Create Tools with DivX265

Our DivX HEVC encoder is a simple command-line encoder that is designed so that other tools can be built around it.

A recent example of what you can do with the DivX265 (DivX HEVC/H.265) encoder is a GUI posted by david55 on VideoHelp.com. After trying a GUI for x265 he decided to try it out with the DivX encoder for its balance between speed and quality. It’s a simple interface that takes the command-line out of our command-line encoder. Just choose your input and output, adjust your settings and select an encoding mode, all using DivX HEVC encoder.

DivX HEVC Video Profile

Last updated on Wed, 10/16/2013

It wasn't just hype when we said earlier this year that DivX is among the first to deliver tools for HEVC content and playback. And it all starts with this first look at the new DivX HEVC 4K, 1080p and 720p profiles our team is developing. Keep in mind it only defines the VIDEO portion of the profiles at this time. Audio, features and everything else that make up a DivX profile are still in the works, so check back often or sign up for email alerts when we have something big to announce.

If you’re reading this and excited to start testing out the profiles, you already understand that HEVC, or H.265, is the next big thing in video technology. With the promise of up to 50% compression efficiency compared to today’s best encoding tools (AVC/H.264), we believe HEVC can help to drastically improve video streaming capabilities, particularly in a mobile environment, and facilitate 4K content production and delivery to new Ultra HD displays.