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I have a website being designed now, I want to load differernt videos into the divx webplayer without having to have a different page for every video. I have a php script that can do that will other players and the author told me that the script could be modd'd to do that. Any have the expertise for that? Or a viable alternative.


Maybe what you are looking for

Hi Maybe what you are looking for is here

multiple video files

Hi Stryker187,

Have you checked out the WebMaster SDK? If not, you might want to download it from labs.divx.com/webplayer as it has a lot of information regarding your question.

You can indeed create a web page with multiple video files on it to play in just one DWP screen. If you download the SDK, unzip the folder, and in the 'samples' folder open the Start_Here.html file in your browser. Check out the Multiple Video Files example. You can have a drop-down menu where your users can choose which video to play. Notice the section:

Choose a video to play:

I believe you can also do this by offering clickable links for the playback rather than a drop-down menu by changing the js callback onChange to onclick, but I don't know off hand all the details about that specifically.

I believe the Webmasters Handbook PDF in the SDK also has information on other js callbacks and advanced settings, so it is definitely worth taking a look at.

Hi I cant get webplayer to paly on windows xp 64 bit

I use an AMD Athlon dual core 5600+ and its not working on anyof the webrowsers i have internet explorer 6 both (32 bit) and (64bit) and divx webplayer isnt even loading on either one and i also have Mozilla Firefox yet i still seem to get a respone from the webplayer itself can someone help me plzz

How to use "Divx Web Player" in asp.net 2.0 application?

any one could guide me how to use divx web player in my asp.net 2.0 application? I need to develop a web site where users can play video/audio ( not for download purpose). And the video/audio should stream over internet, but should not get download to the client machine.
Can any one confirm, whether divx web player is a right tool to develop such an application? How to use it my application.

Any one please send me the code.

Ravikumar, Bangalore , India


Technically, "streaming" means using a different protocol like RTSP instead of HTTP. What DivX Web Player does could be more accurately described as "progressive playback." In other words, the file is downloaded using HTTP and starts playing while it's downloading.

Regardless of which approach you take, you should be aware that it's practically impossible to prevent viewers from saving a copy of your videos as there are many tools designed to capture streaming video. The only real security comes from DRM systems. DivX can encrypt your content and ensure that only authorized viewers are able to decode it.

No answer, but I have asked the same question

Hey Wes,

I have asked the same question quite a while ago and it never gets answered, which I have assumed that the Divx Web Player needs a full web page per video.

I created a "menu" type of selection web screen that has links to several Divx videos on it, one per page, so that the fact that we can't have more than one Divx Video on a web page will not be important to the users.

I put a title and picture from the video they want to go to on this "menu".

I can tell you that things did work great until Web Player 1.3x came out and my users started giving me crap about what used to work, doesn't anymore.

The Beta 2 helps, but is inconsistent with download times, stopping in the middle and quality.
All references from Divx seem to assume that no one wants to post Divx Videos on their private Web Pages, but that we only want to use Stage 6.

I think the Divx Web Player is an absolutely essential product for getting more people to use Divx, yet it appears to be way down the list as far as priorities for Divx Inc.
When I have sent tech support queries out about it, I am told that support has no control over the product and that I need to wait until things are fixed with the Divx Web Player.

This is NO Knock on Stage6, but with having to have videos that are encoded in Divx, then encoded in another format as well so they can be confidently posted on web sites for me is really inconvenient. Especially since I think when the Divx Web Player worked, or works, that it is the best of breed for playing quality videos for my customers/users.

The only way for consistency is to have customers/user download the Divx videos and run them locally, using their local Windows or Mac web Divx players.

This certainly leaves a major gap within the Divx environment.

When it works, it works great, but without stability and consistency, it has caused a lot of embarrassment for me.

It also appears that how well the Divx Web Player works depends a lot on the RAM of the PC that is trying to play the video.

Jon T.

How did you contact anyone from Divx?

Per the Divx website I installed the Divx Webplayer on my site, then sent an email to them with the URL of the site. This was suppose to get you a serial to DivX Pro.

I never received one word from anyone at DivX. I then sent other emails to DivX customer support, no response! Tried calling them by phone, only automated voice mail. Left message asking my call be returned, no response!

Also looking for support to get the javascript method of loading DivX videos to a single webplayer so you don't have to create a separate webpage for every video. The method included with the sample files and web developer help files from the DivX site has not worked for me.

I love the quality of DivX, and was going to shell out the few dollars for the DivX Author software but I'm beginning to wonder just where The DivX "company" stands on all these matters...why so difficult to even get through to them?

Anyone's knowledgeable input would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to feel confident that DivX will be viable and have attainable support before purchasing their products and converting all my video content to their platform.

Thanks for any help.

mikiemct, Did you contact


Did you contact DivX using the links at the bottom of this website?


If you didn't, try contacting them using those links. If you did, but got no reply, you can try replying here, or sending me a message.


Thanks Dan

My emails were sent from the divx.com site. See below for actual email addresses:

Subject: Free DivX for Windows
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 22:50:12 -0400

Subject: no response from DivX re: DivX Pro Promotion
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 22:24:09 -0400

And still, neither of those emails have received a response.

It was my understanding that Divx Labs was not affiliated with DivX.com. I first tried to join the DivX.com forums, which errored out upon submission...said it couldn't send the account verification email? I've since retried but receive an error regarding my email address already in use?

As I've already said, it seems like DivX the "company" is having problems of some sort. I was happy to place the player on my site, I like the product enough to see what it can do, and have no problem doing my little part to promote it but, I have to wonder why they are ignoring and not upholding their end of their offer?

I'm also having a problem getting the javascript method allowing you to pick from a list the DivX video you wish to play. I can't even get the sample provided with the "Webmaster SDK" to work from my local PC. Always errors out with "Bad URL"? I would think this would be something many people considering using The DivX Web Player would want to do and the lack of support (at least from what I've been able to find) is amazing to me. I readily admit that I'm not a javascript or html wizard, but I'm usually able to stuggle through to success...trying to get this aspect to work with the DivX web player, however, has been a nightmare.

I guess I'm of the opinion that often times what makes a good product great is providing effective and consumer friendly support...and I haven't seen that yet. The forums are nice but don't seem to be adequate - at least with respect to Web Player support.

As I believe I said earlier, I liked what I saw when testing the DivX authoring software, but why buy it if I can't get the Web Player stuff to work as it should? Someone must know how to put the player on a website and load videos to it from a list of options. If this can't be done, then using the DivX web player becomes much less desirable.

Again, thanks for your response, any help you or anyone else can provide to resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated.


Chances are, if you sent the

Chances are, if you sent the email from the divx.com website, it went to someone who wasn't quite sure what to do with it (or was unaware of the promotion). If you send it from the labs.divx.com site that I linked in the previous post, it will be sent to someone who fully knows what to do, and how to get your t-shirt to you.


Sent you new message

Hi Dan,

Are you still around this forum? I have sent you another "help" message and have not heard back.

I hope you're still here and able to help.

With peace, Mikiemct

Same non-result

Thanks again Dan,

I did as you asked and resent the email using the link you provided above. Still no response.

Any other suggestion? And what is the problem? Why not remove the offer from the site if there is no one there to (or that knows how to) respond to those who use it? This seems so silly.

With peace, Mikiemct

DivX WebPlayer dev

HI Jon,
You've made some good points. I'm concern about DivX WebPlayer and still wait for:
1. Better SDK and openness
2. Encrypting or erasing the file that is downloaded on PC
3. Having Ultra Menu support in WebPlayer
4. Playlist support of videos, so we could create TV like service
5. Plug-in structure
6. External subs support

I know that there is a lot... but hope that some will be sorted.. at least the first point.

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