Create Tools with DivX265

Our DivX HEVC encoder is a simple command-line encoder that is designed so that other tools can be built around it.

A recent example of what you can do with the DivX265 (DivX HEVC/H.265) encoder is a GUI posted by david55 on After trying a GUI for x265 he decided to try it out with the DivX encoder for its balance between speed and quality. It’s a simple interface that takes the command-line out of our command-line encoder. Just choose your input and output, adjust your settings and select an encoding mode, all using DivX HEVC encoder.

DivX Converter CLI Mode

Not a fan of using a GUI for your encoding? Or like to work strictly with command line prompts and terminals? Well, this post is for you. Starting with DivX 10.1.1 we added Command Line support to DivX Engine, the same engine that powers DivX Converter for media content transcoding.

Available on Windows and Mac, DivXEngine can be used for any existing profiles or presets, including HEVC.

DivX 10 Preview: HEVC Streaming in DivX Web Player

DivX Web Player, or more affectionately known as "DWP", delivers a high-quality DivX video playback experience in your browser. With this preview of DWP that will be launched as part of DivX 10, HEVC MKV video up to 1080p is streamed efficiently to DWP, giving you more for less. Here's a sneak peak of what's to come. Note: if you don't already have the DivX HEVC plugins installed, follow the instructions for Windows and Mac below.

DWP in Action

Click to play DivX HEVC 1080p version
Click to play DivX HEVC 720p version

DivX HEVC Video Showcase

Tears of Steel is a short film by the Blender Institute. We've encoded some streams using the HM Reference Encoder for you to test, and included the muxed MKV versions we created as well. Please do not try to play HEVC streams in DivX Player, only the MKVs. NOTE: Most media players don't yet support HEVC and will not playback these videos, but DivX Player will;)