Ready to Mux it up?

As a follow up to our DivX HEVC video profiles release, our team is pleased to announce a patch we’re developing to use with MKVToolNix to let you combine a DivX HEVC video stream with audio in an MKV container. MKVToolNix is a great set of tools for creating, inspecting and altering Matroska files. For more info, check out the developer's blog.

With our DivX HEVC decoder on the way and big plans to help enable HEVC video playback on PC, Mac, mobile and consumer electronics, we hope that community tools like MKVToolNix and others will build in native support for DivX HEVC profiles to make it easier for everyone to create their own HEVC-based DivX MKV videos.

Until then:

Let us know what you think, tell your friends, and share results of your muxing efforts in our HEVC Mux Forum. Remember, adding support for a new standard to community tools is not something we can do on our own. Here at DivX, our team actively seeks out and relies heavily on feedback from video experts like you.