LG KM900 Arena "NOT SUPPORTED" error message.

Ok, just had my Arena for 2 days and much as I love it I'm getting frustrated with the video playback. On the LG websites they love stating how it plays back any DivX/Xvid, AVI, WMV video file, they even send you the DIVX conversion program on the CD with the phone incase you come across files that aren't compatible. Well So far I have tried to play DIVX, AVI, WMV files, and I've even converted a few files using their blessed conversion software, and all I get for all this trouble is "NOT SUPPORTED" I have tried swapping between the Sandisk SD 4GB card and the internal 8GB memory and still I get "NOT SUPPORTED" I even downloaded the test DIVX video files from this website and tried those on both the card and the internal memory of the phone, and I still got "NOT SUPPORTED" and now I'm stratching my head till there's a bald spot! what am I doing wrong? my old Nokia N95 played just about everything you threw at it and the arena is alot more advanced. I even tried to play the video you get when you register the VOD Divx service and it wouldn't even play that! HELP!

Problems though following instructions

I really need your help, so I hope this post will "stick".
I got my arena a week ago, and among a couple of my struggles is getting it to play divx files. I tried registrering it (carefully following all the instructions I could find to be sure I did it right) in the divx player twice, but without much luck. I got to the part where it asks me to play the registration video on the device and then push the "finish activation"button, but no such button appeared, only a "close" button. I have copied the registration to the phone and it does play, but I am not able to play any other divx files, eventhough they have been converted to the mobile format (just get the "not supported" allert). If I log in to my side on divx and under device management and press the "get activation video" the divx player tells me I don't have the authorization to play the file?? As I have tried to register twice I don't have another chance/try the next year, so I need to know if there is anything I can do, otherwise I will have to send the phone back within 4 days. So I really hope you are able to help, and get to answer.

Registration and Playback

For VOD registration, see http://labs.divx.com/node/8825

There is no need to register your Arena. It will not improve or alter your phone's ability to play DivX videos.

For "not supported" problems, see http://labs.divx.com/node/7774

If you have used DivX Converter and the Mobile Profile setting, then the Arena should be able to play the resulting video. Have you been able to play any Mobile videos at all or has every video you created given the same "not supported" error message?

Need help, my Arena still says "not supported"

I just got my arena a couple of days ago and have struggled with the registration video. I am able to plays the activation video on my phone, but I never got the "finish activation" button on my registration steps, was only told to play the video on my device and there was a "close" button. I managed to log on to divx once (can't figure out how to do that again) and when I tried playing the video from there, my divx player on the computer told me I didn't have certification for the video? In my divx player I can see the device under device management, but I'm quite sure that it hasn't been activated quite as it should? I have already used my 2 registration opportunities, so I can't tried that again for another year. What I then did today was to use the DivX converter to make it a mobile file, but I still get the "not supported" message when trying to play it on the phone... What am I supposed to do? I really hope you can help me, otherwise I will have to send the phone back, and I really love it.

this has me so pissed off at

this has me so pissed off at the moment, been trying all week to get it to work with no success. first of i cant get the phone and pc to talk to each other in mass storage, the pc keeps screaming "new hardware found, but could not install" and i cant seem to get that to go. And after registering and trying to get the file to my phone it suddenly goes from being 2mb to being 359kb. What the hell?

edit: 5 minutes later i get the divx register video working, go back and reply to a text, try to watch another video BAM not supported... a great big W To the T to the F...

edit: 2 it seems that the software has some problems with recognizing the divx format. for me it now sometimes does and does not play the videos.

VOD and "unsupported"

For VOD registration, see http://labs.divx.com/node/8825

For "not supported" problems, see http://labs.divx.com/node/7774

The two issues are probably unrelated.

> it seems that the software has some problems with
> recognizing the divx format. for me it now sometimes
> does and does not play the videos.

For reliable playback on DivX Mobile devices, you should always use videos created by genuine DivX software on the "Mobile" profile setting. If you just play random videos from random sources, you'll have random success.

Hello, I also had the exacly

Hello, I also had the exacly same probleme and I found a solution. My phone wasn't able to read the divx files so I tried to convert my avi files into mp4, then I put these directly on the intern memory of the phone in video. I'm using WinAviMP4 Converter it's both fast and easy.


i have the same problem...i hope the next firmware solve this...

LG KM900 Arena "NOT SUPPORTED" error message.

I'm sorry but some of the comments above just does not stick with me. I researched the spec and saw the videos. The main reason why I picked up ths phone in the first place was the video playback capabilities. (I've also got an ageing N95. The web browser is flawed, and now this. I may have to return this phone. I have 6 days left to evaluate this. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm getting fed up of manufacturers releasing phones before they are ready. A similiar thing happened with the Samsung Omnia.

update KM900

Ok been chatting to LG and basically there "is and isn't" an issue regarding playing videos. The phone WILL play any video so long as you use the DIVX converter first. You have to select the "mobile" setting and after the file has been converted, use your USB data cable and transfer the file directly to the internal memory by selecting the "mass storage" setting of the phone. (some memory cards might work) I did it and it works, but this has left me a little annoyed because that means the phone is NOT doing what it says on the box! playing avi, wmv, xvid directly out of the box. It means I have to spend far longer messing around with converters trying to get the phone to play videos it should be able to handle without a problem. I suspect this is a software fault which will hopefully be sorted out on the Arena's first firmware update. New phones will always have teething problems as any brand new technology. In the mean time if anyone can work out how to install codec's that allow any video to be played on the Arena straight off OR a new "player" that can be downloaded then feel free to share that information. Although I do understand that having a brand new phone such as the arena which has a unique OS might cause issues. Good luck.

Nothing plays everything

Unfortunately, no device can play every video. Your box might say "avi/wmv/xvid" but that does not mean your phone will play every "avi/wmv/xvid" file.

That's why DivX created certification profiles. Your phone is "DivX Mobile" certified which means it can play DivX Mobile videos created by genuine DivX software. There is no similar certification for "avi/wmv/xvid" playback so if you try to play some random file you will have random success. It might work but there is no guarantee.

The LG Arena is actually a very capable phone and can play videos much more complex than required for DivX Mobile certification. However, the Arena cannot meet the requirements for DivX Home Theater which is the next level above "Mobile". The Arena falls between those two levels. If you are encoding videos for your phone, you can push the limits of the Arena's capabilities and I suggest you give that a try, but realize the resulting files may not play on other DivX Mobile devices.

For more information about this topic, see http://labs.divx.com/node/7774

So the DivX label is worthless then?

Your company promotes DivX as a 'standard', so it's right that end users expect to be able to get hold of any DivX file and play it through any DivX device.

That's the whole point!

If I have to take note of the version, issue, platform, etc., of both player and media file then I'm no better off than when I needed Windows Media player for .wma files and an iPod for .aac files.

If the device claims "DivX capable" and I get a "not supported" error when I try to view a file I'm going to think either the device is faulty or the file is corrupt. Certainly not that *I* need to do lots of extra work to make the DivX promise come true.

I can't beleive the official word from DivX labs is that end users must take care of all the possible permutations. That completely trashes any possible value in the DivX brand or standard.


> Your company promotes DivX as a 'standard',
> so it's right that end users expect to be
> able to get hold of any DivX file and play
> it through any DivX device.

DivX (attempts) to promote various profiles as standards. The most common ones are Mobile, Home Theater, HD and 1080p. For better or worse, many people simply refer to all of them as "DivX files" without regard for which profile is used. Unfortunately, reality sets in when somebody puts a 1080p "DivX file" on a DivX Mobile certified phone. It simply can't work.

Why not use one profile? Well, a Mobile resolution video is fine for a 3" phone but would look disappointing on a 50" HDTV. Eventually, even handheld devices may be able to handle 1080p video thus making the lower resolution profiles obsolete but we aren't there yet.

It would be nice if manufacturers would explicitly promote their devices as "a DivX Mobile cellphone" vs "a DivX Home Theater DVD player" but DivX is typically one of many features and it simply gets shortened to "DivX" for both devices. The owner manual might correctly identify which profiles are supported but who reads that?

Not surprisingly, we troll forums reiterating the same points.

  • Your phone is "Mobile" certified
  • Your DVD player is "Home Theater" certified
  • Your HDTV is "1080p" certified
  • Use the appropriate setting in DivX Converter
  • If you get a "DivX file" from somebody else, you don't know what it is
  • Not all ".avi" files are DivX files
  • Not all DivX files will conform to the profile you need
  • You must convert non-conforming videos

Having said all that, a casual survey of random "DivX files" typically finds about 80% of them conform to the DivX Home Theater profile so a good rule of thumb is to assume people mean "Home Theater" when they say "DivX file" but 20% of the time it will be something else.

By the way, the situation is no different with Windows Media Video. A PocketPC and an XBox can both play WMV files but don't expect the PocketPC to play everything the XBox can play. Likewise with an iPod Nano and an AppleTV. Nothing plays everything.

I have also been having the

I have also been having the same issue. I first tried playing ordinary .avi files without any succes. So I decided to convert the files with the DivX converter, without any luck. I tried playing them from both the external and the internal memory but in both cases I got the error message saying the file type was not supported.

The weirdest part about it all however, is that I managed to get one of the files playing once. First I got the error message, but the second time it worked fine. After that I assumed it was working ok, but when I tried to view the video again, it started giving me the error message again.