DivX Plus Web Player

This is the place to provide us with feedback on our DivX Plus Web Player, which adds support for DivX Plus (H.264, MKV, AAC)

Clips behind protected sites can not be shown

High to all!

I'm not able to view clips behind protected (.htaccess) sites.
Only the DivX Web Player is not able to show the clips and quits the execution with "file not downloases comlpetly, file can not be shown".
In the same configuration a download tool will find the file and down load it completely.

are any settings to be done on the web player?

I'm using firefox 3.6.9 and the latest DivX Web Player. (with the IE 6.0 the same problem)

Thanks in advance

DivX Web Player Not Working With Firefox


Just bought a new PC and installed the DivX Web Player. At the end of the installation process a new page opens up showing a DivX movie, but it is not playing. It shows a greyed out box with a link that says "Click here to download plugin".

I am using Firefox Version 3.6.9. DivX Web Player is not showing in the plugins list.

Please help.


PHP Script streaming videos to divx web player


I'm trying to develop a php stream of my videos to a website. But I just noticed that lots of people are having same problems as me. Streaming simple .avi-videos to the web player works very well because I just have to read the file and put it out. But streaming an mkv-file or mp4-file doesn't work in order to the need of content-range requests.

My way of streaming video files now is the following:
header('Content-Length: '. filesize($filename));
header('Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary');
header('Expires: 0');
header('Cache-Control: must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0');
header('Pragma: public');

http_send_content_disposition("{$file_data->basename}", true);
http_throttle(0.5, 100000); // ca 200 KB/s - 100000

( these functions should support (multiple) range requests )

But it still does not work. If I use the divx web player 2.1 beta I can play mkv-files in this way, but mp4-files result in the message the file has not been downloaded . . .

So I think it would be great if the divx development team could release a working php script or if anyone could help me developing the script - I think it would solve problems of lots of customers.

Focus On Buffering

The number one issue now with the web player is definitely buffering speed. The improvements on CPU usage are awesome, now follow that up by making improvements on the buffering. That should be the number one focus, let's have it buffer like a race horse!

Please, I urge DivX to team up with Bywifi, or at least reach out and offer help to create a synergy with Bywifi.

The main concern on the DivX Web Player team should be making the videos buffer much fast. Not only should you guys be working on that feverishly from your end, but you should also be giving the man behind Bywifi all the help he can get to enable full buffer acceleration using Bywifi. Anything less than that is really a disappointment, like a slap in the face!

My MKV music videos and films with DTS audio were buffering faster on the first DivX Plus Web Player, since the updates, the buffering sure seems to be slower, when it should be faster. CPU usage is really down, but come on! Buffering should be the focus now! Some help please?