Playing HEVC in DivX Player (Mac)

UPDATE: You no longer need to use the special plug-in below to play DivX HEVC. Simply get the latest DivX Player!

The time has come for ... [drum roll] ... real-time 1080p HEVC video playback in DivX Player for Mac!

Using MKVToolNix for HEVC Muxing

Who's ready to mux? To get started, visit the HEVC Support in MKV page to download the toolset you need to start muxing DivX HEVC video into MKV (binaries and our patched source code). By the time you get through this page, you should have a good understanding of how to use MKVToolNix to make it happen.

DivX HEVC Video Profiles [DRAFT]

Version 0.5 - Beta
May 2013

Introduction (informative)

This document defines the DivX HEVC video profiles. Only constraints on the video bitstream are defined in this document.

“Normative” means that this section contains rules essential to profile adherence. “Informative” parts are included to shed more light and color. “Informative” sections are for information only and could be omitted or ignored.


CPB Coded Picture Buffer
MaxLumaPS Max luma picture size (samples)
MaxLumaPS40 Max Luma picture size level 4.0
MaxLumaPS51 Max luma picture size level 5.1
MaxLumaSR Max luma sample rate (samples/sec)
MaxLumaSR40 Max luma sample rate level 4.0
MaxLumaSR50 Max luma sample rate level 5.0
Mb Megabit
Mbps Megabits per second
NAL Network Abstraction Layer
PPS Picture Parameter Set
SPS Sequence Parameter Set
VCL Video Coding Layer
VPS Video Parameter Set

References (normative)

Proper implementation of the DivX HEVC video profiles requires adherence to the following standard:

  • MPEG-H Part 2 (ISO/IEC 23008-2)


HEVC video support is coming soon to DivX software, and this is where we'll publish our documentation so you can be among the first to learn about DivX HEVC video in HD and 4K resolutions.

Stay tuned for upcoming releases and remember, we want to hear what you think.