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Have a crash or freeze problem?

Crashes and freezes are very rare with the latest version of DivX Connected but may still happen fro time to time. If you have repeatable crash or hang condition, you can help us determine the cause by enabling the crash dump feature or running our process dump program depending on if the server is crashing or freezing.

Usually crashes or hangs are caused by very old graphics card drivers, so updating the driver may resolve the problem.

If not try the following:

For Freezes, download the ConnectedProcessDump.zip file and unzip the ConnectedProcessDump.exe file inside. Whenever the server hangs double click on the ConnectedProcessDump.exe file and it will create a process dump file on the desktop any time the server crashes.

For crashes, download the crashdump.zip file and unzip the crashdump.reg file inside. After uzipping it, double click on the crashdump.reg file then press 'exit' button on the server and restart it. This will configure the DivX Connected server to create a crash dump file on the desktop any time the server crashes.

Once you have a dump file email to us at ConnectedFeedback@divx.com.

Have a subtitle problem? Read this first.

This thread is designed to help you figure out and solve your problem with subtitles.

Officially supported subtitle types:

.srt files and divx subtitles (XSUB)

Note: You can insert DivX subtitles if you name the subtitle file the same as your video and have them in the same folder, and then add your video to the DivX Plus Converter.

How to associate your .srt file with your video file:

You can do this by either naming the .srt file to have the same name as the divx file you would like to associate it with.  For example, if your video file is myvideo.divx, then your .srt file would need to be called:  myvideo.srt

You can also associate .srt files with your video files by editing the metadata on the server.  To do this, navigate to the video tab on your server, and find the video you would like to edit.  Select it, and press the 'edit metadata' button on the bottom right.  From here you can go to the bottom of the screen that pops up and choose your 'External Subtitle" that you would like to associate with this file.

How to display the subtitle on your TV screen.

If your file has XSUBs or a .srt file associated with it, you can choose to display subtitles by pressing the 'subtitle' button on your remote after playback has started.  Pressing this button again will turn off the subtitles.

Have a video file that won't play? Read this first.

Do you have a video file that isn't detected, or won't play back in DivX Connected?  This post is here to help you either diagnose the problem by yourself, or provide the necessary information so that we can help you solve the issue.

Officially Supported files types for video playback:

DivX, WMV, and most XviD files.

Playback of files that are not officially supported

It is possible to play back more file types without converting them ahead of time. Check out this post by kamiwa:  http://labs.divx.com/node/1186.
Just know that any files played using this method will need to be transcoded on your computer (just like WMV files).

What is the Maximum Resolution I can have for these files?

Up to 720p.  Although 1080p files are not officially supported, you can play them back if the average bitrate is kept between 6-8Mbps

What is the Maximum Bitrate that I can have for these files?

HDMI Problems?

Here is a list of some HDMI issues that we have seen.

HD mode not being set automatically
In some cases, the auto detection for HDMI may not be working perfectly with your TV. Try setting your HD resolution manually by pressing the setup button and then choosing Display -> Display Settings -> High Definition (HDTV) and then choosing the 720p, 1080i or 1080p setting.

Green Screen
On some TV's, the HDMI does not get reset properly on a soft power up. This usually happens only during a brief period after start up.

Another green screen related issue is due to some HDMI TV's not supporting PAL timing. The green screen would happen while in the setup menu in this case, but be OK during normal viewing in HD mode. There will be a firmware update to address this in the near future.

If your setup screens are green, you can fix this issue by pressing setup on the remote, and then choosing Display->Settings->High Definition and choosing the NTSC 480p setting. After you do this, the setup screens should not be green. You can then choose a 720p or 1080 setting again so that you can connect to the server in HD mode.