World Fonts

DivX Plus MKV extension: World Fonts

One of the benefits of authoring content in MKV is the ability to include multiple subtitle tracks so viewers in different geographies can enjoy your work. Some uncertainties accompanying multilingual subtitle tracks include whether viewers will have suitable fonts installed to view the content, whether the subtitles will appear stylistically correct on every system, and what happens when someone tries to play the file on a device that may not be capable of displaying all the languages you've included?

DivX Plus offers an extension to the MKV container called World Fonts that solves these problems by authoring appropriate TrueType fonts into the file in a manner such that all players can reliably load them and display subtitles for every language. A special optimization technique is used to significantly reduce the size of the font data so fonts can be loaded not only by desktop players but also by DivX Plus Web Player and hardware devices with limited memory.

Smooth FF/RW

DivX Plus MKV extension: Smooth FF/RW

Have you ever been frustrated when trying to fast-forward or rewind a video because your player becomes unresponsive and the video skips large chunks of time unpredictably making it hard to quickly find the scene you're looking for? Rewinding can be particularly infuriating using CDs or DVDs, and with downloaded video even faster media can still be problematic due to the long and irregular gaps between keyframes.

DivX Plus offers an extension to the MKV container called Smooth FF/RW that helps to solve this experience problem by including a special navigation track in your MKV file during authoring. This extension is supported by all DivX Plus devices and gives you the option to trade a small filesize overhead for a much better navigation experience. This article shows how you can try this new feature with the easy-to-use DivX Plus Converter as well as providing information and sample tools that you can use to author this feature manually or to add support in your own encoding tool chain.

Web Player's Blog

HTML5 Demo

Submitted by Web Player on Thu, 09/02/2010 - 10:06 

As of version 2.1, the DivX Plus Web Player supports the HTML5 API, so it can be embedded and controlled using the <video> tag and open web standards such as JavaScript. It takes full advantage of the <video> tag’s attributes by allowing publishers to create seamless playback experiences and custom controls for DivX, AVI, MKV, MP4 and MOV videos across multiple browsers: Firefox and Chrome (Internet Explorer & Safari Coming in full release version).

This is made possible by browser extensions included with the Web Player that can easily be enabled or disabled by users to allow them to choose their default HTML5 player.

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