DivX HiQ - DivX Plus Web Player 2.1 Beta

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DivX HiQ Beta is Now Closed - Thanks for the Help!

Huge thanks to everyone who tried out the DivX HiQ beta! We truly appreciate your past use of the DivX HiQ product, as it provided us with valuable data regarding a mainstream implementation of the DivX Plus Web Player. Your feedback will help us further improve DivX Plus Web Player.

Now that the experiment is over, the DivX HiQ beta will be uninstalled from your system in this latest release of the DivX Plus Web Player. This won’t prevent you from watching videos with DivX Plus Web Player on websites that choose to use our player and you can continue to use DivX Plus Web Player as your HTML5 video player for H.264 content. However, this update will remove the DivX HiQ button and the DivX Plus Web Player will no longer work on sites that specify their own default Flash player.

We hope you continue to enjoy the DivX Plus Web Player along with the rest of our DivX software, and look for more updates in the near future.

Also, stay tuned here on DivX Labs for future experiments, including betas and early releases, and thanks again for helping us improve the way people watch web video.

The DivX Software Team

HiQ Firefox plugin crashing in YouTube

When I try to switch to the DivX Web Player ( on YouTube, the plugin crashes with a error box and drops me back into Flash. I don't have the problem on any other sites that I have tried; the DivX Web Player works fine on Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc., it's only YouTube that has the problem.

I'm using Firefox on Windows XP.

Is there some YouTube-specific configuration problem I haven't heard about?

Firefox 5


Firefox 5 is available since today,, any information for Divx web module upgrade ?


How to adjust Brightness?

How can i adjust brightness for the web player?