Question about streaming to xbox360

Does anyone know if this allows streaming mkvs with 5.1 soundtracks to the xbox360 or are the tracks converted to 2.0?

Don't forget AAC

I know it's not as prevalent, but AAC 5.1 is supported... this is also the audio track of choice when encoding within the DivX Plus HD (H.264 L4.0, AAC, MKV) spec.

I can confirm that AC-3

I can confirm that AC-3 tracks do indeed play in 5.1.

I have tried one test of DTS which was a failure.

Can anyone confirm if DTS passthrough support is planned or intended?


Thats great news about AC-3.

Thats great news about AC-3. What do you mean that DTS was a failure? That the file wouldn't play at all?

That is correct--although

That is correct--although now that I think of it I haven't tested it on the PC... My 100% use case is on the extender... it tells me that it can't play the file. I know the extender can handle a DTS stream since it plays it from the original DVD just fine.. :)