Encoding with x264

Encoding DivX Plus HD video bitstreams using x264

x264 is a popular H.264 encoder whose source is freely available under GNU General Public License (GPL).1 It can be used to encode video bitstreams for DivX Plus HD MKV files which are later combined (muxed) with other assets such as audio tracks and metadata.

The DivX Plus HD format is designed to bridge the gap between desktop computers and consumer electronics (CE) devices such as DVD players, set-top boxes, connected devices, and portable media players. Wheras desktop systems can play media with a wide variety of characteristics so long as they are powerful enough, playback support and experience on CE devices is constrained by numerous factors: the capabilities of the decoder hardware, network bandwidth, drive read rate, memory I/O performance, renderer capabilities and display properties.

The DivX Plus HD profile establishes capabilities that will be met by all DivX Plus HD certified devices. By configuring an encoder accordingly, you can be assured that your content will play well wherever the DivX Plus logo appears.


Builds Tested

The information in this article was derived using x264 builds up to version 1301, but should also apply to later versions. Read our recommendations below to find important information for particular ranges of builds.  If you have feedback or suggestions please let us know via the DivX Plus HD forum.


Bitstream Properties

Here we describe key arguments that you should pass on the x264 command line to produce a fully DivX Plus HD compliant video bitstream.

DivX 7 Playback Preview

Our third Project Rémoulade release is a preview of the new playback components from the upcoming DivX 7 bundle. Building upon past releases, DivX Player 7.0 Beta 1 now features support for MKV files containing high definition H.264 video and surround sound AAC audio! The preview also includes components that extend support for the MKV container and H.264 video to most Windows media players.

Update: The DivX 7 Playback Preview has been superseded by the release of DivX 7. Click here to read the complete original article.

DivX Pro 7 vs DivX Plus 8

I bought a DivX Pro 7 last year; today I signed up for CinemaNow to get the terminator salvation Free download to own movie. Well I updated the Divx Web Player, and restarted DiVx, When i attempted to resume the movie download, it told me I had to Update. So I did.

the install screen said DivX PLUS 8. Not Pro 8. What is DivX Plus 8 and how is it different from DivX Pro 7? I know Pro 7 is dead, but do i have to "Apple"** my DivX software all over again?

** a term I use when one has to re-purchase software for every new version release.

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DivX Plus Software version 8
Submitted by kristafromvista on Tue, 03/16/2010 - 06:20.

Hi PaulzyJC,

We just released a new version of our Windows software today--DivX Plus Software, version 8. In order to watch movies purchased from CinemaNow or any other DivX VOD provider, you will need to use the update DivX Plus Player, version 8.

If you had DivX Pro 7 for Windows software previously, it will still be installed on your computer and available to use in conjunction with the DivX Plus Software version 8.

Cover display for movies

In the same way that MP3 folders, containing a CD graphic, display the graphic during onscreen preview, I would like to be able to add movie cover graphics, perhaps with movie comments. Is this already possible or could it be considered as a future enhancement?

help on this
Submitted by amsweitzer on Mon, 01/05/2009 - 00:11.

On this thread I need a little help I am using Vista Media Center and would like to be able to display the cover art to my video's both DivX and MP4 I don't quiet understand how to set this up the forum thread says just the text file

Use the Edit Metadata feature of the PC server app
Submitted by dsalmonsen on Mon, 01/05/2009 - 10:15.

The easiest way is use the Edit Metadata feature of the PC server. Choose the Video Setting Tab, and then select the file you want to add a poster to. A dialog window will appear and give you options to add an image as well change text.

Images for movies
Submitted by amsweitzer on Thu, 01/08/2009 - 10:32.

Actually I discovered a media Player that does what I need. It searches the IMDB on the net and puts everything in. Its called Media Portal [url=]Runs in Vista is open source