Subtitle Support


First of all, great software. Installed and worked right away with impressive video quality.

Did quick tests with Extender and seemed fine. Will test more later.

Is it planned to have any kind of subtitle support for MKVs? I understand thats not a easy thing to do, but would be interesting to know if you guys are looking into it.

Once again, thanks very much for this great solution.


Subtitle support would be

Subtitle support would be amazing, all my subs are attached to the MKV file, hope this gets added soon.


Is this still a possibility?

My understanding was that it is impossible to get DXVA + subtitle support (unless you create a custom renderer as MPC-HC has done).

Is this something you guys have actually looked into and think is feasible or a one-day nice to have? I just don't want to get my hopes up too much :)

Support for external +

Support for external + embedded subtitles together with GPU hardware acceleration would be awesome! :D




Mee too
i need support to altertative audio and Subtitles


Am also having the same

Am also having the same problem with playing subtitles in mkv files and would appreciate a solution.

Hi, same problems with

same problems with subtitles, but I also can't select different audiotracks inside a *.mkv...what's wrong with me?


PS:sorry for bad english.

No Subtitle/Mult-Audio Tracks

Nothing is wrong with you, as far as I know ;-)

Under the "Known Issues", we have stated that subtitles are not supported in this release. Also, we only support single/first audio track.

Hi porfitron. I understand

Hi porfitron.

I understand is not supported, its propably not a easy thing to do.

My question was more on the lines if the feature its on your radar and planned to be supported.

It would be great if it would. ;)

Thanks for your comments.

Hi, ;-)..sorry, that I

;-)..sorry, that I didn't rtfm.


There is a difference

There is a difference between supporting subtitles within the container and the ones outside. If i understand correctly subtitles within the container are not supported yet within this release and seperate subtitles might not be supported at all because they require additional development in order to have it render together with DXVA.

Can someone confirm this?

I can use DXVA with subtitles within the container with mediaplayer classic for example or mediaportal without any issue so I guess it would be a standard feature for this implementation also.