 6.4.0 LogoDivX® Codec 6.4 DivX Codec 6.4 has just been released and there are several cool new features including: support for 1080HD encoding, faster multipass encoding, better compression when using the internal resize, adaptive noise reduction, and more.
What's new:
  • 1080HD encoding mode DivX Codec now includes a 1080HD encoding mode allowing you to create full size 1920 x 1080 resolution video in high quality DivX format. Videos encoded using this new setting are suitable for playback on fast desktop computers and are more likely to play on future hardware devices than videos encoded using unconstrained mode, and unlike unconstrained mode, 1080HD encoding will be available for free in the DivX Community Codec. Both 1080i and 1080p encoding is supported. The new 1080HD encoding mode
  • New fast 1st pass rate control mode When you need to produce a video that has to hit a target file size, multipass (e.g. 2-pass) encoding is the way to go for maximum quality consistency, but have you ever wondered which settings can you safely tweak to make a multipass encoding run faster without introducing serious quality problems? Now the DivX 6.4 codec can take care of this for you. By selecting the new "Multipass, 1st pass (fast)" rate-control option the encoder will automagically adjust your settings during the first pass to maximize the encoding rate, so there is no need to manually change all the settings in the configuration window for every single pass. Even better than this, we've included new optimizations for the fast 1st pass that can reduce even the default "Balanced" mode encoding by up to 35% on a single core PC! Much larger reductions can be seen for higher quality modes.The new fast 1st pass rate control mode
  • High efficiency resize filters We have enhanced the resize filters in the DivX 6.4 codec such that they improve the overall quality/compression of the encoder. The new resize filters reduce encoding rate by approximately 10% over the 6.2.5 codec, but with typical 1:1 aspect correction achieve the same video quality with 15-20% less bitrate (measured using the "lanczos4" filter).
  • Improved support for interlaced video New colorspace transforms designed to prevent displaced chroma for interlaced content improve video quality over previous releases. The quality of the built-in de-interlace preprocessing has also been improved.
  • Adaptive noise reduction The 6.4 codec introduces a new option for noise reduction. Changing the noise reduction option to "Auto-Detect" will cause the preprocessor to adjust the noise reduction level as necessary to reduce grain and low-light noise from the picture without significantly degrading the video. This setting is particularly useful when the noise level various throughout the clip - a common trait for DV cameras in indoor or low-light conditions.
    Adaptive noise reduction
Incase you missed it... Also be sure to check out other recent additions to DivX Codec, including the very cool new sharpening filter we added in DivX 6.2.5, which can dramatically increase the detail in any DivX video during playback when enabled, and major playback performance improvements. Found a bug? Something not working as expected? If you would like to report a problem with this version of DivX Codec please do these simple things, otherwise it takes us many times longer to track down the problem and fix it:
  • Tell us the name and exact version number of the application you are using.
  • If the encoder is behaving in an unexpected manner, copy and paste the CLI string from the Settings window. To access the settings window, use the button in the lower left of the configuration window. If you are performing a multipass encoding give us the CLI string for all passes (e.g. 1st and 2nd). This tells us the exact settings you are trying to use.
  • If you are encoding, tell us about the source clip (format, resolution, frame rate), and ideally send us a short (less than 10MB) sample clip that reproduces the problem.
  • If you are decoding, send us a short (less than 10MB) sample clip that reproduces the problem.
  • Tell us about your CPU! We have many performance optimizations in the Codec and a few screenshots from CPU-Z can help us identify which ones your system is likely to use.
Once you've followed the above steps, you can reach us via the DivX.com forums (link opens in a new window), or you can e-mail me directly at amayo (at) divxcorp [dot] com. Known issues:
  • DivX Codec does not yet support Microsoft Windows Vista.
Downloading DivX Codec 6.4: DivX Codec 6.4 is part of the DivX for Windows package, which can be installed on top of any prior version of DivX to update it. If you are a registered user of DivX 6 your registration will not be lost during the update.

One of the most popular

One of the most popular Video Codec for Windows has been updated to the version 6.4. The latest version from this popular codec offer some new features like :
1080HD encoding mode
New fast 1st pass rate control mode
High efficiency resize filters
Improved support for interlaced video
Adaptive noise reduction

And to keep up to the latest version of Divx Codec, Dr. Divx the open source transcoding tools has been updated into version 2.0.1 Beta 2. So it’ll works fine in conjuction with the Divx 6.4 Codec

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Good news but what hardware we need?

This is very good new but I wonder what hardware is needed to play a video encoded with the latest DivX codec. I used to use Cole2k Media codec pack but almost always something got mixed up so I quit using it. Just install some base codecs linke DivX and AC3 and see everything.

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hope one feature

I am new one here, I hope one feature that can be ready by dicx codec, I always use the vista codec package, with this software, users have the capability to choose what is installed using the public redistributable or after an unattended install, you can select to remove specific portions without removing the entire package. I think this feature should be useful.

asshole who create fucked up software

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