What if my video doesn't play?

How come my DivX phone won't play all my videos?

DivX Mobile phones and DivX Mobile Player will play DivX Mobile videos created by DivX software. There are many other video file formats which might play fine on your computer but cannot play on your phone. Make sure you have a DivX Mobile video.

How come when some videos play there's no picture or it's jerky or there is no sound?

DivX Mobile phones play DivX Mobile videos. If your video was not created using the DivX Mobile profile then it is probably too large or too fast for your phone to keep up. You may need to convert your video into a DivX Mobile video to ensure smooth playback on your phone.

I got a video from a random stranger. They claim it's a DivX file but it won't play. Is my phone broken?

Despite claims to the contrary, the video you have is probably not a DivX Mobile video. You should convert the file into the DivX Mobile profile using DivX software.

How come I can play the video fine on my computer?

Your computer is much faster than your phone and it includes support for many video and audio formats. Your phone probably only supports MPEG4 video and MP3 audio in an AVI file. It is very common to find other audio/video formats in AVI files. Just because your file ends in ".avi" doesn't mean it's a DivX Mobile video or even a DivX video at all. It may contain incompatible audio and/or video.

What do I do with my incompatible videos?

You can use DivX Converter or Dr. DivX to convert almost any video into DivX Mobile format. The DivX Converter is easy and robust while Dr. DivX supports more formats and offers more options.

Handbrake presets for DivX Plus HD (MKV/H.264/AAC)

Hey All,

Wanted to let you know that at CES, DivX announced the launch of DivX Plus HD devices from two partners (Philips an Seagate), which means if you're going to use Handbrake, we've come up with some settings for compatibility with the DivX Plus HD certification.

You can now simply download and unzip this DivX Plus HD presets file and import it via Handbrake's presets menu.

Here's what the preset is placing for you in the advanced options:




Basically, you'll want to make an MKV with H.264 (L 4.0) video and AAC audio. SRT subtitles and chapters are also supported, and you actually have more latitude than the string I posted above, but we wanted to put something out there so people buying DivX Plus HD devices can start to use Handbrake. We'll probably add a few more suggested presets as people ask questions, and we're also going to come up with one for people that want to create MKV videos to stream with our DivX Plus Web Player off their web sites.

If you're curious about more details, you can check out the DivX Plus reference tools (H.264 and AAC beta encoders) and the x264 settings for DivX Plus page at our developer portal:

Also, any device with the "DivX Plus HD" logo will also play DivX/AVI files you have in your collection, so all this means is more formats under one brand. More info here if you're interested:

Looking for Previous Installers for DivX Web Player?


For those of you using web sites that have not yet updated to the latest implementation of the DivX Plus Web Player by offering content in DivX Plus/MKV, we are providing the following previous installers.

We are getting feedback from some of the most popular DivX video content sites as they roll out the new DivX Plus Web Player, but for anyone experiencing issues during these transitions, we are providing the following previous installer links to help get you by during the upgrade.

Windows (DivX Web Player 1.5)

Users of sites that exclusively offer DivX/AVI content can choose to continue using DivX Web Player 1.5. In the event that you have updated to 2.0 or participated in our beta and wish to return to using 1.5, you may use the following installer:

Mac OS (DivX Web Player 1.4)

PowerPC owners or users of sites that exclusively offer DivX/AVI content can continue to use DivX Web Player 1.4 for Mac. In the event that you updated or participated in our 2.0 beta and wish to restore 1.4, you can use the following installer:

If you are still have trouble, please read through our DivX Plus Web Player forums, and if you're still not finding any answers, feel free to post and someone will try to help you.

World Fonts

DivX Plus MKV extension: World Fonts

One of the benefits of authoring content in MKV is the ability to include multiple subtitle tracks so viewers in different geographies can enjoy your work. Some uncertainties accompanying multilingual subtitle tracks include whether viewers will have suitable fonts installed to view the content, whether the subtitles will appear stylistically correct on every system, and what happens when someone tries to play the file on a device that may not be capable of displaying all the languages you've included?

DivX Plus offers an extension to the MKV container called World Fonts that solves these problems by authoring appropriate TrueType fonts into the file in a manner such that all players can reliably load them and display subtitles for every language. A special optimization technique is used to significantly reduce the size of the font data so fonts can be loaded not only by desktop players but also by DivX Plus Web Player and hardware devices with limited memory.