Mkv slow motion in wmp

As the title says after installing the divx tech preview all my mkv files are played in slow motion in wmp, they run fine on the divx 7 player. Please help ive been stressing.

Still Slow Mo?

Are you still getting slow mo with this?

Can you try updating your graphics card drivers? Maybe DXVA can help with some of the heavy lifting.

slo mo

When played with divx player mkv files work fine only in wmp wmc and extender do they play in slo mo.

I'm experiencing the same

I'm experiencing the same problem. My MKV files work fine in Divx 7 and VLC, but in wmp there is some definite slow down. Also certain MKV files that work fine in Divx won't open at all in wmp.

Two questions. What are the

Two questions.

What are the specs of your system? Specifically does your GPU do hardware DXVA H.264 decoding?

Second, are you playing these files over a network or from your hard drive?

Core2 Duo 2.4ghz Nvidia

Core2 Duo 2.4ghz
Nvidia 8600GT 512mb

Installed everything correctly and I have no problem playing the videos directly through divx, just wmp.