Extender (360) Can't See or Play MKV (SOLVED)

I have a quad-core with Windows 7 Build 7127 x86 installed. I installed the DivXTechPreviewMKVOnWin7.exe. On the computer, I have confirmed that MKV files play properly in both Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center.

I have set up Media Sharing in WMP to allow all devices to play media from my library. I then set up the Xbox 360 as an extender. The Xbox 360 connects to Media Center just fine. While MKV files show up in the WMC library on the computer, MKV files will not show up on the 360 library. Not a good start.

The next thing I tried was using Windows Media Player's "Play To" feature. On the 360, if you connect to Media Center, this will add the Xbox 360 Extender as a media device in Windows Media Player. So I tried right-clicking on an MKV file in WMP's library and Play To > Xbox 360 Extender. This does not work either, it just says "Contacting Media Server" forever.

To determine if this was an issue with just MKV files, I remuxed an MKV into .m2ts (AVCHD) using TSMuxer. The file plays fine on the PC in WMP and WMC. It also shows up in the WMC library on the 360 , and plays fine. WMP's Play To > Xbox 360 works with the AVCHD file as well. So it appears my Extender problems are related to MKV only.

Any ideas?

Edit: Also, this is a fresh install of Windows 7. There are no third-party codecs , filters, splitters, or packages installed. Just the DivX Preview. The problems are happening with MKV files with AAC audio as well. I downloaded the Terminator: Salvation Trailer directly from DivX's Showcase site as a test file.

While it's great that the files are playing on the computer, the whole point of this (for me at least) was to be able to view them on my Xbox 360.

Any resolution ro XBOX recognising mkv files?

Hi Textbook, I have exactly the same problem, where my PC idexes, thumbnails, plays all mkv files perfect through Media CENTRE and media PLAYER, but my 360 will not list the files (although the folders are there)when added as an Media Centre extender.

I have a clean W7 system with just the AC3 adn mkv preview software installed (obviously unistalled and re-installed a number of times as well as deleting and adding library folders and connecting and disconnecting the media centre exctender several times)

As I say my PC is working faultlessly, it's just my XBOX media extender doesn't seem to "sync" properley, and still won't recognise mkv files)

I haven't yet had chance to rename the files to avi and try that, which would be a step closer, but I wondered if you found a solution to your problem?

Thanks for your time



same issue

I'm having the same issue, and the only fix that works is renaming the files to avi. Looking for a better solution.

HELP i cant get it to work :(

Hi as you will understand when reading this, is that I´m a nooob when it comes down to computers.
However, my problem is that I want to make it possible to watch mkv files on my windows7.

I downloaded the codec, which you suggested here, but i cant get it to work. The only thing my media player says is : "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file... Do you now whats wrong and if so how can i solve it?
Pleas help me if you can :/

Sorry Rcon, I thought I

Sorry Rcon, I thought I replied how I solved it. Anyways, what worked for me was uninstalling the DivX Preview and rebooting. Then I re-downloaded the DivX Preview installer and re-installed it. Rebooted again, and the MKV files were showing up and working on the 360. I really have no clue why it wasn't working correctly before.

Thanks for the reply!

I kind of put this project aside for abit but I think I'm going to give it another go. I was thinking about uninstalling & reinstalling w/ the admin privileges this time around.

Thanks for the reply!

Did I missing something?

I'm dieing to know how was this solved?

I do not believe that the

I do not believe that the 360 will play mkv's in either of these scenarios--these scenarios do not actually have the 360 acting as an extender. The "extender" is the remote function of Windows Media Center. Should work within WMC just fine, but I don't think you can stream mkv to 360 from WMP.

I understand that it

I understand that it probably won't work from WMP, but you didn't read my post carefully enough. I tried both scenarios. The Xbox 360 acting as a real extender, as in "Windows Media Center" shows up on my TV screen, I browse the WMC interface, go to the library, and the MKV files don't show up on the TV screen.

If I hop onto my PC and open WMC on there, the MKV files are in the library.

So something isn't right.

Add from Windows Media Center

The best way to stream to your 360 is to add it as an extender from the Windows Media Center interface.

You usually have to set it up first from the 360, and it'll give you a code to input into Windows Media Center, and then that'll bind your library to the 360.

Anyone, please chime in to correct me if I'm wrong, since I've only done this once and I don't personally have a 360.

That is exactly what I did.

That is exactly what I did.

These are two screenshots taken on my PC, the first one shows the Terminator trailer in the MKV format, the second screenshot shows an .m2ts (AVCHD) file that I made with TSMuxer. Notice how both files are showing up and both are playable by Windows Media Center on my PC.

The next screenshot is taken from my Xbox 360. Notice how the MKV doesn't show up at all. The AVCHD shows up and works just fine.


Windows 7 Build 7127 x86 installed. I installed the DivXTechPreviewMKVOnWin7.exe as well I have no other codecs installed. I connect to WMC fine and see the files but they will not play and if they do just some sound and no picture? Any other codecs installed other than the DivXTechPreviewMKVOnWin7.exe stuff? This is only for the MKV movies I have which are 4gigs and higher in size? Please anyone! lol