DivX VOD Registration for phones

DivX Mobile Player and DivX Certified phones include an option for registering with the DivX Video On Demand service.

Do I need register with DivX VOD?

No. You should register if and only if you use the DivX VOD service. VOD registration will not make your phone smarter, faster, thinner, smell better, crush bugs, play larger files, find gold, unlock hidden features, etc.

What is DivX VOD?

The Video On Demand service offers videos for sale through various on-line partners. DivX VOD titles will only play on a registered DivX device. For more information, see http://vod.divx.com

Where can I get VOD titles?

There are several on-line services which have partnered with DivX to offer VOD downloads. For some examples, see http://www.divx.com/en/movies/find-movies

What VOD titles are available for DivX Mobile phones?

Currently, there are none. VOD movies are typically in DivX Home Theater format and are intended for DivX DVD players. There are currently no VOD titles in DivX Mobile format for DivX Mobile certified phones.

However some mobile phones such as the Samsung i8910 are Mobile Theater certified. Some phones are even certified for HD 720p playback such as the Samsung Wave. These devices can play any of the current VOD titles available for sale.

Where can I get DivX Mobile videos?

You can make DivX videos yourself using a DivX certified camera or DivX software like Converter, Author or Dr. DivX. You do not need to register your phone to play homemade DivX videos. Registration is only required for VOD purchases and currently there are no VOD movies available for DivX Mobile phones.

What if I want to register anyway?

Aside from your DivX Labs account, you will need a DivX VOD account. You can create a VOD account using DivX software on your computer. Then you will need the DivX VOD Registration code from your phone. How you should obtain the code varies from one phone to the next. Below you will find some device specific examples and information.

You will also need DivX Player for your Mac or PC. Under "Tools" there is a "Device Manager" option where you'll enter your VOD registration code and receive an activation video for your phone.

What if I get an error?

Please look for device specific help below. If your device and your error are not mentioned below, please reply to this message with the exact error message you see and when the error appears.

What if I don't want to read all this?

You can watch a video of DivX registration for PlayStation 3 on Blip.tv. Obviously it's not a phone, but the process is similar for all DivX Certified devices.


pls type some sites for free films download!


pls type some sites for free films download!

procedure for registering samsung wave 2

procedure for registering samsung wave 2
please tell me ,my samsung wave ii GT-S8530.Do please send to my mail id karthick_1988@hotmail.com


Please start by reading the sticky thread about VOD registration. If you still have questions then feel free to post them.

Samsung Wave

VOD registration can be different on each manufacturer's devices. I found these instructions by Googling, and cleaned them up:

* Go to www.divx.com and download the DivX Player setup
* Install the player and codecs
* After installation, start DivX Player. Go to the VOD menu on the top bar of DivX Player.
* Select "Register a DivX certified device"
* You will be asked to create a DivX account if you do not already have one.
* Create the account, or login using your existing account credentials.
* Find your registration code on your phone (Go to Settings -> About Phone -> DivX VOD)
* Enter the registration code into DivX Player to register the device.
* DivX Player will ask you to download a registration video. Download the video.
* Copy the registration video to your phone
* Play the registration video. When it plays back, your device will be registered.




Where do I go for a samsung indulge

How to register divx for my

How to register divx for my sgs2

RE: Register

One site that I Googled is this: http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s2-international/337536-registering-your-sgs-ii-divx-step-step-guide.html.

As always, please read the stickies at the top of the forums for the answers to most of your questions, such as "Do I need to register?" Registration is for VOD DivX files only.



Registration Divx for mobile

How to registration Divx for my LG optimus black.


How do I register this in car DVD / IPOD player ??

Re: Registration

Please read through the first post in this thread, see if you need to register (you can play back many DivX files without registering), and if you do need to register, follow the instructions to find your registration code and enter it into DivX Player on your PC or Mac.

The first post will answer your questions if you take the time to go through it, and if anything is missing I would be glad to assist you.


I am not this kind of customer that gets angry easily. No.
But this time, after 2 days spent on registering this divx-something I must say I am totally pissed of.
It was hard to figure out the steps, where to put this feckin code, it was hard to figure out how to make this account (whats all this for ?!?!?!)
I think the websites communication is just wrong, and after reading posts on this forum Im even more sure that it is so!
I downloaded this bloody movie, and I had it in my phone, but it doesnt read it with divx, it does with the other player instead that was provided by samsung, and I hav no choice. So I after 2 days I still cant register it, and still cant watch movies I like. I just hate SAMSUNG and DIVX so much and I hope its the last time in my life I have to deal with them.
Thank you for your attention.


I am sorry to hear that you are angry with the process. We are constantly trying to improve the process. If you provide some details about which phone you are using, which movie you were trying to play and where you downloaded it from and whether or not it is encrypted, what you mean by "it doesn't read it with divx" (The DivX Mobile Player? The PC or Mac Player?), then perhaps I can help you.

Also, please read the first post in this thread to see if you even need to register your DivX Player. If you are trying to play back content from a DivX partner such as CinemaNow, then you need to register. If you are playing personal content, then you do not need to register.

Samsung Wave GT (S8500)

i created an account and i got the code buut where do i insert the code to register? im searching like crazy but still havent found it... please help


Re: Registration

Please read the registration sticky post (or just scroll down about a page or two. Your answer was there too).

You will also need DivX Player for your Mac or PC. Under "Tools" there is a "Device Manager" option where you'll enter your VOD registration code and receive an activation video for your phone.

procedure for registering samsung wave ii

please tell me ,
how can i register my divx player on my samsung wave ii GT-S8530


where to register gt 540 i have the code,i have the code, please help

Re: help

Please read a little further down. My reply (Re: Register Wave2 (GT-S8530)) should answer your question as well.



where to register gt- s8530 wave2

i have the code but where to puy it

Re: Register Wave2 (GT-S8530)

First, please review the sticky to decide if you need to register your device yet. You do not need to register your device in order to play regular DivX videos.

If you need to play DivX VOD videos you have purchased, then this FAQ shows you how to register your device to playback protected DivX VOD Content.

vod registration

please help me vod registration my samsung wave2 GT-S8530.....my email id....sajankassim@gmail.com

Re: Register Wave2 (GT-S8530)

Please see my note above. Thanks.

vod registration

please help me vod registration my samsung wave2 GT-S8530.....my email id....sajankassim@gmail.com

hw 2 get the latest version

hw 2 get the latest version fr nokia n73 ...plz send it fr ma email id naveenrocking143@gmail.com

process to register mobile device


I am having lg p 500 with me and i want to register my device, I tried to see the details on http://vod.divx.com but didnt find enough information... kindly help.






where do i put divx code

where do i put divx code --link me at--- shotskipper@gmail.com

Register Device

I need help installing DivX VOD to my LG Ally.

Re: DivX Registration

What exactly do you need help with, and what are you trying to accomplish with DivX VOD registration?

how to register a samssung jet

i have the codec of my certified divice but i cant find where i can enter my code that my phone has

after registration for wave

i have samsung wave, i have registered in divx player, but after registration how to play or other process.

please help me regarding this problem


LG Ally

I've tried to register my LG Ally and I am getting nowhere. I cant find a link to download any new software to my device. I tried downloading the app to my computer and registered, with my device connected, and still nothing. I've even copied the registration video to my device and nothing. HELP!

Re: LG Ally

It would help if you would explain why you are trying to register your device.



registration prosess

I want to get my samsung wave (gt s 8500) register in divx. so where from do i get the help. Please reply at (bsingh5745@gmail.com).

habib mhd

sir.my phone n95 8gb.v30.0.018.im divx 094 downlod.ok next im vedio my favrit not coming im go media file downlod not suport new usar divx pelase help

help me

I have mobile LG GC900 and he tell i need Divx Vod registration
so Please help me
send to me on my email

thanks for sharing this

thanks for sharing this all

divx code

where do i check the divx code?


setting->Phone setting->Divx(R)VOd
hope that help

DivX VOD Registration for Samsung Omnia II ?

DO I need to register DivX VOD for my samsung Omnia II ?


Omnia II

No, you do not need to register your phone for DivX VOD unless you are using a DivX VOD service like http://filmfresh.com. Currently there are no VOD services which offer DivX Mobile videos that would be compatible with your Omnia II phone.

DivX VOD Registration for Samsung Jet S8000

Several owners of the Samsung Jet have reported an unexpected error when playing a VOD activation video. The error says, "This device is not authorized to play this video."

Not all S8000 devices seem to be affected. We are currently investigating this issue further. In the meantime, please keep in mind that there is no need complete VOD registration on the S8000 as there are currently no VOD titles available for the S8000.

Thanks to Spikey1989, scarfacex6, ashwaan and others for reporting this problem.

DivX VOD Registration for Samsung Omnia

Some early versions of the Samsung Omnia SGH-i900 were unable to play the DivX VOD Activation file. The player would report, "this player is not authorized to play this video." To correct this problem, Samsung has released a software patch which you can download from http://labs.divx.com/node/7203

Do I need the software patch?

Newer Omnia phones do not require the patch. Older phones need the patch if and only if you use the DivX VOD service.

Do I need DivX Mobile Player for my Omnia?

No, the DMP is a software player for phones that are not DivX Certified. DMP is not needed or recommended for use with the Samsung Omnia. DMP will work on the Omnia, but we recommend using Windows Media Player or the Samsung Touch Player instead. Either one will play DivX videos right out of the box. There is no need to install software on your Omnia or register your Omnia for basic DivX playback.

What if I want to register my Omnia anyway?

After installing DivX software on your computer, get the 8 character registration code from your phone. Enter the code on your computer to download an activation video. Your phone only needs to play the activation video once.

What if I get an error?

If your phone reports, "this player is not authorized to play this video," then you probably need the software patch mentioned above. If you get some other error, please reply to this message with the exact error message you see and when the error appears.

Samsung Wave 3

Hello DivXMobile.
I'am having the same problem with my phone as you discribed with the omnia.
I know there is probably no need to register my phone, but I started registration so now I want to finish it. And who knows, in the future I might buy VOD movies.

My phone is the new Samsung Wave 3
I created a divx account, registered the device, put the registration vidio on the device... but I cant play it.
Message: "this player is not authorized to play this video."
And for a device that sais on the box "divx certified" it looks a little stupid ;)
(Ok, I can play normal divx files but no vod)

This is an old thread but I still hope for a reaction.
Maybe divx could contact samsung for a patch or something.


Hello Vincent, Sometimes this

Hello Vincent,

Sometimes this can happen if you had accidentally put in an improper VOD code. I would suggest you try registering once more and verify that the code is being entered correctly. If the new activation file is still causing you this issue then please contact the DivX Support team directly here:


Select 'Ask a DivX Certified Device question' and fill out all need information and a description of the issue. The support team will respond to you with 24-48 hours during normal business hours M-F 8:30-5:30PM PST.

If there is a more serious issue we will escalate it to Samsung.