DivX Connected Guide

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This guide contains technical specifications, minimum requirements, and a whole lot of other useful stuff. For set up instructions visit the DivX Connected Quick Start Guide.

Creating DivX menus with just your web browser!

Instructions? I don't need no stinking instructions, just tell me where to click!

Click here for the DivX Menu Creator WebApp!

One of our engineers, Raider, has been surreptitiously working on a nifty little web applet to help create DivX content with advanced features. In particular, this is a tool that will help you create root menus and chapter menus with motion thumbnails. All it takes is your DivX files and a couple of mouse clicks.

First, the disclaimers: this web application is still alpha, so it may crash on you. But hey, you wanted to be on the cutting edge right?

It has been minimally tested on Windows XP, using Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox. Use other Windows operating systems and browsers at your own risk.

Also, the application will download to your machine a couple files that help it do its thing. Since it’s still alpha, there's no install/uninstall feature, so you'll have to manually remove the following files to remove it off of your machine.
  • From your user temp directory (usually C:\Documents an Settings\user\Local Settings\Temp\divx, remove createDMFJNI.dll, playbackModuleJNI.dll, and defaultBackground.divx
  • From your web browser directory, (C:\Program Files Internet Explorer or C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox), remove the file MSVCRTD.dll

DivX Media Builder Quick Start Guide

This guides was created to give step by step instructions on how to create menus for your DivX files, with DivX Menu Builder. DivX Menu Bilder is a tool created for the DivX community, by UserXP. Thank you UserXP, you made the world of menus a lot easier to deal with.

I. Programs Needed:

Visit: and

Download (follow link to software download):

*After extracting to a directory, will need the following installed:
  • comctl32.ocx : download then register à register directions: Go to the Run item on the Start menu, and type:

    regsvr32 comctl32.ocx

  • In the application folder (DivXMediaBuilder ) place a copy of DivXMux.exe.

*** DivXMux.exe can be found as and application in the DivX Media Format File SDK r2 and must be present for the “muxing” process

II. Basic Menu Creation: